Electronic on SoundCloud: where jungle labels look.

Electronic on SoundCloud: where chillwavers chill.

Electronic on SoundCloud: where trance fans share.

Electronic on SoundCloud: where managers scout.

Electronic on SoundCloud: where house heads hang.

Electronic on SoundCloud: where dubsteppers step.

Electronic on SoundCloud: where breakbeat breaks.

Electronic on SoundCloud: where new techno hits.

Electronic on SoundCloud: where promoters book.

Electronic on SoundCloud: where jungle labels look.

Electronic on SoundCloud: where new DJs emerge.

Electronic on SoundCloud: where IDM dances.

Why SoundCloud?



unique monthly listeners



electronic connections made in 2015



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Your audience is here.

175 million. That’s more listeners than there are miles between Earth and Mars. Our listeners are constantly searching for, streaming and sharing new, hot tracks. Reach them directly with SoundCloud.

Your industry is here.

That means 847 million active listeners following electronic music and creators. That includes managers, producers and promoters. Our stats help you find out who’s listening so you can grow your career.

Your community is here.

SoundCloud is a vibrant place, filled with creators, collaborators, listeners and industry insiders. We did the complicated stuff so you don’t have to. Share your music with the world in just a few clicks.

  • SoundCloud helps you grow as an artist and reach new places. For me, it was getting shows. I play way bigger stages to way bigger crowds.

  • SoundCloud connected me with so many like-minded artists all over the world. It also created this virtual artist collective and that’s how my label discovered my music.

  • SoundCloud is a great place to start and move up. You want to see progression. You can’t get that from anywhere else and it’s helped me in a lot of ways.

  • Get heard.

    Timed comments correspond directly to moments in your tracks, so you know exactly what your audience loves.

  • Get shared.

    An embedded player means you can share and get stats on your tracks anywhere, from music blogs to your personal site.

  • Get amplified.

    We work with partners, including Facebook, Twitter, Google Cast and Sonos, to make sure your music can be played wherever your audience is.

Getting started

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Create an account

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