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ONLYD45 - Ozgur Can - Turkos EP (incl.Brendon Moeller, Mihai Popoviciu and Toygun,Pawas, Vick Echo)

6 tracks, 34.51 Snejl on March 07, 2011 16:04

Ozgur Can - Turkos EP // Only Records [ONLYD45]
Genre: Techno,House,Tech-House,Deep House,Dub,
Release Date: Mar 07 2011
Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/label/Only_Records
Label: Only Records

1 Ozgur Can - Clean Slate (Original Mix)
2 Ozgur Can - Clean Slate (Mihai Popoviciu and Toygun Remix)
3 Ozgur Can - Clean Slate (Vick Echo Remix)
4 Ozgur Can - Turkos (Original Mix)
5 Ozgur Can - Turkos (Brendon Moeller Dub Mix)
6 Ozgur Can - Turkos (Pawas Remix)

Release Info:

Only Records teams up with the tech master Ozgur Can and delievers the 45th release, containing 2 superb pieces of music, fusing from deep house and techno to the groovy, housey beats that rock the dancefloors right now.,

On remix duties we have the Dub hero Brendon Moeller transforming the original of Turkos into a deep, dubby sequence ... we have our good friends Mihai Popoviciu and Toygun reworking Clean Slate into a groovy dancebomb , Pawas surprises us with a wonderful, deep and melodic remix on Turkos and last, the new kid on the block Vick Echo proves why Get Physical is releasing his music lately.
Make sure to get this pack, we put a lot of love and efforts into it!,
Proffesional mastering by : Kosmas Epsilon @ Epsilon Labs
Release date : 7th of March 2011

Selected feedback :

Michel de Hey (Hey!, EC)
turkos 4 me!

Roy Brizman
moeller dub version is super!

Nick Warren (Hope Recordings, Way Out West)
love the Pawas mix

Stephan Bodzin (Herzblut)
brendon moeller for me. whole ep is great!

Paul Hazendonk (Manual Music)
Strong package! Brendon Moeller and Mihai Popoviciu & Toygun remixes are my picks!

Djinxx (Ovum,Delsin,Bedrock)
Turkos original for me .thanks

Satoshi Fumi
great Pawas!

Estroe (Connaisseur)
Really like Clean Slate original a lot, I am shure I will play it in my upcoming sets.

Tuomas Salmela (Moodmusic, MFR, Cocoon, 2020Vision, Turbo)
all Turkos mixes are dope!

love the whole ep here.download and than i get them to be played LOUD

Orde Melkle (Soma Records / Slam)
strong release - both originals and remixes cool - will spin

Raresh (arpiar)
brendon moeller remix ...

Christian Cambas (1605, Sabotage, Great Stuff)
Sorry Adi, not my style.

Peter Horrevorts
great stuff! love the moeller dub and pawas remix!

Joel Alter (Gigolo, M_Nus, Room Wth A View)
Turkos is great! Original plus Brendon Moeller remix!

Tedd Patterson (dj/cielo/vibal/world)
The original and B Moeller mix do it good.Where are the WAVS? :)

Mathias Mesteno (Upon You)
Clean slate original n Moellers dub are wicked..support!

Psycatron (Psycatron/Planet E/Simple/Tronic)
nice work, Brendon's mix the one for meeeeee

Angel Molina (Sonar)
Turkos is much more for me. Brendon´s dub / Pawas rmx are my fave tracks on here.thanks!

Jamie Anderson (Artform)
Good selection of mixes, will play these!

deepchild (Trapez / Resopal Schallware / Anabatic Records)
Brendon Moeller is phatta than ya mum! Props.

Tom Budden (ALiVE)
very nice ep. all of these sound quality.

Chris Carrier
i like the original

DJ Vibe
Support! Brendon Moeller Dub Mix is my fav. Thanks.

Chris Fortier (Fade)
i like it

John Selway (Selway Music)
downloading for John Selway. thanks.

Nuno Dos Santos
Turkos original and brendons mix are ace!

LUCIANO (Cadenza)
Thanks for the music, I appreciate but will take time to listen to it and send you a feedback asap. L

Motorcitysoul (Simple, Tsuba, Diynamic)
brendon moeller dub!!!

Laurent Garnier (DJ)
very good package -- will play

Danny Tenaglia (Twisted)

Pezzner (Freerange, Om Records)
Mihai Popoviciu and Toygun mix is cool and Brendon Moeller's dub stands out to me. Well done

Joachim Spieth
Brendon Moeller remix!!!

very good stuff to start a set...like them all...

Rowan Blades
useful stuff thank you.

Timo Maas
downloading for timo maas..

Paco Osuna (Mindshake / Plus 8)
download thank you :)

Luciano Esse (Safari Electronique, Material Series)
Moeller rmx... Popoviciu also is nice! Will try them out!

Turkos original and brendon remix .. huge !!!cheersp

Nic Fanciulli

Vince Watson (Tresor / Planet E / Delsin / Bio / Fcom / Everysoul)
All 3 mixes of Turkos are cool...

Andrew Genser (Add2Basket)
Pawas remix sounds beautiful, digging the Popoviciu & Toygun remix as well! THanks for sending

Maik Loewen (Niveous, Poker Flat)
nice release! thanks!

Anil Chawla
Pawas and Moeller mixes are nice.

Pako Vega (Bitter and Sweet Dreams)
Brendon Moeller Dub Mix and Pawas are awesome, will play them!

Alland Byallo (Poker Flat, Liebe*Detail, Dirt Crew)
I love all of the Turkos mixes and Mihai/Toygun's mix of Clean Slate. Solid.

DJ Linus (pacha-exun-gigolo)
Dub for me. support.

Marko Nastic
great rellease! moeller for me!

Huxley (Tsuba / Cecille)
moeller mix for me. but the pawas mix is dope as well.

Sebastian (Water Gate)
will try the popoviciu version thanks!

Cosmic Cowboys (MGF/Katchuli/Traum)
Pawas rmx for us! Thnx!

Kamisshake (Bedrock, Yoshitoshi)
B Moeller and pawsa remix are the answer...excellent productions...full support

Lele Sacchi (Boogie Drama)
All of Turkos versions are awesome deep techiness. Will support on radio and in clubs

Chloe Harris (MASHTRONIC)
this is awesome. love mihai remix turkos og and brendon dub and pawas.

All tracks are quality, Pawas and Mihai are my favs. thanks for the quality promos.

sven jozwiak
i like the orginal ty

The Abstract Terrorist (Big Shot)
Reviewing for Ibiza Voice

Omid 16B (Worldwide)
love it !

Guy J (Bedrock)
great release , remix rox , thnx good luck

Lio Carlo (Rawthentic / Sci+Tec )
original clean slate is great.. and lovin vick eco rmx also

axel bartsch (sportclub)
great package here, almost to many options. mihai wins the clean slate race and turkos original the second run.

Not For Me

Russ Gabriel (Mobilee, Pokerflat, Ferox, Planet-E, Pariter, Soma)
all good mixes. hard to pick one favourite.

David August
brendon moeller dub..thx.

Miss Nine (Armada / Black Hole / Yoshitoshi / Harem | Proton Radio)
DL, thanks

Kazuumi Ishii (Electronic Directory)
All three mixes of Turkos are nice.

Vlad Sokolov (Feta Recordings/sokolov sounds)
good package, will support

Downloaded for Shinedoe.

Francesco Pico (Magnitude/ GU/ Outside the Box/ Proton)
Mihai Popoviciu and Pawas remixes are cool

Pedro Bucarelli (Elektro System)
i use to love Ozgur's music, as well as mihai, brendon, pawas or only records! And i really LOVE this release, once again! Very very good job.

Alex Rajkovic (MassTransit / BOE)
all three verisons of turkos for me, great stuff, cheers x

Marcos in Dub
mihai rocks!!!thanks.M

Resident Advisor

Alin "Aeromaschine" Crihan (Balsaal)
Awesome - Turkos original and Pawas remix for me - will play intensly in future gigs!!!!! tnx!

Desyn Masiello
Will support

Ashley Beedle (Out Hear Audio/Darkstarr)
Not For Me

Baunder ((Soundexile))
Amazing package. Moeller dub rocks!

Richie Hawtin (Minus)
downloaded for r hawtin

Valentino Kanzyani (Jesus Loved You)
Clean State Original and Brandon Moller Dub for Turkos are the ones for me...Thanks for sending...

luca doobie (radio popolare - amnesia milano)
high quality release, every track in the ep is good to play in different sets, excellent choice of remixers, what else? super! :)

Varoslav Varoslav (Supplement Facts)
nice pack all good vibe ! good work

Koljah (Vidab Records)
Clean Slate is Killer! Also like the other Mixes. Thx and support!

Electric Indigo
brendon moeller dub is excellent! thanks.

Jalebee Cartel (Ostwind/ Vapour/ ALiVE)
been waiting for these !! both originals are fantastic. Mihai Popoviciu and Toygun remix = ace. Pawas as usual, just beautiful

Mirco Violi (Supernature)
nice remixes!

Hugo (Toni Music) (Systematic)
cool ep. clean state original and vick echo rmx are my fav. thanks.

BROTHERS VIBE (Brothers' Vibe)
ALL good - will play...Tks :o)

Tim Green (Get Physical / Cocoon)
original mix is really great. great suspense ans patience throughout. Brendon's also really solid! will play both out! thanks :)

Luciano Pizzella (Italic, Baroque, Saw, Factor City, Fortek, Dogtown...)
Vick Echo remix of Clean Slate is nice but the best one for me is Turkos with both the remixes.

Nils Nuernberg (Noir Music / NRK)
Really good release. Vicky Echo Mix and Turkos original mix are grooving the ass out of my pants ;-) THX

James Crossan (zutekh-mcr)
nice ep

Retrac (Souvenir/Indigo Raw/Resopal)
Solid tracks with nice remixes - liking Vick Echo :)

will check them out

Someone Else (Foundsound)
clean slate is fun.

Kosmas Epsilon (Epsilon Trax)
absolutely top stuff, couldn't get any better! love all mixes, by the way :)

Carwyn Butcher
solid package. really like brendons dub and pawas mix. hard to pick a favourite. thanks

Ricky Montanari
good ep

Johan Nilsson (Digitally Imported Radio)
Cool deep tech stuff. Especially enjoying the originals but the remixes are high quality as well.

Anton Banks (The Vault / www.antonbanks.com)
I like the original and Echo remixes of Clean Slate

Vick Echo (Get Physical,Tilth)
Thanks! :)

Markus Schulz (Coldharbour Recordings)
downloading thnks

Sonicvibe (Anjunabeats, Spinnin)
complete ep!!! love/play them all the same...awesome!!

davehart (i:Vibes)
Very nice tracks!

Riyaz Khan (DiversionsRadioToronto)
PAWAS remix is my jam !

Lukasz Napora (Polish Radio 4 / Audioriver / Sound Revolt)
Nice work by Vick Echo

Dj Fra (Nitsa / Kompakt)
Very good 12" will play it out

Sasha Le Monnier [ C.O.U. Muzik ] (Stripped Digital,Source Of Gravity)
Clean Slate..Mihai & Toygun. Turkos.. Brendon Moeller,Great remix!

Jorge Savoretti (Esperanza)
super solid package!

Deep Mariano (Surface Bookings)
love the pack!

Nori (Posivion mag/Tokyo )
Sounds cool, feel good!!

Grant Paterson (Edinburghnews,UK)
A real quality selection of remixes and tracks, all useable, all exceptionally good. Full Support, thanks.

Thomas Lauren (Wolfskuil, Savoir Records, Dualblock, )
Want to make babies with the reworkx of pawas & Brendon moeller. Both originals are solid dancefloor cutz! excellent release!

Rob Warner (Our House Magazine)
Pawas mix is dope.

Gabriel Sordo (Discoteca Music)
This Release is just fantastic , Top choons guys !

Amir Sharara
Great EP.. Vick Echo for clean slate is amazing..

Matthew Adams (Various)
Brendon Moeller for me! Brilliant.

Tsugi (Tsugi Mag)
cooool ep

Pinto (Nëim Records)
Mihahi Popoviciu and Vivk Echo for Clean state for me and Turkos (Pawas remix) are great! i'll play it for shure! great release.

Kev O'Brien (Stranjjur NYC/Loco Records/Browneyed Boyz)
Brendon's remix stands out most but a very nice Vick Echo remix as well. Overall a solid package that should be even better with additional listens and tests on the floor. Kudos, thanks

DJ Steve Marx (Loop Music)
really like the Pawas remix of Turkos. will work well early in my sets

Dominic Plaza (Composite, Indigo Raw, Unfokused)
Very nice. Turkos original mix is my favourite. Big up to Ozgur and another finger licking release.

anestie gomez (werd. san francisco/prawler music/ klubd)
vick echo mix and original turkos take the cookie. solid afterhours stuff.

Dibby Dougherty (Yello / Audiotherapy / GU)
originals and Brendons mix really tickling my fancy here, full support and lots of love!

Jay Kaufman (Park Muzik, Bellarine Recordings, Tortoise Shell Recordings)
I LOVE shit like this. Mihai and Toygun tear it up Detroit style! Vick Echo's mix makes me feel like everything is happening in stop motion. The original mix of Turkos screams lazy summers. Pawas remix is well done too. This should almost be two releases because there's too much to choose from!

Stian Klo (Furry Nipples)
very good !!!!! love love it

Shawn Mitiska (Armada, Beatport.com)
Mihai Remix of Clean Slate and OG Mix of Turkos for me...Ozgur is the MAN!!!

andy newland (bedrock, audio therapy, )
clean slate orig & mihai/toygun are cool -Pawas mix of turkos is lush....quality stuff

Joel Armstrong (Oosh, Flow, Dot Dot)
This is good, the Moeller remix is great.

Damien Unbroken (Unbroken Productions/Channel 4)
Liking the MP & Toygun mix of 'Clean Slate', all mixes of 'Turkos' are really strong... good work.

Gene (soap records/Only Records/Hi Freaks)
Mihai P & Toy gun Remix is ace,Brendon Moeller mix is great,Full Support, overall great Ep

Vadim Griboedoff (Subself / DJMag.UA)
Moeller's mix is great, spasibo

Mr.A (Danceteria Music)
Strong package, like the original Clean Slate. Thanks for sending!

Released by: Only Records
Release/catalogue number: ONLYD45
Release date: Mar 7, 2011

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