Videogame and other musicings by me

Mobiusdisco   W.C. B., Tulsa, United States

  • A Comment on Neon NiteClub's
    Dreaming Of You *New Album available on iTunes!* at 0.50
    on September 13, 2013 20:40

    oh snaps, super original texture!

  • A Comment on morfu's
    Catfood at 0.49
    on August 02, 2013 04:13

    this is a great texture/ feel, very professional

  • A Comment on morfu's
    Catfood at 0.10
    on August 02, 2013 04:07

    I thought I disliked that lead sound at first, but then I realized, I love it.

  • A Comment on Vaniardur's
    Halindir - Event XI at 1.03
    on August 01, 2013 18:56

    please get together with a team and remake Gauntlet legends!

  • A Comment on Anders Dator Felix Dator's
    du, katten at 0.18
    on August 01, 2013 18:54

    badass man, fuckin dirty sounds!

  • A Comment on Kai Lavatai's
    Kai Lavatai - Message Machine at 0.03
    on July 30, 2013 05:46

    Love that texture, whole track rocks!

  • A Comment on Guardant's
    Summer Triangles at 1.54
    on July 04, 2013 21:37

    One of the best tracks Ive heard from you guys, great recording with lots of depth!

  • A Comment on Grace Williams Music's
    We will get an A (ver. 2) at 1.37
    on May 22, 2013 19:06

    Love the drums and ukelele, I just wish I could hear more of your wonderful voice!

  • A Comment on Mystery Skulls's
    Mystery Skulls - Fantasy (demo) at 1.58
    on April 24, 2013 20:13

    I LOVE the effects in your vocals across your demos! is this just compression, reverb, and delay?

  • A Comment on Kai Lavatai's
    Kai Lavatai - Café (Pastel 1/6) at 2.08
    on April 14, 2013 06:49

    Man, I am absolutely loving this EP.

  • A Comment on JesusIsABoxOfCrackers's
    Of Concern to the Golden Grand Clock in the Bla... at 2.16
    on March 11, 2013 23:26

    I like how much it opens up in this part.

  • A Comment on jujuqui's
    Chipfunk at 0.20
    on February 21, 2013 00:54

    I wish I could take your song and write it. but you already did. funky groove!

  • A Comment on Propellerhead's
    PX7 - FM Funk at 0.33
    on February 19, 2013 03:56

    this is a good jam at this point. very 80s

  • A Comment on Fella J's
    A Fella Needs A Melody (prod. by Dave Atkinson)... at 1.19
    on February 14, 2013 03:58

    sick as shit after this. solid bass!

  • A Comment on itsBasiq's
    September - Earth Wind and Fire (Basiq Mix) FRE... at 1.47
    on February 12, 2013 05:13

    I can always use more electrofunk in my life. good mix, with love, 4chan.

  • A Comment on Jmankman's
    Flooded Pyramid at 0.02
    on February 12, 2013 05:08

    ooh man, funky beginning! I dig the stuff, <3 4chan. Check out Kubbi if you like chiptunes. this track is well done though man!

  • A Comment on JesusIsABoxOfCrackers's
    The Bioluminescence of the Night at 2.07
    on February 12, 2013 05:06

    well done, super smooth, <3 4chan

  • A Comment on The Speechless Radio's
    Forget at 0.08
    on February 12, 2013 05:04

    4chan says hello, I dig the track, its light and charming while having a full sound.

  • A Comment on Ezekiel Gentle's
    Better Split at 3.09
    on February 04, 2013 20:46

    I absolutely love the harmonies/ between the male and female vocals. the whole track is very lighthearted!

  • A Comment on P L U S's
    on January 25, 2013 01:48

    shit son, what a clean bass sound. I really dig it! (Come to Tulsa,Oklahoma!)

  • A Comment on London Missile's
    Goodnight, Bitter Prince [DEMO] at 1.40
    on January 25, 2013 01:40

    the melody right after this reminds me of my childhood, and that is great!

  • A Comment on Kai Lavatai's
    One Kiss at 2.14
    on November 05, 2012 14:42

    i love all the different layers, it really grabs my attention! goes down smooth.

  • A Comment on Kai Lavatai's
    Doves at 0.29
    on September 04, 2012 08:14

    I'd really love to know what you process your vocals with/ your recording process. I love the vocals in the verse here. song kicks ass.

  • A Comment on Mornings.'s
    Hold On at 2.05
    on August 18, 2012 16:38

    super chill, very major texture!

  • A Comment on Kai Lavatai's
    Drunk Girls at 1.20
    on August 08, 2012 20:33

    this track is growing on me a lt, i dig the envelopes and the textures!

  • A Comment on Lusproject's
    Daylight at 3.06
    on August 07, 2012 18:25

    this is more proof that I tend to like songs called "daylight"

  • A Comment on SeanLally's
    First Finished Song!!! at 0.13
    on August 01, 2012 02:06

    Sounds like minus the bear(which is great) specifically the song pachuca sunrise, i would say the biggest thing you could work on is the balance(you have very quiet drums and the bass from the actual guitar drowns out much of the rest. i'll be watching your stuff for sure. Love /v/

  • A Comment on Kai Lavatai's
    Oh Lani (Ricky Stroker Mix) at 0.10
    on July 01, 2012 14:34

    i work day and night!

  • A Comment on Pance Party's
    Rainbow Road at 4.05
    on June 10, 2012 16:37

    glorious vibe through this song!

  • A Comment on Kai Lavatai's
    Limousine Rides (Flapjackage Remix) at 1.42
    on June 07, 2012 05:19

    solid mix till the end

  • A Comment on - Kubbi's
    Buttrape in disneyland v2 at 1.47
    on June 04, 2012 04:19

    when disney makes a truely dark game you are head master of boss battle themes

  • A Comment on Fukuyama's
    Fukuyama:Effects(March Mix) at 13.31
    on April 30, 2012 00:28
  • A Comment on Kai Lavatai's
    Oh Lani at 0.44
    on April 29, 2012 20:45

    sends chills down my spine, such a good vocal vibe in this song!

  • A Comment on Rezl's
    Crystal Method - Cake Hole (Rezl Remix) at 0.47
    on April 09, 2012 22:56

    made my breath drop

  • A Comment on Thermomalous's
    QuallBot at 3.01
    on April 09, 2012 03:15

    catchy, very immersive.

  • A Comment on Thermomalous's
    QuallBot at 3.03
    on April 09, 2012 03:14

    catchy toon, very easy to get lost in it.

  • A Comment on Kai Lavatai's
    Like A Wave at 2.22
    on April 08, 2012 17:57

    I've got to know where to buy your tracks, google hasn't helped me! also, I'm very interested in your writing/recording process if you care to go into it with an aspiring artist.

  • A Comment on Kai Lavatai's
    Limousine Rides at 1.13
    on April 07, 2012 20:56

    Very 80's! I love your style, its everything i like about synth/electropop. keep up the sick tunes.

  • A Comment on Fukuyama's
    Fukuyama:Effects(March Mix) at 10.58
    on April 04, 2012 21:02

    life changing, as always!

  • A Comment on Fukuyama's
    Fukuyama - Sunshine at 0.48
    on March 11, 2012 15:33

    this groove is unbelievably catchy, youve got a good ear!

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