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FAQ: May I use your music in my project?
Yes! Yes! Yes! You are allowed to use this track, and any other track uploaded to my SoundCloud page under any circumstances, without my explicit permission, even if your project is commercial. All you need to do is provide credit like so: "Music by: Steven O'Brien", and if possible, a link to the SoundCloud page of the track(s) you're using.

I receive a large volume of messages and emails every day with this very question, so please do not contact me to clarify the terms. Unless you absolutely cannot display credit within the project or within its accompanying description, my answer will always be yes. :)

FAQ: How can I keep up with what you're doing?
- Follow me on Twitter.
- Follow me on SoundCloud @stevenobrien.
- Like my page on Facebook.
- Subscribe to my Youtube channel.

FAQ: Why do you release all of your music for free?
I strongly belive in free, convenient and unhindered access to content and information, and I don't personally believe in forcing people to pay money to listen to my work.

I do believe in a system of mutual trust and generosity between the content creator and the content consumer. Therefore, if you enjoy my work, I would graciously ask that you please consider supporting me and my work.

FAQ: How can I show my support?
Thank you! There are numerous ways in which you can support me:

- You can buy my music through services such as Bandcamp, CD Baby, iTunes, and Amazon.
- You can stream my music through services like Spotify and Pandora.
- You can donate to me via Paypal or Flattr.
- You can tell your friends about my music if you think it's something they'd enjoy.

FAQ: Actually, I don't want to show my support. Your music sucks and you're a bad person.

FAQ: Will you write custom music for my project?
Yes! Please contact me at steven@steven-obrien.net. If you're expecting me to work for free, please don't contact me.

Steven O’Brien   Steven O'Brien, Clonmel, Ireland