deep sounding moods with beats on the top, icing not necessary..

dj sat   Petr Lovětínský, Prague, Czech Republic

  • A Comment on dj sat's
    Sat - Guest Mix for Drop Out @ Radio Wave 20.7.... at 59.56
    on July 23, 2014 12:35

    @doddiblog: diky moc, vazim si toho!

  • A Comment on dj sat's
    Sat - Soulbox January 2011 at 9.43
    on July 22, 2014 15:39
  • A Comment on PDCH's
    on February 11, 2014 21:45

    supr mix s vybornou naladou, ten Orson Wells na zacatku mi skvele sednul do myho vkusu posledni doby a pak uz se to vezlo :)

  • A Comment on Photic Fields's
    PF05 V/A - Fields Of Light (BNJMN, Aroy Dee, Le... at 1.37
    on February 04, 2014 03:23

    sounds so good, just the perfect record for all of us, lovers of electronic melancholy :)

  • A Comment on dj sat's
    Sat - Soulbox May 2012 at 55.46
    on January 07, 2014 03:27

    @pHeela: diky!! at dobre slouzi :)

  • A Comment on pHeela's
    pH - Kitchen table mini set (vinyl only)
    on January 05, 2014 21:02

    parada koncentrovana do ministopaze, vyborne jsi to ukuchtil :)

  • A Comment on Quarion's
    Shale Gas EP - Snippets at 0.38
    on December 05, 2013 19:36

    splendid job once again! and huge props for the hardware synth approach, though i still have to purchase my first machine, i feel like my ears were made for the raw sound of hardware (mostly analog) synthesis and when in right hands like yours, the results are a simply wonderful music voyage

  • A Comment on Felix!'s
    The Juan MacLean - You Are My Destiny (Felix! R...
    on September 24, 2013 10:36

    moc pekny!

  • A Comment on seegeng's
    Seegeng - Panoramata
    on September 17, 2013 11:28

    konecne jsem se k tomuhle mixu dostal, az se stydim, kdyz ted slysim jaka je to parada, excelentni deepovej vylet, k tomu ani neni moc dalsiho co dodat :)

  • A Comment on OOFT!'s
    Luvless - In My Arms (OOFT! Remix) [Rose Rec.] at 2.15
    on August 21, 2013 22:01

    stunning work, great summer infused release and this tune is the top one here

  • A Comment on dekmantel's
    DKMNTL013 // Ksoul & Muteoscillator - Soul Hell EP at 1.15
    on June 17, 2013 16:25

    great to hear some new K&M stuff, love their sound and this one's got soul all over it, brilliant job

  • A Comment on Ostgut Ton's
    Juju & Jordash | A Stab In The Dark at 0.44
    on April 14, 2013 00:25

    wicked ep with this one by Jujus on top, that's pretty solid, can't wait for the wax

  • A Comment on Prime Numbers's
    Trus'me - Defunct - Treat Me Right (LP) at 1.14
    on January 16, 2013 23:45

    stunning album from a to z, can't wait to have the wax in my hands, the next step pre-order

  • A Comment on jujujordash's
    on August 11, 2012 14:14

    i knew it was gonna be huge, congrats on such astonishing album, Jujus, can't wait to play it out!

  • A Comment on Udacha's
    pjotr - udacha 4 [udacha004] 12" at 1.56
    on July 24, 2012 23:48

    brilliant deep stuff all over this release

  • A Comment on Legendary 1979 Orchestra's
    The Legendary 1979 Orchestra - The Living (112... at 4.29
    on July 16, 2012 20:46

    brilliant stuff, this one really has concentrated summer in it and doesn't leave my head easily, which is pretty great :)

  • A Comment on dj sat's
    Sat - Soulbox May 2012 at 57.27
    on June 16, 2012 23:22

    @panpavel: diky! to mam fakt radost za tak pozitivni reakci a ze ti to tak sedlo, tim spis doufam, ze se treba nekdy fakt potkame rovnou i primo za pultem :) a btw tu downbeat desku jsem se definitivne rozhod koupit po tom, co tenhle track Lukas Micka vytah z rukavu prave ve Sklenicku, kdyz jsme tam hrali, asi mistni kouzlo :)

  • A Comment on Visky Recordings's
    Visky 003 - Schmoltz - Novy Svet EP (Snippets)
    on May 29, 2012 21:45

    proste parada od zacatku do konce, podle me jde Visky zase o uroven vys s timhle releasem, aspon z myho pohledu urcite, to budu hrat fakt rad :)

  • A Comment on dj sat's
    Sat - Soulbox May 2012 at 1.00.54
    on May 27, 2012 15:40

    Diky moc, Michale, zni to, ze se mi to povedlo jak melo, tak to jsem rad.. :) A prirovnani k paprdum z jinyho kontinentu nemuzu nez brat jako kompliment, navic mam stejne dojem, ze budu pusobit cim dal tim vic stare, jak budou pribyvat archivni desky.. ;))
    Tak jeste jednou diky, mam radost, ze to u tebe zafungovalo zrovna timhle stylem.. :)

  • A Comment on dj sat's
    Sat - Soulbox September 2011 at 8.19
    on May 23, 2012 11:52

    @LABOPP: this is Kyle Hall's Ghosten, glad you like it, thanks for listening!

  • A Comment on dj sat's
    Sat - Soulbox May 2010 at 0.37
    on March 27, 2012 19:42

    @Mira Voborsky aka DJ MOO: no vidis to, v dobe, kdy jsem tenhle mix delal, jsem z toho releasu bral jednoznacne jen tenhle track a teprve dneska me asi muzou zaujmout i ty ostatni, holt vkus se casem vyviji :)

  • A Comment on dj sat's
    Sat - Soulbox September 2011 at 1.01.57
    on March 27, 2012 19:34

    @Mira Voborsky aka DJ MOO: mockrat diky za poslech, jsem rad, ze se libi :)

  • A Comment on jujujordash's
    Juju & Jordash live improv @ Fuse, Brussels 25-...
    on March 27, 2012 10:48

    properly brilliant stuff from start to finish, jujus! would love to be there, it makes me feel like attending JJ or MMH live/improv show is becoming one of my life goals :)

  • A Comment on dj sat's
    Sat - Soulbox September 2011 at 39.26
    on March 10, 2012 04:03

    @GOTGROOVES247: yeah, amazing stuff by DJ Nature.. thank you for such a proper listen!

  • A Comment on dj sat's
    Sat - Soulbox September 2011 at 51.45
    on March 07, 2012 19:19

    @GOTGROOVES247: thanks! not many people know house better than Chez & Ron :)

  • A Comment on Hunee's
    Hunee - Tide / Minnoch (Snippet) [RH 119-12] at 6.38
    on March 03, 2012 11:35

    lucky Rush Hour to have another new piece of hunch music in their catalogue, great stuff! and congrats on the announced forthcoming long player, Hunee, so looking forward to it

  • A Comment on Dikso Records's
    DIKSO009 A1 - Autodeep & Romorri - Make You Min... at 1.53
    on March 01, 2012 19:31

    off the hook, total dopeness!

  • A Comment on soulphiction / jackmate's
    PHP060 manmadescience - the blues 1997 (snippet... at 1.16
    on February 28, 2012 01:23

    awesome release, love the sound of both tracks, typical philpot quality

  • A Comment on BeatFoot!'s
    BeatFoot - Butterfly Morning at 3.56
    on December 28, 2011 22:13

    krasny downtempo musim rict, prijemne to na me dychlo ranym Jonem Hopkinsem - kdo vi, prijit s tim v tehdejsi dobe, pomalu bych veril, ze by misto Jona mozna pro album podepsali tebe :)

  • A Comment on Curle Recordings's
    Raiders Of The Lost ARP - On And On (Patrice Sc... at 4.38
    on December 10, 2011 17:49

    a lesson in slowburning deepness Sistrum style, excellent

  • A Comment on Uncanny Valley Dresden's
    Uncanny Valley 007: A2 - Cuthead - Brother (128... at 2.48
    on December 09, 2011 13:32

    amazing release! knew from the first moment i heard Brother in Cuthead's UV podcast and can't wait to play those tunes out

  • A Comment on dj sat's
    Sat - Soulbox September 2011
    on December 09, 2011 00:56

    @Lukas Micka: diky moc! vsak ty do ty krabice v lednu taky prispejes nemene kvalitne :)

  • A Comment on soulphiction / jackmate's
    php064 soulphiction - soul brother # 2 (philpot... at 2.54
    on November 19, 2011 21:39

    really feeling the soul of this one, excellent!

  • A Comment on Hizou Music's
    HZO1 # P.Laoss, Anton Zap, Deymare and Demetrio... at 3.53
    on November 18, 2011 18:34

    sounds like a great release for all the deepness lovers, good luck with the label!

  • A Comment on pirahnahead's
    Kem - A Mothers Love (Pirahnahead Remix) at 5.55
    on November 18, 2011 17:07

    really beautiful piece, thanks a lot!

  • A Comment on BeatFoot!'s
    BeatFoot - Sweet Love at 2.25
    on November 11, 2011 20:24

    zni to fakt paradne, funky a soulful, tak to ma byt :) jsem taky moc zvedav na finalni verzi

  • A Comment on ferrispark's
    B1 Colt 45 and Friends at 3.10
    on November 11, 2011 20:20

    pure extract of Detroit soulful deepness.. each track on the release different, all dope - awesome release!

  • A Comment on dj nature's
    dj.nature aug 2011 mix at 41.16
    on November 09, 2011 12:36

    such a dope mix and so inspiring from start to finish, thank you!

  • A Comment on dj sat's
    Sat - Soulbox September 2011 at 17.42
    on September 30, 2011 19:46

    @Audiosafari: yeah, Detroit quality ;) thanks a lot for listening!

  • A Comment on dj sat's
    Sat - Soulbox September 2011 at 1.04.31
    on September 30, 2011 17:12

    @Myclick: To jsem rad, ze se libi, Michale, bylo to klasicky na zacatku vecera, jak je to taky nejlepsi, kdyz chce clovek dypovat po detroitsku.. :) A diky moc za masinku, vse fungovalo jak melo a nakonec jsme nahrali i Tintinuv set po me. Reakce jsou zatim dobry, tak doufam, ze by Detroit beatdown moh lidi bavit i dal, jak mi budou theoparrishovky a podobny placky pribyvat.. ;)

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