Hi I'm Tomola, I am 21 and from Birmingham (West Mids-UK).

I listen to and play all sorts of music, i'd say i am a 'House' DJ, focusing mainly on; Electronica//Techno//Tech//Deep//Underground//Disco.

For information regarding bookings contact: 07450197489

Up Coming Gigs:


01/01/14 : GLAS DAY 1 (NYD RAVE!) Boxxed, Digbeth, B'ham.

04/01/14 : K/SS, Luna, Solihull.

11/01/14 : The Bell, Stourbridge.

17/01/14 : K/SS, Luna, Solihull.

07/02/14 : K/SS, Luna, Solihull.

08/02/14 : SONOX, Limelight, Ipswich.

15/02/14 : What Would Jesus Do? Earlsdon Cottage. Coventry.

16/02/14 : GLAS Rave! The Party Of Love, Boxxed, Digbeth, B'Ham.

21/02/14 : K/SS. Luna. Solihull.

28/02/14 : K/SS. Luna. Solihull

01/03/14 : Twisted & K/SS Present; My Nu Leng & Kry Wolf. Prince Albert. Wolverhampton

40/03/14 : 'Su Casa' Spotlight, Digbeth, B'ham

15/03/14 : 'If u want it', Bushwackers, Birmingham

22/03/14 : The Bell, Stourbridge

29/03/14 : What Would Jesus Do? Earlsdon Cottage, Coventry

20/04/14 : Summerdaze. Earlsdon Cottage, Coventry

20/04/14 : GLAS Rave! Boxxed, Digbeth, B'ham

26/04/14 : Sticky's Warehouse, Digbeth, B'ham


Silk City Radio every Friday 6-8pm. The 'Random Culture' Show w/ Pete Graham.

Rinse FM- Wednesdays 7-9pm Bi Monthly w/ Pete Graham on Marcus Nasty's Show.

3/01/13 SNO. Apres. Solihull

25/01/13 Colore. Sankeys. Manchester

26/01/13 Rinse vs 02:31. Rainbow Warehouse. Digbeth, Bham.

1/02/13 Poise. SoBar. Bham

6/02/13 Rinse FM Guest Mix, live from Vibe Bar. Shoreditch. London

9/02/13 DUSH Lab 11. Digbeth. Bham

15/02/13 Beyond Bambu. Bham

17/02/13 GLAS Rave! Rainbow Warehouse. B'ham

1/03/13 Weekend Offender. Honey Club. Bham

2/03/13 RockNRolla Re-launch. Lab 11. Digbeth. Bham

15/03/13 Eclectic Disco. Lab 11. Digbeth. B'ham

17/03/13 Sunday Club. Rainbow Warehouse. Digbeth. B'ham

22/03/13 Weekend Offender. Honey Club. B'ham

23/03/13 FACE. Rainbow Cellar. Digbeth. B'ham

23/03/13 02:31. Rainbow Warehouse. Digbeth. B'ham

28/03/13 SNO Terrace Sessions. Apres. Solihull

28/03/13 Naf Naf. (90s House set on Vinyl) Rainbow Cellar. Digbth. B'ham

30/03/13 Glam. Maison. Stratford-upon-Avon

31/03/13 GLAS Easter BH. The Rainbow. Digbeth. Bham

01/04/13 RockNRolla BH. Sound Ctrl. B'ham

07/04/13 RockNRolla. Lab 11. Digbeth. B'ham

20/04/13 TWISTED. The Prince Albert. Wolverhampton

27/04/13 GLAM. Maison. Stratford-upon-Avon

02/05/13 SNO Terrace Sessions. Apres Terrace. Solihull

03/05/13 KISS. Solihull

05/05/13 GLAS Rave! Rainbow. Digbeth. B'ham

05/05/13 SummerDaze. The Earlsdon Cottage. Coventry

05/05/13 KISS. Brindley Place. B'ham

11/05/13 SPIN. Bambu. B'ham

26/05/13 GLAS Rave! Rainbow. Digbeth. B'ham

26/05/13 Summerdaze. Earlsdon Cottage. Coventry

28/05/13 BBC Radio 1xtra. Guest mixon Dj Cameos Show for FourFourty Recs.

31/05/13 Kiss. Solihull

01/06/13 Glam Stratford-upon-Avon

08/06/13 NO saints. Saintbar. Leamington Spa

15/06/13 Amsterdam Bar. San Antonio Ibiza. Spain

22/06/13 Hush. San Antonio. Ibiza. Spain

01/07/13 Hush. San Antonio. Ibiza. Spain

05/07/13 RocknRolla Tour. Pukka UP! Boat Party. San An Bay. Ibiza. Spain

07/07/13 GLAS Rave! 5th Birthday. Rainbow Garden. Digbeth. B'ham

04/08/13 Everybody Loves; Daytime Launch. Rainbow Warehouse. Digbeth. Bham

16/08/13 K/SS. Luna. Solihull

25/08/13 SummerDaze Closing. Earlsdon Cottage. Coventry

25/08/13 GLAS Rave! Rainbow Garden. Digbeth. B,ham

25/08/13 The Bell. Stourbridge

31/08/13 GLAM. Maison. Stratford-upon-Avon

7/09/13 Mash Up. Maison. Stratford-upon-Avon

13/09/13 K/SS. Luna. Solihull

13/09/13 Creme De Le Femme. Loose Box. Leamington Spa

14/09/13 Shutter Club. Rehab Warehouse. Coventry

5/10/13 TRASHY. Lab 11. Digbeth. Bham

18/10/13 Seedy Sonics, Bread & Butter @ Rehab Warehouse. Coventry



Fri 27th Jan. Jaegermeister. Evolve. LMS

Sat 28th Jan. Foreplay Launch. Purple Lounge. B'Ham

Sat 28th NYE Replay. The Core. B'Ham

Fri 3rd Feb. Cause. Bar Inov8 (iHost/Dv8). B'Ham

Sat 4th Feb. SNO on tour. Saint Bar. LMS

Sat 11th Feb. Foreplay. Purple Lounge. B'Ham

Sat 11th Feb. The Core. B'Ham

Sat 25th Feb. Foreplay (Pre party for Hustler White). Purple Lounge. B'Ham

Sat 3rd March. Foreplay & Style Birmingham - KATE LAWLER Style Search. Guest DJ DR LOVE. Purple Lounge. B'Ham

Sat 3rd March. Maison With Glam. Stratford-upon-Avon.

Sat 24th March. Glam (LAUNCH PARTY!). Maison. Stratford-upon -Avon

Fri 30th March. Beyond Pres. 'INSOMNIA SHOWCASE'. Bambu. B'Ham

Sat 31st March. SNO on tour. Saint Bar. LMS

Sat 31st March. 02:31 Rainbow Garden. Digbeth. B'Ham

Fri 6th April. Prive. 'BAD Friday' The Loosebox. LMS

Sat 7th April. Foreplay. Purple Lounge. B'ham

Sun 8th April. GLAS! Rave. Rainbow Garden. Digbeth. B'Ham

Fri 13th April. Prive. The Loosebox. LMS

Fri 20th April. KUDOS. Chic. B'Ham

Sat 21st April. IF u want it. Bushwackers. B'Ham

Sat April 28th. Beyond. Present the RoadTrip. (Birmingham-Essex) Scorch Nightclub. Essex.

Sun 29th April. What Would Jesus Do? Day Time Party. Earlsdon Cottage. Coventry.

Fri 4th May. Everybody Loves 2nd B'day (After Party). Rainbow. Digbeth B'ham

Sat 5th May. SNO on tour. Saint Bar. LMS

Sun 6th May. Purple Lounge. B'Ham

Sat 19th May. Bounce Launch Party! (001) Saint Bar. LMS

Sat 19th May. 02:31 (Bounce's Official After Party) Rainbow Garden. Digbeth B'Ham

Fri 25th May IF u want it (On tour) No 1 Shakespeare. Stratford-upon-Avon

Fri 25th May. Beyond. Bambu. B'ham

Sat 26th May. Glam. Maison. Stratford-upon-Avon.

Sat 26th May IF u want it. Bushwackers B'ham

Sat 2nd June. Bounce (002) Saint Bar. LMS

Sun 3rd June. GLAS! Rave. Rainbow. Digbeth. B'Ham

Mon 4th June. Links (Jubilee Afterparty) PST. Digbeth. B'ham

Fri 15th June. Prive. The Loose box. LMS

Sat 16th June. Bounce (003) Saint Bar. LMS

Sat 16th June. 02:31. Rainbow Garden. Digbeth. B'ham

Sat 23rd June. Radient. Mint. Leeds

Sat 30th June. Bounce (004) Saint Bar. LMS

Fri 6th July Casa Cirque. Bambu. B'ham

Sun 8th July GLAS! Rave. Rainbow. Digbeth. B'Ham

Thur 12th July. SNO. Apres. Solihull

Sat 14th July. Bounce (005) Saint Bar. LMS

Sat 14th July. 02:31 vs FACE. Rainbow Courtyard. Digbeth. B'ham

Sat 21st July. FACE. Rainbow Cellar. Digbeth. B'ham.

Sat 28th July. Bounce (006) Saint Bar. LMS

Sat 4th August. Rock'N'Rolla. Vanity. Tamworth

Fri 10th August. Poise. So Bar. Arcadian. B'ham

Sat 11th August. Bounce (007) Saint Bar. LMS

Fri 17th August. SPIN. Prince Albert. Wolverhampton

Thurs 23rd August. SPIN. The Royal Hotel. Sutton Coldfield.

Fri 24th August. Safari. Bambu. B'ham.

Sat 25th August. Bounce (008) Saint Bar. LMS

Sun 26th August. GLAS! Rave. 'Rumble in the Jungle. Rainbow. Digbeth. B'ham

Sun 26th/Mon 27th August. Rock'N'Rolla. Gibb St Warehouse. Digbeth. B'ham

1/9/12. Glam. Maison. Stratford-upon-Avon.

1/9/12 02:31. Rainbow Garden. Digbeth. Bham

6/9/12 SNO. Apres. Solihull

7/9/12. What you in to? Bar Nine. Broad St. Bham

8/9/12 Bread & Butter (Launch) Maison Stratford-upon-Avon.

14/9/12 September. DEEP. Rainbow. Digbeth. B'ham

15/9/12 Bounce. Saint Bar. LMS

20/9/12 SPIN. The Royal Hotel. Sutton Coldfield

22/09/12 RockNRolla/Gatecrasher 4th Birthday. Broad St. Bham

28/09/12 Everybody Loves (After Party) Rainbow Cellar. Digbeth. B'ham

29/09/12 The Rainbow SHOWCASE: Bigger than Barry//FACE//02:31. The Rainbow Venues. Digbeth Bham

3/10/12 Mission Launch. Gibb St Warehouse. Digbeth. B'ham

5/10/12- Beyond (1st bday/Burkies). Bambu. Bham.

6/10/12 RockNRolla/Gatecrasher 4th Birthday. Broad St. Bham

13/10/12- Bounce. (Lex's Farewell). Saint Bar. LMS

19/10/12 DUSH. 9N Bar. Brindley Place/Broad St. Bham

20/10/12 RockNRolla (New Venue Launch). Secret Location. B'ham

25/10/12 SPIN. The Royal Hotel. Sutton Coldfield

26/10/12 The Friday Night Project (Halloween Special). Rainbow Garden. Digbeth B'ham

27/10/12 Secret Party Project: The Castle of Creeps (SNO room). Hampton Court Castle. Herefordshire

27/10/12 Bounce Pres: Thriller! Leamington Spa. Warks.

28/10/12 GLAS! Rave. Halloween Party. Rainbow. Digbeth. B'ham

31/10/12 PAINT. Loose Box. LMS

3/11/12- 02:31 (1ST Birthday!). Rainbow Garden. Digbeth. Bham.

14/11/12 Rinse FM. Guest Radio Slot. London

22/11/12 Cliche. NUVO. Brindley Place.Bham

24/11/12 RockNRolla. Snd Ctrl. Bham

30/11/12 FLiP. Bambu. B'Ham

1/1/12 Chirpse. The Bell. Stourbridge

10/12/12 KISS Walkabout. Broad St Bham.

15/12/12 02:31. Rainbow Garden. Digbeth. Bham.

19/12/12 Marcus Nasty Presents: (Rinse FM)
Vibe Bar. Shoreditch. London

21/12/12 BEYOND - Santa's Grotto. Bambu. B'ham

22/12/12 902 Launch. Joshua Brooks. Manchester

22/12/12 The Bell. Stourbridge

26/12/12 02:31. Rainbow. Digbeth. B'ham

28/12/12 Paradigm/Abyss. Snd Ctrl. Bham

31/12/12- GLAS! Rave NYE 2012/2013. Lab 11. Digbeth.

More TBA


TOMOLA3wd   Tomola Pearson, Solihull, Britain (UK)

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