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RDTRProductions3 on September 11, 2012 22:18

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Tags: RDTR RDTRProductions Productions rdtr rdtrproductions productions instrumental rnb pop original sap sat sad rat rap ram rag nap Nat mat map mad lap lag lad fat fan fad fin fit lid lip lit mid mitt nit nip rid rig rim rip Sid sin sip log mom mop nod rod Ron rot sod fun mud mum nut rug rut sum sun fed led leg met Ned net bag bad bam bat cap cab dad Dan gas gag ham hat jab jam pan pat tab tag tan tap bid dig dip hid hit hip Jim jig kin kid pin pit pig tin tip Tim cop con Don dog hop hog job jog pot top Tom bug bud bum cup cub dud dug Gus gun hum jug pup tub tug beg bed bet hen jet Ken pen pet peg pep the of and a to in is you that it he was for on are as with his they I at be this have from or one had by word but not what all were we when your can said there use an each which she do how their if will up other about out many then them these so some her would make like him into time has look two more write go see number no way could people my than first water been call who oil its now 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Hank himself hotrod huff hunted index insisted insisting insulted invent invented Jack jumping king kiss lane lapdog lasted lending loft lost lug lunch lung mall mascot math mess mob mug napkin pack Pam path picnic pigpen pinball pinch planted plastic problem public publishing puff punishing quake rake rash rented rest rested rich ring ringing rub safe sale sang sash shack shed shelf shell shifted shine ship shop shrimp shrinking shrunk shut sink sinking sits splash splashing squinted standing Steve stub stuff stunt sub sunfish sunk sunlit sunset suntan swishing talented tall tank throne thud tick tilted tiptop toss trusted twisted upset vent vest wag wall wax whiff whip whiplash wig wing wink wipe wise yell zap zigzag called circle friend Mr. Mrs. nothing says Ann Beth Bing Blanch bong Buck burnt Burt Carmen Cass caterpillar Chad cheer chomp Chuck chuckle chug Clark click climb clown cluck coal complain croak crunch Curtis curve darts dinner diver doctor doll door Doris Ellen fellow fiddle firm fishing Fitch foam forever forgot forth front Gert gobble gone gosh granddad grandpa grinned grumble hatch Herb hill horse hush insect Jeff jiggle Jill Jill's Josh jumble kick Kim Kirk larch library lived lives market Mitch mix napper nibble Nick Norm Oh onto owner patch peck perfect ping Pip pong quick quill quilt Quinn quit reward Rex Rick Rivera roam ruff Sanchez served Seth sister Sloan smash snort snuggle soup sparkle sprinkle squirt stick sudden sunburn surprise swimmer Tad tadpole Ted Tess Texas tickle toad Todd turf twinkle twitch umbrella uncle wham whirl whisper whistle wiggle window Winkle writing yet York zing zip able ace added afraid afternoon age ahead annoy anything anyway anywhere ape applaud arm artist attack attic auto avoid awesome awful awning babble baby baffle bald ballplayer bark base baseball basin basketball batch bath battle beach bead beam bean beanstalk beast beat bedtime bee beef beehive beet begging behind bird birthday bleach blew blind bloom blow blown bluebird blueprint blur boast boat bob body boil bold bonnet bonus boost boot born bottle bowl brace braid brain brainstorm brake brawl bread breakfast breath brick bright broil broiler broom bruise bubble buddy built bundle bunk bunny burn burst buses butterfly button buzz cabin cage cake camel candle candy careful cart catch cattle cell cent chain chalk champ charge chart chase chat check cheerful cheese chess chew chick child chime chirp choice chore church churn claim classmate clay clerk clever clue clutch coach coat coax coil coin collect colorful cool core cork corn cowboy cozy crate crawl cream crew crinkle crow cruise cry cuddle cupcake curb curl dab daddy dangle Danny dark dart date dawn daylight dead deaf dealt decent deep delight desk die dimple dirt ditch doghouse double dragon dragonfly drain dread dream drew driveway droop dry duck due dunk dusk easel easy egg elbow enjoy ever evergreen everyone everything everywhere explore fabric fail faithful fame fault fawn feast feed feel fence fern fetch fifty fight finish firefighter flagpole flash flashlight flaunt flaw flight float flow fluffy foal foil fold fool forest forget fork form fort fraud fray free fresh Friday fried fright frozen fruit fry fur game garden gate gel gem germ giggle ginger giraffe gleam glean glow gluestick goat going gold goose Grace graceful grain grapefruit grasshopper grateful gray grew groan grown grown-up growth gumball habit hail handwriting happen happy harm harmful harp haul haunt hawk hay health heat heavy heel hello helpful herself hi hidden highway hoist homemade homework hoot hopeful hopscotch horn host houseboat housefly huddle human humid hummingbird hump hungry hunk hurdle hurl ice inch inside instead itch Jake jar jaw Jean jeep jelly jellyfish Jen jerk Jimmy jingle Jo Joan join joint joy juggle juice jungle kickball kingfish kits kitten kitty knack knee kneecap kneel knelt knew knife knight knit knob knock knockout knot knothole known lace lack lake latch launch law lawn lay lazy leap leather Lee lemon less lie lighthouse limit link lipstick living load loaf loop loose lot low lunchbox Mabel mail main mane march mark match Matt meant meat meet mice middle mild mind mine mitten moan model moist mold moment Monday moo mood motel mow munch music muzzle nab nail nanny Nate neat necktie nerve newscast newspaper nice nickname nighttime nips noise noon north nowhere oak oat oatmeal object oink ooze outside ox pace paddle pail pain painful paint pal pancake paperback park pause paw pawn pay peace peaceful peach peak peddle peep pencil pennies penny perch piano pie pillow pilot pink pipe pitch ploy poison pony pooch poodle pool popcorn porch port post poster potpie pretzel price proof pupil puppy purple purse puzzle quack queen quicksand rabbit race rack rage rail rain rainbow ranch rang rattle raw ray reach ready recycle refund renew restful return ribbon rice riddle rind rink rise road roast rob robin robot room roost row Roy royal ruled 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teeth tennis thankful thick thigh thimble thin thinner thinnest third thirst thorn thread threat thrill throat throw Thursday tie tiger tight tired toast toil told tool tooth topcoat torch torn tot tow toy trace traffic train trash travel tray tread treetop trouble truck trumpet Tuesday tugboat tulip tumble tummy turtle tusk twirl ugly unzip useful value vanish verb verse vine visit visitor voice void vote waddle wage wagon wait wake waves wealth weather weave web Wednesday weed week weekend wettest whack whale whatever wheat wheel whenever whisk whiz wide wife wild windmill wonderful wore worn wrap wreath wreck wrench wriggle wrinkle wrist wristwatch written wrong wrote yak yard yardstick yarn yawn yum Zack zebra zoo zoom ban bar winter bay wear bye aid aim arc art ash axe cog cot cow dew ear eel elf elk elm era fee fig fir flu gap guy icy inn ivy Jay key nag oar odd owe owl pea pod rib sew ski sob son sow spa spy tar tax toe vet war won yap zen ax bait barn bawl beak birth blab blade blame blaze bleed bless blip blurb blurt bog bond boo books booth bow boys brad bran brawn brisk brook broth brother card cash cask caw cheap cheek chow clack clang clash claw cloak clod coast cob cod code cook coop cord cost count coy crane crick crock crook crown crude crumb cube cue dear disk dock doze drake drape drawn drive dude east Ed faint flake flame flesh flick flirt flit flock floor flour flown flush fond foot fowl Fred fret frizz frying fuse gang glade glaze glee glen glide glob gloss goal gown grate greet grit grouch growl gruff heal heap hem hike hood hoof hook hoop howl huge husk imp intern jail jib June jut laid lame leak lend lent lien lint loan loin lone loot lop lord loud lurk lute maid maze meal mirth mock mole moon mouse mouth murk musk nook nurse pad paid peek peel pelt perk plain plants player plod plow plums pork prance pray prayer present prim prince probe prod program proud prowl pry punt raid rant real rent risk Rome roof rude rung scald scar scoop scoot scout scowl scuff scum seek seen shawl sheet shirk shook shoot shot shout shown sift silk sixth skips skirt skull slash slaw slay slid slit slop smear smith smock smoky snare snatch sneeze snob snoop snuff soot sour south speck speech speed spike spry spud spurn spurt stain stall Stan steal stood sulk swamp swan swap swarm swat swatch swept swig swine swish swoop sworn swum tale task tend tenth term thumb tint tock town toys track trail tram trek tribe trod Troy tune tweed tweet twelve twenty twice twine twitter urge urn uses vase vow wade wed wept west whine whir wick wilt woke wood woof wool wove wow zest zone against American among asked course days didn't during eyes general given however later order possible president rather since states system things though toward united used years color suddenly zipper ah ho Ma Pa TV ago baa God hoe I'd I'm sis ill O.K ache aunt bare bear boom busy dare lose love none rule sure tire tube copy edge else fizz glue hair half hour I'll I've July kill lady lamb leaf liar lion mama mash meow mush obey okay ouch oven papa pour push roll shoe soda tiny worm TRUE U.S. agree alive apple April awake blood break chair cloud cough cover dance erase phone piece whole whose adult angry belly death eagle empty extra hurry maybe money movie nasty party pizza quiet sorry stair sugar table taste threw touch towel truth waist waste woman women won't worse anyone arrive asleep August avenue behave bridge carpet cereal choose cookie corner crayon danger minute banana bucket carrot dollar finger flower gentle handle listen mirror monkey nickel nobody orange parent person pocket potato puppet rocket search secret seesaw shovel shower silent spider sponge squash squeak sticky summer supper they'd ticket tiptoe tissue tomato tongue turkey unfair wonder U.S.A. airport anybody balloon bedroom bicycle brownie cartoon ceiling channel chicken garbage promise squeeze address blanket earache excited good-bye grandma grocery indoors January kitchen lullaby monster morning naughty October pajamas pretend quarter shampoo stomach there's they'll they're they've tonight unhappy airplane alphabet bathroom favorite medicine December dinosaur elephant February football forehead headache hospital lollipop November outdoors question railroad remember sandwich scissors shoulder softball tomorrow upstairs vacation restroom astronaut beautiful bumblebee cardboard chocolate Christmas classroom cranberry drugstore furniture milkshake nightmare telephone difficult everybody hamburger September spaceship spaghetti stoplight underwear yesterday automobile blackboard downstairs photograph strawberry television toothbrush toothpaste baby-sitter office grandfather grandmother upside kindergarten refrigerator Thanksgiving hide-and-seek United States pumpkin salt melted handed printed landed wanted filled showed hugged tugged planned jogged spilled smelled grilled slammed rushed spelled saved baked named lined smiled closed helped jumped looked clapped tapped kicked dropped zipped wished pitched missed walked worked she'll you'll he'll we're she's he's you're jazz

A Instrumental created by RDTRProductions


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