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Dog Days

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    Hey there dudes and dudettes! CONGRATULATIONS! My name is Tom Brennan, a.k.a. Mrevaaaaa (not MISTER eva, but pronounced mirreeeevaah), and you've download my album DOG DAYS (LOL)! First off, I'd like to say Thank you for downloading this, unless you bought it from me at the show, and if that's the case then I'd like to apologize that you had to spend money on it (since spending money is lame, c'mon). This album is in order of what date I wrote each track on (excluding the first one, since it's an intro track) since I wanted people to see how I evolved since the first song I ever wrote (which was Mouths Full Of Candy). I titled it "Dog Days" because during the summer of 2010 I had the best time of my life with the greatest friends I'll probably ever have. I also titled it "Dog Days" because my friends and I have a website called "Dogs Of The Internet" based off of our skype chat name that we've all been in for YEARS (yes, I'm being serious, son) called "dogs". My friends are my dogs, and I love my dogs very much. I give shout outs to all of my dogs, as well as many other supportive people and people that are very close to me, at the bottom of this LONG-ASS text document. I hope you all enjoy this album as much as I enjoyed making it.


    As you may or may not already have seen, there's multiple pictures for album art inside this here ZIP you got from me (as well as my album, and this text document), so you can pick whichever one you want to show up for "Dog Days" in your mediaplayer. To do this, put the picture that you want inside the same folder as the songs of the album, "Dog Days", and add it to your media library. I know this works with Winamp, and most other media players should work the same way (I think, lol).




    Track 1: The Listening Pillow


    Originally, I was going to title this album "The Listening Pillow" because every single recording I've ever done, since the very beginning of me getting serious with music, has been recorded with my mic layed down on a pillow. Every single song I have ever released has been recorded into a pillow, while I sat on my bed, sweating up a motherfucking storm. Other than that, there's really not much to say about this song. I wanted an intro track (I also wanted an intro thing for shows and stuff, and I'm gonna be using an alternate version of this intro for that actually), and since I put the album in order of when I wrote it (from earliest, to most recent, as I said before), I put a few quiet clips of some miscellaneous songs I had (also in order of which I wrote them/covered them, doy) to put the emphasis on the fact that these songs were written over the course of a really long time (from the earliest song to the newest song it's nearly a full 2 years). Btw, I'm sorry I've been using parentheses like an asshole. I just don't know any other way to articulate my thoughts. The songs you hear in this one are (from first, to last):
    1. Mistakes (Off of my first album, which was also ass.)
    2. You Make Me... FUCKING SCREAM (Off of my second album, which was ass.)
    3. Peter Cat REVISITED (Not on any album, just some song I released over tumblr one time. It was also a cover of the song PETER CAT on my first album)
    4. Me, Myself, & The Moon (A cover of a song with the same title by a band called "The Drums", also not on an album)


    There are no lyrics. Well, technically there's lyrics in the songs I have playing in the background, but there's no actual lyrics for the track itself. Fun fact: The entire track is in the key of C, that's including the songs in it and the track itself


    Track 2: Mouths Full Of Candy! (And Hearts Full Of Fire!)


    This was the first song I ever wrote and recorded sometime in February of 2009. I recorded it while I was dating this girl, whom I'm still good friends with, and it was just the manifestation of all of the happiest feelings I had while dating her really I didn't really have any actual experience with music around this time, (This is one of the happiest songs I've ever written for this reason since I wasn't writing from what I was usually feeling, which is sadness, since I'm a sappy fuck). other than messing around in FL Studio 8 for a satirical rap group my friends & I had called "The Vernon Kings". Point is, I didn't really have an ear for it much at all, I just kind of fucked around til I got something that sounded cool. This song is SO OLD, in fact, that it's been recorded and released 3 seperate times (this being the last). The first time it was recorded with my Skype headset and released on my Myspace (lol), the second time it was recorded with my current microphone, the AT2020USB condenser mic, but at the time I recorded it I had no-fucking-clue what I was doing with the mic AND I recorded it into Audacity, which I no longer use (I use FL Studio now), and the THIRD and LAST time I recorded it with my AT2020USB condenser mic as well, but this time I actually knew what I was doing, and I actually wrote the second half of this song
    (from 1:47 onward) in the late months of 2010, since i needed to make it much longer (since it originally ENDED at around 1:47 originally), and then recorded it at around the same time. I figured I'd stick with the fun/happy/silly feeling of the song, which is why I complain about how I can't drive (I still can't, lol).


    Player 1 insert coin. Player 2 insert coin.

    1, 2, 1 2 3 4!

    Come on everybody, get off your seats and get on the dance floor!
    Pump it up! Make it louder! Here we go no! Okay, okay, okay NOW!

    Contrary, to popular belief I like all my time spent when it's just YOU AND ME!
    CAUSE, you're the best and you make me feel great!
    Can I take you to the movies I will pay for the date!
    We can see anything that you desire!
    You're the best girl to me it doesn't matter what you do!
    And despite the situation I will always love you! WOO!

    Let's play a game just YOU AND ME!
    Two players that make the PERFECT TEAM!
    We'll WIN this can't you see!
    You make me feel like I'M FANTASTIC!
    As long as you remain my sidekick!

    It's about that time in the song where I mix it up--JUST A BIT!
    And I, do something, completely unexpected like a BASS SOLO!
    GET READY FOR IT! (I don't want to write the lyrics for that part, it's too silly)

    (bass solo)

    I'LL PICK YOU UP AT SIX I WON'T BE LATE! (lol it's funny because I couldn't drive when I wrote this and I STILL can't drive, and I'm 18)

    But there's one thing that I should tell you, and it makes me want to cry.
    It's something I'm quiiite ashamed of, and it's that I still can't drive.

    I can't drive x2
    (he can't drive) x2

    But don't give up just yet because the future still looks bright!
    Although I cannot drive, in time, I really think I might!
    I know I'm not that manly and I'm sure this doesn't help,
    But listen here I've got so much love so listen when I yell!

    THAT I TRY! x1,000,000,000
    (he's really really tryin' tonight)


    Track 3: Like You


    This was the first REAL song I wrote, in my opinion. It was the first time I had written a song with chords on a guitar and recorded it (the first recording was much worse). I wrote it after breaking up with the girlfriend I wrote the first track about, and since I had dated her for 4 years and I was 17 when I broke up (do that math, I had just turned 13 when we started dating, so that's a pretty huge part of my life), it was really hard being single. Also, I had been suspended from school because I went in drunk one night, which turned into a nightmare where I ended up having to go to a treatment center 3 days a week for 3 hours a dayin the "Abusers" program. Long story short, I learned a lot about myself while I was there, but regardless, the first week I was suspended for (which was the week after I went to school drunk) I was also grounded, and single, therefor it was the loneliest I had ever been. I really hated how repetative it was, so when I re-recoreded it for this album, I ended up writing a little bit extra, which is everything before the first "I don't know what I'm doing at all" part of the song. Tbh, I kind of like the old one better, but I've realized everything isn't going to come out perfect.

    TL;DR really personal shit, try and not judge me. Whether you'd like to believe it or not, I've changed quite a bit since then.


    Now, I didn't mean to fall so hard to the ground.
    Is it safe to say that I'll find my way?
    And I'm full of hate,
    I'm so full of hate

    And I don't know what I'm doing at all.
    I'm living in this world alone (so cold) and nowhere feels like home tonight.
    I just need someone to talk to like you,
    and I just need someone to talk to you like you.

    And it's sad to know, that we can't go back in time
    And it's sad to know, that the mornings a fucking sign
    That we fucked up, and it's true, that there's nothing that we can do
    Except lie to ourselves, one last time, and say we're all good and that we're fiiiiine

    And I don't know what I'm doing at all.
    I'm living in this world alone (so cold) and nowhere feels like home tonight.
    I just need someone to talk to like you,
    and I just need someone to talk to you like you. (like you)

    But you're not there.


    Track 4: Attention!


    I wrote this track when I had a crush on this girl in early February of 2010 that I ended up dating and I wasn't sure if she liked me back even though we chilled and stuff at the time (And at the TIME, she DID like me, I just didn't think she did. I know, real simple teenage shit, right?) and this was a silly way for me to say how I basically felt like a big bitch for relying on girls validating my feelings for me to feel happy. It was originally a really shitty acoustic song of the same length (this track is only like :30 seconds) with a lot of reverb on it because, for some reason, I thought reverb made everything sound good. For this album, I re-recorded it with my electric guitar and bass, accompanied by some synths from FL studio as well as some drum beats and shit to make it sound funky. I think it still gets the point across.


    I hate my need for female attention.
    Loving, crushing, heart breaking; it's not too good for my self-esteem,
    And in time, maybe I will grow some balls,
    But for now I'm just some big man bitch with not too much goin' for me at all.


    Track 5: Alive


    During the early states of my relationship with this girl in late February of 2010 (yes, the same girl I had a crush on in early February 2010, I didn't know her very well and I was still obviously very insecure and since I liked her so much and I was so excited to be in a relationship again, each waking moment where she wasn't talking to me I was obsessing over whether or not she liked me or not and all this bullshit and it made me feel awful and there'd be days where we were supposed to hang out and she'd cancel last minute and I'd have gotten my hopes up so I'd get all sad. Basically, it was a bunch of stupid shit and I still didn't know how to deal with myself at the time and I was home alone a lot around this time period (and I was also still recovering from the embarrassing incident that got me into counseling). This was a real rough time, whether it was petty problems or not. I wrote this song over the course of like, a few months (I recorded the final version in July of 2010 and wrote it originally in late February and it was also a much shorter version) and I finished writing it in July, and by then I was single again and realized that things get better and I got EXCEPTIONALLY close with my friends from my original highscool in Vernon, NJ, which led the end of the song to be kind of "hopeful" yet "sad". I also didn't do very good in school and realized I wasn't going to be going to any fancy colleges, so I felt bad for feeling like I let my mom down. I didn't really feel like I let myself down in this department only because I fucking hated school and I didn't really want to go to college anyway. Yeah, I'm so smart. At least I finished high school and I'm going to community college now, lol.


    Taking naps on days where the past night I slept twelve hours,
    Sitting where I've always sat before
    The rest of my life sort of speaks for itself.
    Instead of moving out I'm staying in and making up for being dumb, and lazy, and fat,
    And besides that I just don't know what I'm gonna do

    I'm just a stupid little boy with a guitar and a mouth
    And I don't exactly have much else but,
    I still care.

    So I'll spend this time to mess around or do what some people call living your life,
    Because I'm alive

    I'm always crashing to the ground
    I always fight myself til I can't speak
    And then we push and push and push and push
    Persue, live and let live
    Taking something from myself and others I have got to give
    I've had trouble perceiving, but now I am believing
    I'll leave behind what's bleeding
    And patch these fucking wounds ooooh

    Reflections reflections in different directions
    I'm cross eyed and I can't see ahead
    Repairs and corrections and making decisions
    To break out this prision or rot here instead
    I'm not budging with faith and not moving with god
    I'm a rock sationary and stuck
    I've found myself book by book off the shelf I've been given the best of my luck

    But was far more than thaaaaaaaaat
    No no no no no x2

    Well now I'm outta highschool and I've got 2 part time jobs
    Adulthoodm is calling my name
    It's kind of coming fast
    Growing up sorta sucks

    I don't have a girlfriend, I've been single for a while
    i've been left alone to deal with myself
    A hug would be nice! But it's okay if you don't!

    I gotta deal with my codependencies and learn more about myself and me
    and once I'm done with that, I might be alright
    With that and mind and my goals have been said I'll do what some people call living your life
    Because I'm alive

    1,2,3,4 WOOAH! I hope this never endsx1,000,000



    Track 6: Supperhappy!


    Firstly, I'd like to say this:


    Okay, let's get real here. I wrote this song during the best stages of my relationship with the girl I ended up dating in February 2010 that I mentioned in the descriptions of the other songs, and it is effectively the happiest thing I've ever written (besides "Mouths Full of Candy", of course). Although I this song isn't relevant to my life anymore (as in I am, what most people would describe as "Over it". i.e. fuq dat shit) I still really liked how it came out and all of the feelings I expressed in this song were still all very genuine, especially the ending (although in retrospect, had I known that life can be okay when you're not dating someone THEN like I do NOW, I might have written different lyrics LOL)


    I wanna throw my cellphone at the wall,
    and kick my desktop til it breaks.
    I wanna run, run, run, real far away
    to some place I can't communicate,

    But I won't, cause then I couldn't talk to you and that would suck!

    I wanna write a book about my life!
    As in depth as a childrens book,
    I could probably go without it!

    So I will! But I'll still think about what the illustrations would look like!


    I'll write you a letter cause it feels good
    When I put my pen to paper
    I'm not poet, I just like writing!
    Stroke after stroke, word after word! (lol i always think of wieners here, not pens)
    I'm feeling awesome and I hope it's mutual cause I think you're awesome!
    Can we be awesome together?


    Childrens books aren't hard to read!
    I wear my heart out on my sleeve!
    I'm sorry if I talk too much--
    You seem to like it cause you're still here!

    I've ran away from myself before and it's not fun,
    but you're so COOL and you're so GREAT
    you're so COOL and you're so GREAT

    Do you wanna run away with me?
    Do you wanna run away with meeEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeee?

    I thought I'D seen pretty, until I saw you (as in, hubbah hubbah)
    You've redefined that word for me.
    I thought I'D felt comfort, until I felt you (also as in, hubbah hubbah)
    You've redefined that word for me.
    I thought I knew happiness, until I knew you (as in, I-was-obviously-really-codependent when I wrote this song)
    You've redefined that word for me.
    I thought I had purpose, until I had you (as in WOW HOW PATHETIC)
    You've redefined that word for me, too.

    And a single, angsty teenage tear is shed.


    Track 7: 1499 Days


    Remember that girl I started dating in February? Well, if you've come this far, I'm sure as hell you do. I ended up really falling for this girl. Like, REALLY falling for her. I felt like my idea of what being in love with someone had changed and I just felt so amazing. She ended up dumping me and I was really broken up about it. I wanted to blame the fact that, for nearly a quarter of my life, I was in a relationship with this girl (from the time I had just turned 13, on October 1st, and for a grand total of 1499 days after that), and I felt that it indirectly made me really codependent because I never really learned how to just deal with myself and not have someone to talk to about it. I felt like a piece of shit and I wish I wasn't so codependent. The monolauge in the beginning was something I wrote by hand one day when I was really hating myself. I don't really want you to be able to understand it.


    I don't remember what it's like to be happy alone.
    Countless hours on my bed I spend here at home
    If only I could be 13 again, I wouldn't need somebody else! x2


    Track 8: Myself In The 4th Dimension (Hint: The 4th dimension is time, teehee)


    I wrote this song one day when I was really hating myself and didn't know how to properly express it without looking even sappier than I already am, so I wrote a song that sounded really happy/kind of nostalgiac too, I suppose, and sang my self-loathing poetry to it.

    With some autotune in the beginning.

    I'm sorry.


    If I could go back in time and talk to myself,
    I'd probably not believe what I had to say.
    I'd probably assume I was lying even though I would be trying
    to make sure I don't turn out this way

    I've I could go back in time and fight with myself,
    I'd probably lose but I'd still wonder why
    I am such an asshole now.
    How did I end up such a terrible guuuy-oh


    If I could go back in time and deal with myself,
    there's no doubt that I would just want to fucking die
    and if there's someone that I have a problem with
    It would be me myself and fucking IIII-Oh
    And I wish that I knew why!
    I suck so much, yeah, I
    I wish that I knew why
    I suck so much I suck so fucking much


    Track 9: Hey, what's up?


    I know this is kind of anticlimactic, but here's how writing this song went:

    I was strumming around on my acoustic and just sort of saying random things until I found something that sounded good, which ended up being a simple "Hey, what's up? What's new? I've missed you. I haven't seen you in a long, long time (well at least it feels that way)" with the C, G, F chord progression (all bar chords), and I just sort of went from there. This song was basically me just jamming out and having fun. I'm sorry it isn't really about someone, if you were hoping it was, and I'm sorry if you found yourself "relating" to this song at all. Hey, just cause it's not exactly relevant to my life doesn't mean it can't be for you!


    Hey, what's up?
    What's new?
    I've missed you.
    I haven't seen you in a long, long time. (Well, at least it feels that way)

    Hey, what's up?
    What's new?
    I've missed you.
    I haven't seen you in a while! (It feels like it's been so long!)

    Listen to the minors I play
    I'm only trying to paly what sounds right

    ba ba ba ba badadadada ba x1,000,000

    I've missed you x1,000,000,000,000


    Track 10: Summer


    The summer of 2010 was the summer I found myself more than any of the past ones. It was the first summer where I was single, and the 2nd album my friends and I were drinking and smoking and the like, except this time we hadn't *just* started, so we weren't a bunch of idiots. Plus, I had learned a lot from my counseling experience in the past, and I wasn't gonna let myself get back into a situation like that again, and I think, given that fact, it made my summer a LOT BETTER, since:

    1. I had learned what NOT to do when it comes to PARTYING. That also means WHERE, erm
    2. I hadn't gotten to party with my friends for a good 4 month or so time period since I was on counseling and everything, so it just made it so much more fun.

    I also was getting really sick of the fact that all I did was complain about how much I hated myself in all of my other songs. See, I don't say "I'm awesome" or anything in this song, but the point is, I *felt* awesome, and I was really enjoying how things were working out for me.

    TL;DR best summer ever, I had a lot of fun, and my life started looking much better. This explains the "I love my life" ending, lol.


    I remember times of sadness by myself in my own skin
    God damn it i was so uncomfortable
    Upon inspection self reflection though alright in its direction
    It's (self) correction: repetative, and redundant at its best

    My songs tend to be parallel and meaning the same things
    Will i ever mix it up a bit and stop it with this shit?
    Life is way too great to spend it writing sappy songs
    About how i don't like myself and i'm a bitch

    Listen here, to what i have to say
    You're important in every single way
    Life is tough at times, and that's just how it is
    Spend the rest of your life better day after day

    Everyone is talkin' 'bout the snow
    And I'm already thinkin' how much fun I'm gonna have this summer
    Late car rides with music blasting,
    Screaming at the kids we're passing,
    Laughing hard and reminiscing
    Oh my fucking god

    All my friends come back from college,
    My summer job starts; I got a full wallet!
    Drink too much! Shit! Oh, I gotta vomit!

    But that's not the point of why I like summer
    My friends are just back so it's a lot funner
    So guys, come on let's go!

    Listen here, to what i have to say
    You're important in every single way
    Life is tough at times, and that's just how it is
    Spend the rest of your life better day after day

    I love my life x999999


    Track 11: Snow Blow


    After summer ended, a lot of my friends left for college. Y'know, the friends I grew closer and closer with in the summer. It wasn't so bad at first in the early stages of fall and all because I could still hang out with my other friends that stayed back home to just go to community college because they don't know what else to do with their lives either, like myself, but then, something horrible happened.

    Winter came, and it came BUCKETS. It's been snowing, icing, sleeting, and jizzing so much around here that even though a lot of my friends are still around and stuff I couldn't fucking hang out with them because the roads were so bad.

    And I still can't fucking drive.

    So, without the powerful mental, emotioal, and party driven backing of my best friends, I once again began to manifest feelings of inadequacy and loneliness in myself. Also, in the beginning of the fall, end of the summer, I moved into a new house which is conveniently located like 100 feet from one of the slopes of my local ski-resort, Mountain Creek, and even when it wasn't snowing for everyone else in my county, it would still snow at my house, which only made me think of the loneliness of this winter even more because the snow is just a constant reminder that I am going to be staying inside, by myself, quite a bit. Of course, I still managed to see my friends at least once a week, but there would be countless days where I'd be sitting in the same place, doing the same thing, for hours and hours on end on my computer recording/playing videogames/jerking off. After a while, it just got redundant, and in comparison to how AMAZING the summer was, it just felt really, really shitty.


    I don't like myself at times more often than I'd like
    My eyes are focused on the mirror and my feet are stuck right where they are.

    Inside myself my thoughts are caught and locked and I can't stop to tell
    That it's alright and that's just life but hell
    I guess I'm doing fine

    Can't I just stop for a minute and appreciate what's great?
    There's nothing worse in life, and I know, than putting yourself down.

    So cut it out. Just cut it out. x2


    Let the snow keep me home as I stay inside!
    I'll never get used to stuff like this!


    Track 12: Pesky Little Problems


    I wrote this song during the same, awful winter that I described in the info of the last song. I wanted it to be warmer. I wanted a girlfriend. I felt lonely, sad, self loathing, regretful, remorseful, etc etc etc. I just didn't feel very good. I kept trying to get myself to like girls and stuff that I knew deep down I wasn't interested in to satisfy my own selfish needs of wanting to make basic human connections with people of the opposite sex and it only ever ended up with me hurting said girl and hating myself.


    I don't love anyone and it's quite hard
    'Cause I want to love someone
    But I don't even like anyone
    No, I don't even like anyone

    I wish that I loved somebody but it's quite hard,
    When I don't even love myself

    And I don't even like myself.

    I wish I didn't care enough to make the air around more pleasant to breath.
    I guess, that life is just fair,
    'cause I've not been the best, if you couldn't see

    I wish I loved someone x4


    Track 13: The Cogs Are Spinnin'


    In my local music scene, we have 2 genres of music. Well, one of them technically isn't in *my* local scene, since it's in Warwick, NY, and I'm from NJ, but fuck you, it's only like 20 minutes away. Those genres are Hardcore, which is from my area, unfortunately, and Ska, which is from the Warwick area. I'll start this off by saying that I actually like the Warwick kids.

    The scene where I'm from in Vernon, NJ fucking sucks. It's a bunch of HXC mosh warriors where music is a science where there's a formula to creating "songs" that usually goes something like this:

    (something offensive) (ride hit) (breakdown) (crash bass snare)
    (breakdown) (breakdown) (breakdown) (breakdown) (breakdown)

    Fuck that. Music isn't a fucking popularity contest. Well, it is for some people, but fuck all of those people, asses. This song is about my music scene and I can't stand how they are doing the same thing that every famous pop artists does with their music: they're writing songs with alterior motives, as in for reasons other than BECAUSE THEY'RE PASSIONATE ABOUT WRITING MUSIC. FUCK YOU.

    Basically, I take pride in knowing that I'm not "one of them", and though it may be conceited, I'm still grateful I'm at least not a COMPLETE fucking toolbag, and that's why it sounds like such a happy song, and not an angry or sad one instead, as I'm rejoicing in the fact that I'm not a puppet like a lot of people in the music industry appear to be.


    These days all they care about is
    Am i on the top?
    Can i walk the walk?
    Am i good enough?
    It's sobering to think that they're all the same! (they're all the same@)

    I don't know why i even try sometimes when i see these kids lie
    To the faces of their "so called fans"

    I hope they try to make things right
    Instead they're just assembly lines
    To make fake tracks on demand

    It's all the same!
    Like clockwork! Like clockwork!

    It's all the same! It's all the same!
    Like clockwork! Like clockwork!

    Never thought i would be singing to a mic about how i don't like the sight of fights that happen every night
    and i don't wanna be the meanest in the scene i'm but a teen and i believe my morals didn't lead me to be a marine
    Mm i being clear?
    Some things are not as they appear.

    Being mad at your dad for not raising you right,
    That's no reason for a beating at a show friday night.
    Despite the blight you're alright (despite the blight you're alright)
    Despite the blight you're alright (despite the blight you're alright)

    For you it's not about the music
    No, it's all about the sound
    The crowds and clothes that you have now
    You wanna fucking run this town
    Is this how things go down?
    Is this really how things go down?

    I'm sick of all this bullshit yes i'm sick of working hard
    On songs i poured my soul into that you so easily discard.
    When will you stop this act? or did i over react?

    It's all the same!
    Like clockwork! Like clockwork!

    It's all the same! It's all the same!
    Like clockwork! Like clockwork!



    If you actually read all the way to the bottom, you're a real hero, and I guess that means you enjoyed the album enough to read up on it. Cheers to you, sir, or ma'am.

    I've spent the past 4 hours typing this shit up, so I hope it was worth it and at least 1 or 2 people actually look at this thing. I hope you all enjoy how I evolved as a musician as the album progressed and everything, given that it was in chronological order and all.

    I love you all, very, very much. Had it not been for all of the support I've gotten, I don't think I would've ever released this album.

    Finally, here's a shout out to everyone that I care about that helped me through everything and anything (in no particular order):

    Mark A.
    Mark P.
    Paul S
    Paul F
    Mike L
    Nick C

    And I'd like to take this moment to thank Jeff Rosenstock, even though it's not like he's my best friend or a close family member or anything. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't have started writing my own music either. Thank you. Thank you very much, Jeff.

    If you're not sure the name I listed is yours, it probably is. If you THINK it is, it PROBABLY is. Just an FYI. I love you all.

    The set "Dog Days" by mrevaaaaa is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
    Be aware that the related tracks might have a different license.

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