Welcome visitor. Here is music tuned to planetary tempos like a Saturn year frequency is doubled and doubled again and again about 30 times to make a tempo = 138.6bpm. Also for more ambient down tempo 91bpm corresponds to 1 earth day doubled up many octaves. And likewise the tempo frequency can be doubled some times again to make a musical note, the key in these pieces being 1 earth year frequency or sometimes Venus. Also used a high tempo for Jupiter too. Been exploring microtonal Just intonation over the last few years so all the music here is tuned to whole number frequencies in harmonious relationship and the snare sounds are usually pink noise mixed with chemical elements Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon & Hydrogen frequencies from atomic spectral lines, as with some crash effects. Also used is fibonacci numbers for frequencies & the Golden ratio.
Also used agaian and again like the eternal use of a minor triad, is the Kick formula f = 1/t, frequency = 1 /time. We use 'Goldwave' a program that has an expression evaluator where you can type in formulas as well as having a great wave editing feature for wav files mp3 files and many more. In turns out that the formula amplitude wave expression is the integral of frequency. = ln(t).
'ln' is a function called the 'natural logarithm' So all you type in to goldwave expression evaluator is the line
But this kick is a bit too narrow sounding, so main variants we use are perhaps in some cases f = 6/t
so line in Goldwave typed in can be :
If you are going to do this then remember in the excpression evaluator page to set the input box for inial time value to 0.0000001 seconds
if it is at default = 0 then an infinite value is returned with a malfunctioning error.
,so Thanks a lot for your time here and i will undoubtedly enjoy listening to your music no matter how different styled it may be. There's still so much to explore and express with more widely used 12notes per octave tuning system which i still enjoy listening to. Since 12equal divisions per octave is majority of music, it could be the best and most future lasting.

The Humble Place Of 440Hz In Our Cosmos:

Velocity = Frequency Multiplied By Wavelength

v = f*L Which Means v = 'f' Multiplied By 'L'
Is The Formula For A Wave Travelling At Velocity, v, With Wavelength, L, And Frequency, f

If Our Sun In The Centre Of Our Solar System Is Travelling At The Speed Of Light, And The Wavelength Of That Light-Wave Equals The Length Of The Diameter Of The Sun, Then We Can Evaluate The Frequency By Rearranging The Equation.
f = v/L
And Diameter Of The Sun, L = 696000 Kilometres
But In Science We Have Defined Units That Make The Equations Work And For Length , The Units Are Metres:
So: L = 696000000 Metres
And Speed Of Light ,v= 299 792 458 Metres Per Second
The Units Of Seconds Is What We Work With In Scientific Equations.

f = v/L = 299792458/696000000
Frequency = 0.4307 Hz

This Turns Out To Be The Multi-Octave Frequency Of About 440Hz

2*2*2*2*2*2*2*2*2*2 = 1024, So Doubling This Frequency 10 Times We Find

0.4307*1024 = 441.1 Hz
Very Close To And Virtually Indistinguishable From 440Hz And Remembering That The True Diameter Of The Sun May Be Slightly Bigger So Therefore The Frequency Slightly Lower.


Arc Voyager 25   Arc Voyager 25 360360, < θ | λ >

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