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DjTarot Jake Berman, Kansas City, United States

  • A Comment on Confort's
    Confort - 2014 B.C. (128 kbps. - FULL QUALITY O... at 0.13
    on February 28, 2014 23:35

    a quite interesting mix. its creepy and dirty but only after it was clean for a little hehe. i dont know how to think of this song butkeep workin on stuff

  • A Comment on Luizhi S's
    Hypnotic (Original Mix) Preview at 0.32
    on February 28, 2014 23:20

    that bass hits it just hard enough so that my ears get turned on but dont immediately orgasm, thats a good thing XD. everything else comes in as clear as day and this needs to be made longer for sure

  • A Comment on Patrick Gorman!'s
    Fedde Le Grand & Nicky Romero Feat. Matthew Kom... at 0.19
    on February 28, 2014 23:18

    got a sick flow and a bangin attitude comin off this song from teh get go. clear and well produced obviously. sick job and keep up that gewd werk

  • A Comment on LeGaLiSeD Dʳᵘᵐ Aᵑᵈ Bᵃˢˢ's
    Skeptix and Grey's- Stay Alive (LeGaLiSeD Remi... at 0.49
    on February 28, 2014 23:13

    i feel like im in a south american belly dancing lounge and im being seduced by sexy brazillian women clapping their castanets in my ears and blowing hookah smoke in my face while i just sit back and soak it all in. seductive chill vube. great work. super clean and everything

  • A Comment on BARCODES's
    Barcodes-Feel that Way (Original Mix) at 0.46
    on February 28, 2014 23:09

    the background fadeaways are a fresh change to most of the stuff ive seen. and the bass is dirty, just as it should be :) clean mix and keep up the good work

  • A Comment on Prussian Dub Fiend's
    linā adder ni pēr linā at 0.37
    on February 28, 2014 23:06

    this sounds beautiful. and i really like it, i like anything with the piano used in it. this song tells a story and its so unique and amazing. you're styling is impeccable and the fact that you composed all of this yourself is wonderful

  • A Comment on SenestroBeatz's
    Cold Water(prod. NonPlussed & SenestroBeatz) at 0.08
    on February 28, 2014 23:02

    oooo sexay. this song makes me think of a sexy black man stripping down and getting into a shower while i sit there and just ogle at him, if that makes any sense. maybe ill join him in a bit XD. but for real tho, it needs vocals and it would be perfection!

  • A Comment on DjTarot's
    The Beginning at 0.20
    on February 28, 2014 22:57

    yeah imma work on that sonner or later, heehe

  • A Comment on BurnHard!'s
    BurnHard & Brendan Vintedge - Oh Sheila (Album ... at 1.05
    on February 28, 2014 22:56

    oh my god...that low brass stopped me from commenting on another thing for a sec. it grabbed all my attention and it wouldnt let go. such quality on all your tracks, ive already got like 4 of em by you and ive lowed every one of em. you need to be famous c:

  • A Comment on Upone Official's
    Essential Area: Episode 001 at 1.34
    on February 28, 2014 22:52

    oh this string work along with those soulful vocals. frigging beautiful work right there. the mix should be used in clubs where you are, im sure theyd be happy to play it, its really professional sounding :D

  • A Comment on -RYAN-'s
    Tegan & Sara - Closer (RYAN Remix) at 0.11
    on February 28, 2014 22:49

    ahhhh, so happyyy and upbeat. and i love tegan and sara already and this song rocks!. when that guitar came in i was like wtf?! it took me by surprise but it made the drop that much more amazing. such a clear quality track

  • A Comment on Mark Ridlen's
    Freeze V9 at 2.45
    on February 28, 2014 22:47

    the acid synth intro is great, always a classic. but this track could definitely use more width and depth. i would boost those highs, sidechain those drums, and make all the other instruments louder, its a little quiet. but you have something here, you just need to keep workin hard :3

  • A Comment on LeGaLiSeD Dʳᵘᵐ Aᵑᵈ Bᵃˢˢ's
    OW3S Feat. Charli Brix -Drift Away (legalised R... at 0.34
    on February 28, 2014 22:39

    i'd sit and toke to this for sure heheh. it has that chill factor that alot of songs lack and i think you got it down to a tee. pretty darn good job :3

  • A Comment on Funky Element Records's
    Locknar - Laser From Orbit at 1.05
    on February 28, 2014 22:37

    such a good drop, like always. theres so much uniqueness in you. like this could really get you somewhere and i want to see that happen. i know people that would really enjoy this and ill tell em about it fantastic job! :3

  • A Comment on Renogade BLV's
    "Pull Up" (Wetter than a Mothafucka) at 0.11
    on February 28, 2014 22:34

    oh yeah, superior production quality over most of everything ive seen today. sounds like something that would come out young money. you got talent man and this song should be sent to a record label or something. further this! its great!

  • A Comment on Tha subbliftah's
    Dark Energy EP (Out Now On Reiz Musik) at 0.23
    on February 28, 2014 22:32

    the track is definitely good, but i think that the bass could be widened. and maybe work on having your drums come in a tad clearer and you're golden :)

  • A Comment on Anagram.Good.Company's
    05-Anagram - A Friend at 0.19
    on February 28, 2014 22:29

    this is super groovy. got that new flow combined with that old school hip hop and it turned out really well if i do say so myself. mixdown is clear, crisp. great dichotomy

  • A Comment on Josckem-Omar's
    Swedish House Mafia - Don't You Worry Child (Jo... at 0.42
    on February 28, 2014 22:27

    always loved this song, and i love your rendition too. one thing i would tell you to work on would be making this track longer :D

  • A Comment on BurnHard!'s
    BurnHard & Brendan Vintedge - 365 (Album Clip) at 0.12
    on February 28, 2014 22:25

    oh yeah im ready for the fierceness that this song is gonna have. know how i know it has fierceness in it? the intro. the intro is so important and you got that down so well. keep doin what you do, i would ask you to change a thing :D

  • A Comment on IAMSunnyZoe's
    Sunny Zoe Let Em Know (song) at 0.26
    on February 28, 2014 22:22

    the track's overall feel is different than alot of other tracks with the similar style. and i like that. you got uniqueness and that hard to find in this industry

  • A Comment on Arealliferebel's
    ArealLifeRebel - The Letter (HipHop / Dubstep) at 0.13
    on February 28, 2014 22:20

    first thing noticed...production quality. and the song has a frigging story. when the hell do you come across a song like this. super unique but enjoyable as hell to listen to

  • A Comment on Gong recs's
    Gong 20 Josh Sickles - Dark Moon DWmaster at 0.12
    on February 28, 2014 22:18

    has a creepy yet inviting vibe to it. suspenseful and attention grabbing from time to time indeed. you could maybe work on some variation, more chord progressions

  • A Comment on Northerner Music's
    Tiësto ft. Kyler England - Take Me (Northerner ... at 0.13
    on February 28, 2014 22:16

    THE BASS. that drum just defined what im about to listen to. it gets me ready for what the track has to offer. its a nice hook and thats what makes people famous. catchy hooks and signatures specified to one artist. such a pretty song.

  • A Comment on Philosophy Recordings's
    Killafoe & Casuel - Models On Drugs (Out now on... at 0.09
    on February 28, 2014 22:12

    the chord progression is what makes this song have such badass substance. not to mention that the drop was sickening!

  • A Comment on BurnHard!'s
    BurnHard & Brendan Vintedge - Purple Rain (Albu... at 0.54
    on February 28, 2014 22:05

    i could hear this on the radio. and thats where i want it to end up. such a sexy vibe, and im in love with those vocal effects.

  • A Comment on OVERULE's
    Beyoncé ft. Jay-z - Drunk In Love (Overule Mash... at 1.09
    on February 28, 2014 22:03

    i love any song with beyonce. and you remix was super good. entertaining to the ear and a great mixdown to top it off.

  • A Comment on RageQuit (US)'s
    RageQuit - Forget The World (Free DL) at 0.09
    on February 28, 2014 22:01

    good intro, makes me wanna listen to more. and when i listen to more the more i wanna listen to it all. cool sounds all around and a good mixdown fer sure

  • A Comment on Philosophy Recordings's
    Killafoe & Casuel - Fight Back (Out now on Beat... at 1.01
    on February 28, 2014 22:00

    i dont know how you got that fm bass to sound like that but its great. not a fan of trap but i know quality music when i hear it

  • A Comment on Bayfield's
    MK Ultra - Rampage (Bayfield Remix) at 0.20
    on February 28, 2014 21:58

    here we friggin go man. finally an extremely well produced dub song with alot of substance. so cool to listen to just really cool sounds being used

  • A Comment on TheRealSilentDJ's
    Carleon Family- Party Party at 0.08
    on February 28, 2014 21:56

    again, its a finely produced rap song. not my favorite genre, but still. its very cleanly produced and its something that people would listen to

  • A Comment on CARIGAMIST's
    on February 28, 2014 21:54

    the vocals are so nice and clear. i like when people who make rap song know how to eq vocals to make it work with the song

  • A Comment on D.Delcroix I Composer's
    Qianli - Prince of Bohai at 0.12
    on February 28, 2014 21:52

    YES! the drums of war thunder one again!. i love listening to soundscapes like this. and the fact that theres an asian undertone to it makes it even that much cooler. such a beautiful track.

  • A Comment on DJ Absurd's
    Preview - DJ Absurd ft Maria D. - " Shine in th... at 0.46
    on February 28, 2014 21:50

    uhhh...if Valkyries had computers and made electronic music this is what they would make. lmao. unique for sherrrr

  • A Comment on Panda & Rabbit's
    They Are Here at 0.16
    on February 28, 2014 21:47

    has an interesting vibe to it i feel like its a song to be played in the background while you do something else. it seems boring to me but hey, other people will definitely enjoy.

  • A Comment on Funky Element Records's
    OnTronik & We Bang - Silence (Original Mix) FRE... at 1.07
    on February 28, 2014 21:45

    such a sick drop. its hard to find artists that can really put things like this together and have it sound great. props

  • A Comment on johnathanmooney's
    I Walk this Earth Alone (Leaether Strip Mix) at 0.16
    on February 28, 2014 21:43

    i love the feel already its very regal yet, dancey. its got a suspenseful vibe with the creeping bass. the vocals came in and i lost it lol. i immediately thought back to right round by dead or alive as i was listening to this. which isnt a bad thing, they were great

  • A Comment on T§}{iç's
    Mashur, Headrum, Cool Project ft. A Girl and A ... at 0.26
    on February 28, 2014 21:39

    this sounds like some 16 year old girls were tweakin and decided to make a song that was awful. and you tried to salvage it and it kinda worked. the only thing i would say you might wanna work on is having your precussion come in more. and maybe do some work with widening the track. it'll add some more substance. but overall i would say its decent, but practice practice practice. i see potentional

  • A Comment on TheKlassiks's
    Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball (The Klassiks Remix) at 0.03
    on February 28, 2014 21:35

    the first thing that the intro reminded of was the signature vocal chopping that skrillex used. as a matter of fact after the drop you used another thing that he coined. the kick drum tripping over itself technique. if i had to take a wild guess i would say this was made in fruity loops. if it is, then :D! because i use fl too

  • A Comment on TheRealSilentDJ's
    Carleon Family- Dope Dick at 0.26
    on February 28, 2014 21:29

    well...if you like rap this song is alright i guess. the vocals are kinda all over the place. but the female vocals are good. the mixdown is good too

  • A Comment on Goesta's
    Adventure Club(ft. The Kite String Tangle) - Wo... at 0.53
    on February 28, 2014 21:26

    i love the mixture of chords in this track, and when that bass came in it took it to another level. this song is downright dope.

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