Founded in 2010 by Roland Bartha, Mjuzieek Digital became one of the hottest irons within the specialist market of Housemusic within a very short time!

Countless number 1 tracks in various charts and hundreds (!!!) of tracks in the various top 100 charts, the label now boasts some amazing talents and their music, spread over a total of 5 labels (Mjuzieek Digital, Mjuzieekal Education Digital, Soul Mjuzieek Digital, Underground Mjuzieek Digital and Conkrete Digital, with Conkrete Digital being a cooperation with Paul Gardner from Soul Avengerz).

Mjuzieek Digital itself specializes in Full vocal tracks, positioned in the Funky House / House / Soulful House genres. Mjuzieekal Education is the label for sample / disco / one-off tracks. Soul Mjuzieek Digital hosts Soulful and Deep House tracks as the name suggests. Underground Music Digital covers the Underground side of things, especially Deep House, Tech House, Classic House, Underground House and Percussive House, while Conkrete Digital is the label for forward thinking House covering various genres.

If you wanna submit a demo, please send a Soundcloud link with FULL VERSION to demos@mjuzieek.com! Don't expect any answer from us, when you're sending tracks in that are not matching any of the above mentioned genres, as you will not get any answer from us! If we like what we hear, then you will be contacted by us, if we don't like it, then we already apologize in advance if you might not hear from us, as we receive a lot of promos and are not able to handle all of it with the manpower available!

If you want to book a label night or one of our artists for your party / club, the please send a mail to: office@mjuzieek.com

MjuzieekDigital   Roland Bartha, Vienna, Austria