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Media Roots Radio – Rand Paul the Politician, Libertarianism, Entertainment Dumb Down, Stuxnet

Media Roots on June 19, 2012 20:51

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    Abby and Robbie Martin talk about Rand Paul: catering to the GOP establishment and revealing that he's a politician above all else; Libertarianism: what aspects are good and which are bad; entertainment: the current industry dumbing down culture with movies and television; stuxnet: US covert war against Iran; drones and big brother.


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    • Klaus-Dieter Hinck
      Klaus-Dieter Hinck at 43.53 on April 14, 2014 07:27

      by the way this is also scaring ..... anyway - thanks for your work and content .... i will benefit somehow and hope have already done in a way with content or ideas and other things - keep fighting the things - be protected - my prayer (?) - if wanted or not - no idea but still prayed .....

    • Klaus-Dieter Hinck
      Klaus-Dieter Hinck at 38.29 on April 14, 2014 07:25

      By the way - as you maxy know and do not care anymore - the N S A is listening and reading all things according to you ...... very sure ..... so ..... hi there again contractor ..... but as they are friends - nothing can happen ... nothing .... ... and so on ..... well ... cu or not ... or whatever ....

    • Klaus-Dieter Hinck
      Klaus-Dieter Hinck at 38.29 on April 14, 2014 07:20

      By the way it is even good to clear up own life - why not doing in any case - not said to you but in general ... well ... hi there N S A than .... anyway ... and many people do not get the real real almighty god power of the nsa and that information is value and in various directions .....

    • Klaus-Dieter Hinck
      Klaus-Dieter Hinck at 38.29 on April 14, 2014 07:18

      That is why I try to get people in Germany to pre-burn their own brands to get fire resistant .... after while this makes sense than - whatever kind of information may be used or misused - even if your argument is little different

    • Klaus-Dieter Hinck
    • Klaus-Dieter Hinck
      Klaus-Dieter Hinck at 36.31 on April 14, 2014 07:15

      With an overall normalised and accepted NSA and surveillance precrime gets implemented in fear-mind and so on - when everything is public you get real or get burned ... and if so - some would even like to see that happening - that is a scaring thought than - having all information about all people available - a nice thought to those I might want to know more about - above in politics - but a scaring thought as it would perfectly justify anti-crime spying when the reasoning from that is switched from anti-terror-we-need-survaillance to more anti-crime and so on - which is happening and would than be ..... scaring ... as who decides and controll what information would be if all information on NSA servers would be leaked - and somehow I like the idea ..... but does everyone want everything to be used as whatever against whatever? the convincing reason for surveillance would be to leak all things and for the Obama follow up a real possibility than also to gain acceptance if you yourselfe in gouverment control what is than to be published - if all informations are published about everyone - one thing is tha things snowden did not leak about the program which normalise nsa usage and surveillence by the time period where iti is leaked - whatever the reason is - the other more scaring development to the surveillance itself is to justify surveillance in broader giving good reason for it´s existance - and if more is getting used out of it - and imagine how many crimes never have been punished which could be punished as the NSA knows about them (scaring thought to counter this argument against spying than - nearly impossible .....) and ... well the crime that is done and could be prooven or punished than - why not done and if not done - the backconclusion is ____ and _____ and by that the nsa is established as my friend and neighbour and idea stealer as unwanted protector or backup-service which I did not do a contract with ....

    • Klaus-Dieter Hinck
      Klaus-Dieter Hinck at 36.00 on April 14, 2014 07:05

      It is not ok - and no one cares after while anymore the same thing with the rolled out NSA thing - normalisation the way things develope - as much as ..... anyway ....

    • Klaus-Dieter Hinck
      Klaus-Dieter Hinck at 34.33 on April 14, 2014 07:03

      Alex Jones needs to be used - my view and experience - as a ressource to extract things from the different sometimes fearmongering, sitgmatising backfiring language and as many said ... in a way he is .....

    • Klaus-Dieter Hinck
      Klaus-Dieter Hinck at 30.36 on April 14, 2014 07:01

      Well - and now things get ready splitting Russia away from Europe ... scaring how marginalised the liberal and progressive are in Germany and same thing starts in the US .... very crucial and so Obama has been more dangerous as a Mitt Romney - also Merkel to roll out these things than a more right ..... and exactly Obama marginalises the system-critics. That is why atheism and the progressive - was that a dog than?

    • Klaus-Dieter Hinck
      Klaus-Dieter Hinck at 30.34 on April 14, 2014 06:58

      Which can be created in a minute by N S A, C I A and others to give a reason.

    • Klaus-Dieter Hinck
      Klaus-Dieter Hinck at 23.08 on April 14, 2014 06:49

      Well your motive and origin for media critics is pretty different than. Christian entertainment is scaring and for many reasons - the german and atheistic liberal merge somehow christian is not better and does not result a better society - big misconception than - even if we do not have some evils the US has - cause of christian (?) media .... creationism next field .... anyway ....

    • Klaus-Dieter Hinck
    • Klaus-Dieter Hinck
      Klaus-Dieter Hinck at 21.28 on April 14, 2014 06:42

      Wait a minute ..... what is with RT .... :-] Anyway .... and as many argued - their diplomatic strategical content delivery arm with RT America is really different and even if working "for their interest" ... anyway ...

    • Klaus-Dieter Hinck
      Klaus-Dieter Hinck at 20.26 on April 14, 2014 06:39

      You are right and that is one reason why it is good to learn and criticise them. But at one point of time I stopped that as I saw it does not help even germans to understand what US media do or others in US - as it is for me simply not viral effective enough - RT and BTS are brilliant for that - one reason to defend that ..... and you as persons too ....

    • Klaus-Dieter Hinck
      Klaus-Dieter Hinck at 19.32 on April 14, 2014 06:36

      Content of the left I support as they really are more conservative than the reast - a scaring moment to recodnice that for a christian and convinced conservative .... well anyway - this is reality for many years now in Germany .... reasonable conservative and progressives are - and the left bought in some bad decisions too according to Europe and war but anyway - if at all supportiung the left and Gregor Gysi for example - for that reason they are still in parlemant and cause of eastern Germany ..

    • Klaus-Dieter Hinck
      Klaus-Dieter Hinck at 19.11 on April 14, 2014 06:33

      Well .... fashist party did not really get much votes and it does not really gets a voice in media - many times this moment "to be right polulist" is used under a false pretext now to kill down whatever kind of alternative parties ....

    • Klaus-Dieter Hinck
      Klaus-Dieter Hinck at 18.48 on April 14, 2014 06:31

      Well and for a whaile that are the only ones I can elect - which is a shame and they are frauded out and blamed like .... so no big difference than ... today ..... has changed and got very evil - good old germany paradise for green social left progressive is gone in many ways ... still lot lot better than in the US but anyway .... now "you" take over with the _______ TTIP and GMO .... and so on ... hope we (in germany) can counter that - but we can´t - grand coalition, no media left (no media existing anymore except some alternative ones who are stigmatised - that is why they (the system-critic alternative - broadly left and right - which is good and better than in the US - as it is not split so much according to Russia in the real alternative media spectrum) ... anyway - they did a petition in the end and many asked RT for help .....

    • Klaus-Dieter Hinck
      Klaus-Dieter Hinck at 18.48 on April 14, 2014 06:26

      Well it is rigged - even without having legal ground as american to fight this I found that pretty scaring according to Gary Johnson .... ..... if Honey Boo Boo (?) and whomever is available kills the thrid party and your debates - how can content ever change or rule? Content = real news = rational fact based or open more facts including media and so on - the reason why you do what you do I guess and ______ for the Russians I would say .... but it is getting more tricky not to get stigmatised in the next month with content hosted there ...

    • Klaus-Dieter Hinck
      Klaus-Dieter Hinck at 17.39 on April 14, 2014 06:17

      There is pretty intersting video out there about this in Tunisia where they install this system from the back and implement it and if chaos rises - cleverly done this really works and when it would be conservative islamic sunni AND OPEN (inclusive or not exclusive at least) this would not be a problem than for me and arabic ....

    • Klaus-Dieter Hinck
      Klaus-Dieter Hinck at 16.37 on April 14, 2014 06:14

      But is that not the great split reason in the end - totally fragmented and split american system-opposition? That was what I thought after "they" crushed ron Paul out of the process - and for sure Rand Paul is in his compromise a mistake and still the question stays if he would not be better than compared with others even if #"in the ned they all buy in the system" and with Rand Paul it has been shown 5-10 times where concretely acted different and not according to good principles - my viewpoint ....

    • Klaus-Dieter Hinck
      Klaus-Dieter Hinck at 13.14 on April 14, 2014 06:10

      Did not get that - thought Ron Paul was for equal rights - abortion different from the left (?) or progressive ... so this has been a chillout time ... great how you still not loose the point than .... or find it again ...

    • Klaus-Dieter Hinck
      Klaus-Dieter Hinck at 12.46 on April 14, 2014 06:03

      But that was great with Ron Paul - he said and acted as a real christian - a trustable christian president beeing fair, open and equal rights for all, mariuana as people like and that is why I liked him - not the mariuana thing but as he said - let them do what they want - let them decide if they want to marry or not - why should I as a christian decide or even not value love of same sex married people even if I see it as sin and have clear point in my faith to that? WHy should this be "politicised" to build some up and split society?

    • Klaus-Dieter Hinck
      Klaus-Dieter Hinck at 9.15 on April 14, 2014 05:53

      Well - sorry if spam the audio line here but - I sure have an idea what a truther is and what a good term-understanding is. And the cut-problem was something I always criticesed when sharing Ron Paul content - as I disagree - Obamacatre - general healthcare for all is a must from my viewpoint without forcing and the danger of personal data and so on is real ...

    • Klaus-Dieter Hinck
      Klaus-Dieter Hinck at 8.06 on April 14, 2014 05:50

      But what is 9 11 truther? are you? Am I - do the debate and destigmatise and broaden that term-frame .... I have no idea in the end what a truther positive / negative way can be ....

    • Klaus-Dieter Hinck
      Klaus-Dieter Hinck at 7.24 on April 14, 2014 05:48

      Ron Paul also dances the whom is paying me dance and sticked to more truth and acted to more truth than others.

    • Klaus-Dieter Hinck
      Klaus-Dieter Hinck at 6.26 on April 14, 2014 05:48

      GENERIC CHRISTIAN? Well - you have no idea what the GOP is doing to REAL CHRISTIANS and to faith and ... well whatever ....

    • Klaus-Dieter Hinck
      Klaus-Dieter Hinck at 3.48 on April 14, 2014 05:46

      Rand Paul is been merged already to few issues of the mainstream GOP - and foreign policy is the thing which was so great with Ron Paul AND LIBERTY according to fair valueing of rights for all.

    • Klaus-Dieter Hinck
      Klaus-Dieter Hinck at 1.17 on April 14, 2014 05:44

      Ron Paul is the stereotype for common ground to bridge to christians. Guess you know Adam Kokeshs stand on Rand Paul and the criticism.

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