Welcome to Souzatone Music, a home for Niko Sola's wayward music projects along with some sets by close friends and family. Most of the new tracks have some combination of myself and Tim Malone or Nate Murphy. James Sassano & Jim Healey lend a hand on a few tracks as well. It's all over the map from folkish to rockish to punkish to even a little hiphoppish. All songs are originals written by some combination of the 3 of us. Most Mayall Road songs are Tim and Niko, while TRiPODs are usually Niko and Nate. The Fellowslip stuff is mostly solo but that may change in time. Ideally it will become an internet collaboration effort, but it's early on for that stuff.

On these recordings, I use GarageBand & Logic as studio platforms and utilize plugins from Native Instruments, SoundToys, Anteres and a great many others. Microphones are from Shure and M-Audio. Amps are Fender, Roland or more often simulated. Vintage Boss Japan pedals used wherever possible along with the Electro Harmonix Holy Grail. Guitars used include Gibson (ES-135, ES-225, WM45), Epiphone (Riviera P-93, Zephyr Regent), Fender (Stratocasters, P-Bass), Michael Kelly (Hourglass Quilt, Phoenix JZ), Agile (2800DLX), Souza Guitars (Numbah 1), Yamaha (Acoustics), Martin (Acoustics).

Jeff Souza and George Souza (as part of the Frank Smoller Trio) appear because they're family and both have inspired me to play and collect guitars. I wouldn't be doing any of this without both of them treading this path before me. Please have a listen, both are incredible musicians.

Jeff's acoustic sessions CD is actually quite a departure for him. I grew up listening to him play along with Iron Maiden and Van Halen. In later years he's played jazz or Spanish tinged originals while plugged in. He regularly plays out on Cape Cod with Donnie Wilson as part of the Portuguese Kennedeys. They combine hits from the Beetles, Elvis Costello and the Rolling Stones with blues classics. I've attached a link below, check them out!

George Souza passed away in June of 1999. Our entire family was blessed to be able to hear his guitar being played nearly every holiday, family event as well as at fairs and festivals. This album recorded at the Flying Bridge Restaurant on Cape Cod in the early 70's. George never learned how to read music, and his renditions of familiar tunes show a flair for originality as well as a flair for, well flair. Fast fingers and beautiful tone were his calling cards and I'm so thankful to Chris Souza for having this vinyl converted to digital audio. Our music and those close to us live on long after we do.

Last but not least, check out Frank Heiss' SoundCloud area and website. Frank's a good friend and amazing electronic musician, composer and has ascended from paduan learner to Jedi Master. A drummer by training, he's found a way to play live electronica with drumsticks and the voodoo that is a DrumKat and Ableton or some other grey magic. Associated with Liquid Sky, Frank has performed worldwide and releases a great many CD's under the Tube, DJ Not, Donut Boy and Hardware Junkiez monikers. The Force is strong with him.

Who is Niko Sola? I've lived in Quicksand, wondered When is Tomorrow, nearly drowned going Down the River but have finally found a little Peace of Mind. I still might be the Strangest Man I Never Knew, but I now know not to Walk Out That Door. Out of the studio and in street clothes, I go by N Parece. I'm an IT engineer by trade and live just outside of Boston with my amazing wife and daughter. In my ever shrinking free time, I also dabble in building guitars, either from scratch or with components. Check out my website link below for my babbling about all that other fun!

All original works Copyright 2011 Souzatone Music, all rights reserved unless otherwise noted. Jeff Souza and the Frank Smoller Trio's works are Copyright their respective owners.

NikoSola   N Parece, Boston, United States

  • Mayall Road - Quicksand Artwork

    Mayall Road - Quicksand

    NikoSola on July 05, 2011 14:27
  • Mayall Road - Spring Fever Artwork

    Mayall Road - Spring Fever

    NikoSola on April 05, 2011 18:04
  • Mayall Road - My Peace of Mind Artwork

    Mayall Road - My Peace of Mind

    NikoSola on July 05, 2011 14:27
  • Mayall Road - Going Nowhere Artwork

    Mayall Road - Going Nowhere

    NikoSola on April 05, 2011 18:01
  • Mayall Road - Soul Salvation(Demo)

    NikoSola on September 27, 2011 16:03

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