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Brian Thompson (aka Thorny Bleeder) publishes seven new free podcasts every week including The DIY Daily Podcast, The Music Biz Weekly and The Rock Star Branding Podcast.

The DIY Daily Podcast delivers a daily kick in the a$$ filled with killer quotes, passionate inspiration, creative motivation, zen wisdom and do-it-yourself marketing know-how for the creative entrepreneur.

The Music Biz Weekly and The Rock Star Branding Podcasts offer essential listening to the independent musician and to anyone in the music business interested in marketing, branding and motivation. They offer a unique perspective on new media, direct-to-fan trends and social media through our unique experiences and discussions with our industry guests.

Not only do I have lots of laughs recording these episodes for you, but there's also tons of tips and advice to help creative entrepreneurs improve their lives and careers.

Press play or download a few episodes... and enjoy!
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Brian Thompson
music consultant, marketing coach, podcaster, writer

The DIY Daily: http://www.thediydaily.com
Thorny Bleeder: http://www.thornybleeder.com

Brian Thompson Podcasts   Brian Thompson, Vancouver, Canada

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