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Turtle Mike:
Mortheus with wobbles. 18 y/o.

Glitch Hop

Turtle Mike Mortheus with wobbles

  • A Comment on Kalakodt's
    Aegis at 1.27
    on January 04, 2014 09:38

    Wow this is quite chillly, I love that easy souding or whatever it is, but a melody in the background. Its like the same pretty much at some times, but it goes so well with the rest of the beat. Props! :)

  • A Comment on EmilyCoy's
    - Morra Music Project [feat. Emily Coy] at 0.51
    on January 04, 2014 09:35

    Awesome chilly stuff you got here. Solid tune. Love how your voice suits every style. Though I prefer your voice on EDM songs, especially Glitch Hop ones :P Props! :)

  • A Comment on Vida Cafre Official's
    En Carne Viva at 0.46
    on January 04, 2014 09:34

    Great track, but I think its a bit too quiet. Would propose mixing with EQ and compression. The flow on the track is dope though. Solid work there. Vox fits perfectly. Solid. Props! :)

  • A Comment on State of Psychosis's
    State of Psychosis- Mer Noire Part 7 at 0.59
    on January 04, 2014 09:32

    Souding rather nice. Would love to see this as a soundtrack for some game... especially this would be a game menu music. Very well done. I love the creativity, state. Props, mate! :)

  • A Comment on Jean Bacarreza's
    [Preview] Jean Bacarreza - She Rules [Soon on D... at 1.06
    on January 04, 2014 09:31

    What a funky beat you have there. Love the vox especially. So deep. Did you do something with it or is it the original one? Props, great work! :)

  • A Comment on Jonasz Bigda's
    Spectrum (remix) at 1.22
    on January 03, 2014 16:41

    Awesome remix. Quite unique and totally different from original. What a creativity. Solid tune. I admire those, who give a totally different feeling to already popular songs. Props! :)

  • A Comment on EmilyCoy's
    Renan D - MY WAY (feat Emily Coy) [PREVIEW] at 0.26
    on January 03, 2014 16:39

    Well you guys have a hell of a remix comps going oin. Any songs spreading here, that do not have the purpose of being in a remix comp? Nevertheless awesome track. I can feel the Renan's touch in his songs. Definitely solid tune. And Em's got a really awesome voice. Nuff said. :)

  • A Comment on Panda & Rabbit's
    Trinity at 0.45
    on January 03, 2014 16:35

    What a chill beginning. Love it and then kaboom.. it gets electronic n so on. Nice introvertal track. Solid work. Props! :)

  • A Comment on Funky Element Records's
    FYER - Heart Success * FREE DOWNLOAD !!! at 1.20
    on January 03, 2014 16:33

    Reminds me in a very hard way of Electric Joy Ride. Well done track. Quite complex and full of stuff. Everything sounds perfectly balanced. Great mixdown. Props! :)

  • A Comment on TB3./S.TAB's
    T.A.B. Nod Groove at 0.50
    on January 03, 2014 16:30

    That lead sound is awesome, maybe too loud, but I like it. Fits well with the beat. What sound type is it? Wish I could do it too. Solid work. Now, just what its missing, vox. Great instrumental! :) Props!

  • A Comment on Nanobeeps's
    Hellhound (Omega's child) at 2.18
    on January 03, 2014 16:28

    Amazing beat there you got. Interesting sounds too. I wish I could do this stuff too, but of course I never think of stuff like that. I like that its rather unique. Never heard a dnb track so.. umm.. full of effect sounds? Rather well done work. Props! :)

  • A Comment on Brookss's
    The Pharaoh (Original Brookss Mix) [OUT NOW]! at 1.05
    on January 03, 2014 16:26

    I think its too bassy, but then again I think Im wrong. How did you make this part? Wish I could do it too... Well done. Overally really cool sounds put together! Nice mixture! Props! :)

  • A Comment on DJgold's
    HeavyRhythms Pt1 at 0.47
    on December 25, 2013 02:39

    Well done mate. Cool piece. Love the buildup how it gets all louder etc. Awesome quality. Wish I could make a song with a quality like that. Normally I dont listen to songs like these, but this was actually worth listening. Solid tune. Not so sure bout the middle part where there is this very weird sounding lead or so. Its a bit loud, perhaps making it quiet or so would work better. Anyways, ye... Props! :)

  • A Comment on real_Babak's
    Babak | & at 9.52
    on December 25, 2013 02:29

    Awesome mix. Like the transitions alot. Sounding unique there. I also like the pick of the songs although I normally dont listen to this genre. I mangaed to listen 10 minutes to this mix. Would perhaps have listened more, but Im supposed to go to bed by now. :)

  • A Comment on D.Delcroix I Composer's
    Love On The Beach at 3.31
    on December 25, 2013 02:26

    wow now that is something different from what I have heard from you. I dont think you have answered me, how do you make these tracks? Solid tune though still. Props! :)

  • A Comment on Flash Traxx's
    Old Archaeology (Sundholm and Flash Master) at 0.39
    on December 25, 2013 02:03

    Wow what a nice drop. The whole song is great. I like all of them parts. The bassy ones and the melody ones, but I think you should add something more to them empty spaces that occur for example in the ending part. Those pauses are great and fit there, but they are way too long. Should make 'em shorter. Just my thought. Nevertheless, props! :) Enjoyed listening to this.

  • A Comment on D.Delcroix I Composer's
    Drusilla - Halloween Soundtrack at 0.42
    on December 25, 2013 01:58

    I decided to close my eyes for this song and damn how beautiful this track is. I love the piano melody alot, so gentle and calm but kinda resembling the horror or so. Thats what I imagine through this song. Amazing score once again! Props! :)

  • A Comment on Demitri Medina Official's
    Fairy's Blood (Original Score) - Demitri Medina at 1.00
    on December 25, 2013 01:56

    Amazing piece. Superb quality. How did you make this? This is absolutely magnificent. Awesome instruments used. Such a nice story. Definitely worth as a soundtrack for some movie. Great work! Props! :)

  • A Comment on J. Gray (Drunken MOnk)'s
    Bigger Figures Feat Honey Cocaine and Imyounik at 0.36
    on December 25, 2013 01:45

    Pretty tight stuff mate. Love how the vox changes. Is it getting pitched or does some one else sing that part? The vox is crystal clear. Solid mastering. Props dawg! :)

  • A Comment on Mohamed Medhat Official's
    Mohamed Medhat - Berlin (Original Mix) Out Now ... at 2.09
    on December 25, 2013 01:43

    If this is techno then wow. I thought it was deep house. Nevertheless great production. I like the bass alot. Very well produced with the kick . Such a great mastering. Wish I could master tracks the same way. Kick and bass sound really clean. Props! :)

  • A Comment on Panda & Rabbit's
    MATRIX (Original Mix) at 0.41
    on December 25, 2013 01:41

    Awesome tune. I like that the wobbles arent too loud and overcoming from the rest of the sounds. It might be a bit too sharp, but I actually think it fits well. Well done! Props! :)

  • A Comment on DAVEBIT's
    April's House (original Mix) at 1.32
    on December 25, 2013 01:38

    Solid work. I like the quality. Sounding like a real professional there. Awesome chords too. What is the chord progression? Normally I dont stand music such as this, that is kinda repetitive, but I actually think that for this song its rather nice to have the same chords all the time the same. Nice variatations from time to time also. Props! :)

  • A Comment on Demitri Medina Official's
    Satelite Empire - Time (Demitri Medina Remix) F... at 0.54
    on December 25, 2013 01:32

    This is awesome. Dont know what else to say. Such a nice quality. Perfect mastering. I also like the vox alot, sounding very clear and that voice itself is magnificent. Great piece, mate. Superb! Props! :)

  • A Comment on GLYTCH da RIP's
    Still In My Zone by:Sax Lumpkin, Glytch & Dolla... at 1.19
    on December 25, 2013 01:29

    Pretty solid tune. I think that its a bit too long and repetitive. Perhaps adding more sounds or making some variatations from time to time, would make this track a real killa. Otherwise the quality is great. Props! :)

  • A Comment on GLYTCH da RIP's
    Live Twice by: Sax Lumpkin, prod by: SM100GRAND... at 0.26
    on December 25, 2013 01:25

    Very well done work, though I think its a bit repetitive. Otherwise quite nice, especially the vox. Sounding crystal clear. Perhaps trying some variatations throughout the song would make this track even better. Just a thought. Props! :)

  • A Comment on PnczQ Prod.'s
    Follow the Yellow Line 2 (Police State 2)... at 1.06
    on December 25, 2013 01:23

    The beginning is tight, but after that when the instrumental part comes, I think its a bit quiet. Try boosting the frequencies and adding compression. Currently it is a bit quiet, but otherwise - great production! Props! :)

  • A Comment on RIOT's
    Riddle (Original Mix) [FREE DOWNLOAD] at 0.42
    on December 25, 2013 01:21

    Holy ma...te this sounds tight. Wish I could make something like this. Real groovy and nice flow. Every sound is balanced perfectly. Wouldn't tweak a thing. Great piece. Enjoyed listening it. Thanks. Props! :) Hopefully there is more to come, eh?

  • A Comment on krooga's
    Champagne Bubblee - Have To Rule - Krooga Remix at 0.58
    on December 25, 2013 01:20

    Like the beginning and how the drums roll in. Interesting track this is. Very well built up. Awesome quality too, but perhaps I would make the vox louder a bit. Nevertheless great track. Props! :)

  • A Comment on Mohamed Medhat Official's
    Mousse T - Horny (Mohamed Medhat Remix) Free Do... at 2.31
    on December 24, 2013 03:40

    Awesome mix. Especially like the groovy parts where the drums roll. Such a nice pulsating bass. Great sidechaining you got there. Props! :)

  • A Comment on JenGa's
    A Drop In The Ocean (JenGa Bootleg Remix) [FREE... at 1.07
    on December 24, 2013 03:35

    Great stuff. Very well produced. Love the vox too. Solid bootleg. Havent heard the original so cant really compare, but it sounds ok though. The quality I mean. Props! :)

  • A Comment on D.Delcroix I Composer's
    Rupture de l'Aube at 2.29
    on December 24, 2013 03:32

    Oh geez, them background sounds. So nice ambient. Very well created. Much pleased to be aknowledged with your creativity. Quality work as always. Props! :)

  • A Comment on Blue Orange DJ & Artist's
    Smack Me feat. Emily Coy (Free Download) at 1.49
    on December 24, 2013 03:28

    This is pretty unique actually for a deep house. Normally I have heard chillier tracks in that genre, but this is rather nice. I like it. Very well produced. Cant complain. Props! :)

  • A Comment on Disco's Over's
    London Grammar - Hey Now (Disco's Over Remix) *... at 1.30
    on December 24, 2013 03:25

    You have used the original melody? Or I feel like I have heard the melody before, though this track (original and remix) are totally new to me. Pretty cool remix anyway. Nicely balanced. Vox straight bursting out from the mix. Superb work. Props! :)

  • A Comment on youngishymusic's
    Young Ishy - NNGI (Prod. By selaromsiul) at 1.13
    on December 24, 2013 03:22

    Wow the voice is so clean and perfect on top of the instrumental part. Superb work. Really solid tune. Like the quality alot. Props! :)

  • A Comment on AFW Taylor's
    Graphing with Soap at 1.39
    on December 24, 2013 02:25

    Intro was a bit confusing to me, but nevertheless nice chilly track. Fits perfectly to some party where there is a need for a background chill music or... something to dance to late night, when everyone is drunk or tired. Well produced. Props! :)

  • A Comment on Avixion's
    Avixion - I'd Lose It All at 1.09
    on December 24, 2013 02:16

    This song's got alot of potential. I like it. Nice and chill. Although I would recommend adding more sounds as for the back or something. I dont really know, but I think it is missing something that would make this track even better. Such a nice melody and quality. What a nice song for a Christmas night. Thank you. Props! :)

  • A Comment on maniacmusic.net's
    3 Days Left to Get Free 500 MB Production Pack ... at 1.23
    on December 24, 2013 01:58

    Awesome pack, but how does this have anything to do with dirty south? Sounds more of a heavy metal, rock kinda MIDI version. Though the quality is nice. :)

  • A Comment on highfinity Music's
    Candyland - Not Coming Down (Loqo Remix) at 1.39
    on December 24, 2013 01:01

    Whose remix is this? I think you should refer the author of this remix. Nevertheless this is pretty interesting indeed. I like the use of real drum kit. Props! :)

  • A Comment on Angelo De Oliveira's
    [Free Download] Owl City vs. AD - Silhouette (A... at 2.37
    on December 24, 2013 00:59

    Great remix. Though I would recommend adding more notes to there or more sounds to give it more groove- Its just a suggestion. I like the quality alot. Sounds great! Props! :)

  • A Comment on ATC Productions's
    ATC & DOOX - That DJ Made My Day at 1.04
    on December 24, 2013 00:57

    Awesome track. I would recommend adding more stuff to there or making them long notes shorter by adding more notes... Would give the track a better groove in my opinion. Anyway I like the use of real drum kit. Props! :)

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