... instinct ➩ silence ➪ expansion ➫ destruction ➬ rhythm ➭ percussion ➮ song ➯ chaos ➱ control ➫ nuance...music composition & production by tymekz

Galen Wade said:
"thoroughly entertaining from beginning to end ... loping with a sinewy grace"
Tymekz "Lurnunlurn Messages" http://snd.sc/Ouv3l9

Mystic Decongestant said:
"Lush, expansive electronica. Very nice!"
Tymekz "Aditportal" http://snd.sc/OqXZL0

A Loathsome Smile said:
"This glassy synth makes me feel like I'm wandering in an intergalactical forest!"
Tymekz "Raw Fade" http://snd.sc/O6FaKB

Analog Knot said:
"I dont think I could put words down to do this justice. the beat is real nice and just when it might be predictable you throw me off!!!"
Tymekz "☳ the angels were furious with g0d for giving the insects faces and wings ☱" http://snd.sc/Pm5PWL

groovy coolies said:
"great mysterious, dark vibe. powerful sorcery"
Tymekz "☳ the angels were furious with g0d for giving the insects faces and wings ☱" http://snd.sc/Pm5PWL

Blind Fly Theater said:
"You never cease to amaze... loving this already. Love the dreamy at 0.50 on. You are so awesome and prove over and over how sentient you actually are. Dave and Fly"
Tymekz "Mad Champion" http://snd.sc/Pm6iIl

VulpineSmile said:
"love the frantic high end beats over that smothering, choking, dubby low end... very cool vibe!"
Tymekz "Mad Champion" http://snd.sc/Pm6iIl

Dr. Feelgood said:
"I can't say I've ever heard anything quite like this. 'Brilliant' is the only word that comes to mind."
Tymekz "Nurv Surjun" http://snd.sc/wYxt8m

cestladore said:
"damn such great atmosphere. i feel like im lost on the moon."
Tymekz "Hard Away" http://snd.sc/wRh3D8

RDJMBX said:
"Wow!!! That was fucking epic."
Tymekz "Nanobot Parasite" http://snd.sc/yfIhAL

AnTraxid said:
"wow, the bass pumped my Rokit5 Monitor so much that i got shocked for a second. really great!"
Tymekz "Thee Blowback" http://snd.sc/vD3TdY

Brother Heights said:
Love it. Shifting melodies over a very violent beat.
Tymekz "Fucswitdis" http://snd.sc/Pm88cn

Melodious Punk said:
"makes me fidget in twigs. I feel all lifted and dripped on."
Tymekz "Deboned" http://snd.sc/XLn1Vf

"full on dementia here. Love the textures."
Tymekz "Planet Doom" http://snd.sc/XLnJll

irunak said:
"wow, the vocals are really effective, original concept!"
Tymekz "Lord Shiva" http://snd.sc/XLobjI

2ndNature said:
"damn man i really like how this track builds and transforms, its dope"
Tymekz "Ether Thugs" http://snd.sc/Pm9p34

M. Dalí said:
"... Thanks for sharing this eerie piece; the nuances throughout are subtle but noticeable to any able-eared audiophile. Thanks for sharing this in DRONOPOLIS!"
Tymekz "Reanimation Fluxus" http://snd.sc/Pm9F21

Gabriel Harris said:
"amazing sound. helps me calm down and relax and think about the necessary things that i overlook all to often in life"
Tymekz "Vapor Transport System" http://snd.sc/XLpX49

tymekz   Sentient Being, NYC, United States

  • Thee BLOWBACK Artwork


    tymekz on December 18, 2011 21:33
  • glass blower Artwork

    glass blower

    tymekz on December 27, 2012 20:06
  • Crawlerz Artwork


    tymekz on January 08, 2013 02:40
  • pimp-strut moonwalk Artwork

    pimp-strut moonwalk

    tymekz on April 23, 2012 01:59
  • ◐Joy & Sorrow◑ Artwork

    ◐Joy & Sorrow◑

    tymekz on April 19, 2014 17:05

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