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Arpeggio searches for producer

Kain_niaK on December 08, 2011 23:17

  melodic trance

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    Tags: Arpeggio searches for producer Arpeggio producer composer Massive Image-Line FL Studio' Fruityloops 'Adam Szabo' Sylenth1 Freedom TimMer kain tweakblogs tweakers Arpeggio searches for producer reddit Studio Omnipshere Violin Viola trance Awesomeness 't moet altijd LUIDER van mijn broer 0 db of 3db boven de limit' 't nu is't luider! 'to cool tags' 'break beat' 'amen break' 'dub step' 'bleepbeat' mathmusic 8bit dubstep glorious omnisphere trilian stylux rmx hijweetnietwathijweetnietwat work in progress as always FL Studio Three Hills Prairie PBI Piano De Koning van Salem Salem melchizedek Funky Dunky kain_niak rhodes Trilian Stylus RMX Omnisphere How to become a Producer swingt gewoon de pan uit Op deze plaatje kan ik de hele nacht wel coden Bitcoin tag voor de random Maak je thesis af zus! this song helped trigger my first psychosis in 2008, I ended up naked on a highway Omnisphere was just released and I worked 3 days with it without sleeping or eating and drinking much And hump cute fewhales haha the electric guitar is a trilian bass with guitar rig 3 on it don't you love a hammond? m boo boom how many times is that? By the way my artwork? I always search song title on google images a just pick an immage dance with me! re: re: re: re: re: re: re: repetitive fwd: it's ok, 2013, everything is some sort repetition I need a kebab Cause I have not eaten in two days I am not poor Just really lazy To lazy to get food don't tell anybody but if I recall correctly this is just a couple of notes and one Omnisphere patch don't tell anybody but if I recall correctly this is just one note and a omnisphere patch loosing patience honey stop with your excuses and meet me for the first time resoninch teddybearolizer somethingsomethingspacemachine I just want to make music Ik wil gewoon muziek maken Thank you Jezus for the blessings Mijn lieve zus is 24 geworden! bassalexoniser inspited by Sarah, we have a great God justin bieber bass groovy bass funky bass fishy bass i am out of tags who put justin bieber in my tags again? No external plugins Wasp XT Maximus Sytrus Matt Bos My DAW is down but I can make music on my laptop too superbass Fricking awesome sound Sometimes I am lucky Darn I totally finished this song it even has an end This asks for a party! Paft Dunk PTL WT Pos Wavetables Peak controller Vocoder New VST Wavetable Peak Contrller Serum Fl Studio Het Grote Producers Topic From Holland With Love for Steve Duda I don't really love big butts though but words like badonkadonk are funny Ode to Steve Duda Moose related Moose unrelated Justin Bieber definately unrelated poor kid Yes I just spend all day on this T'is but a moose Serum is addictive and there is not antidote DON'T tell Skrillex No man can give you wisdom God is the only source Met dank aan een vriend van OB1 en zijn midi En OB1 natuurlijk ook filosofisch de rede de dood iedereen iemand iemand anders de mensen sommige van de mensen piano spoken word wereld oorlog 3 christendom cs lewis datisemniet antisemietebietbenikniet Is Awesome Kill Bill Unity Uniformity Sound Design Bass Trance KVR Tweakers Kain_niaK Matthijs Bos Red Deer Kain Niak UC Sint-Jozef Kortenberg Leuven Meeuwen sint-joris sint-agnes psychiatrie

    I am more a composer then a producer and every time I tried to produce a song with this arpeggio melody I have failed. I only made songs that were worse then just the melody itself.
    I LOVE this melody ever since I found it on the piano back in 1999. Yes, it's fully my composition and has been for over 10 years.
    Not a single SONG has done it justice so far, so I am giving up.
    I need help! Help me to create a song with this! Any style is fine but of course I mostly like melodic trance or other trance genre's.

    If want to start working on it send me a message on soundcloud or let me know at" and maybe we can work together on something EPIC!
    I'll send the .flp and fruityloops score files or midi files to anybody that wants them.
    (just treat the arpeggio with respect)

    PS: Thumbnail of ARP 2600 not related, just added for additional awesomeness!

    "Arpeggio searches for producer" by Kain_niaK is licensed under a Creative Commons License


    21 timed comments and 6 regular comments

    • Kain_niaK
      Kain_niaK at 1.38 on December 10, 2014 04:02

      @DJSbK: Well, I hope in the future I can release some more music you enjoy. Be blessed.

    • DJSbK
    • Kain_niaK
      Kain_niaK at 1.38 on December 09, 2014 20:38

      @DJSbK: You are welcome. From Reddit I guess?

    • DJSbK
      DJSbK at 1.38 on December 09, 2014 20:17

      I rather love this. Thx 4 Sharing!

    • Its Clipping
      Its Clipping at 1.57 on October 20, 2014 06:06

      some really nice work in this. good stuff

    • Kain_niaK
      Kain_niaK at 2.37 on September 29, 2014 20:17

      @jedrek82: I think mainly Sylenth1 and Massive, in the first slow part there is also one Omnisphere patch. The ending is melody made with a sample from Vengeance with a stutter effect from Grossbeat. I work with FL Studio.

    • jedrek82
      jedrek82 at 2.37 on September 29, 2014 07:03

      what vst is this? or hardware? LOVE the second part of it. Sounds like lot of the Tracid Traxxx stuff!! Great!!

    • timjs
      timjs at 0.06 on February 22, 2014 22:34

      YEAH!... it still is AMAZING!!

    • Kain_niaK
      Kain_niaK at 0.44 on May 15, 2013 06:05

      @timjs: Nee man, ik vind het prachtig wat je over mijn muziek schrijft, zo had ik het nog nooit bekeken. Veel mensen vergeten dat er niks is dat een sterkere connectie heeft met emotie dan muziek. Raar maar waar, want evolutionair gezien heeft muziek geen enkel voordeel. Maar dat heeft onzelfzuchtige liefde ook niet. Waarschijnlijk ook één van de reden waarom ik in een Grote Programmeur geloof. De connectie tussen muziek en emotie. Zie ook een oude blogpost van mij

    • timjs
      timjs at 0.44 on May 14, 2013 21:48

      @Kain_niaK: sorry if i offended you. it is not that easy to stop analyzing this music. Let me tell you a story.. your music is like a stealth army landing in front of me. bypassing all security messures embedded in my highly shielded social emotional inner kingdom. only a few can pass, even (and not only unless)when they are guided by truth and passion in their works... now my watch dogs are all over the place tracking and tracing :) so take it as a compliment..en uiteraard..ik doe niets..ik zoek woorden die passen...waarschijnlijk veels te veel. alweer.. maybe this piece of music is a project that evolves.. and maybe it would be an idea to map your music visually in a landscape (in your mind ofcourse) so that you have some focus and boundaries to rely on. i believe this piece of music deserves the attention it claims. .i wander off thinking in terms of an epic storry/picture telling kind of those classical composers often did. But just say shut up and i will comply and be just fine about it :)

    • Kain_niaK
      Kain_niaK at 0.44 on May 14, 2013 18:21

      @timjs: You are over analyzing my music! It might be true that a certain emotion could had an influence on the music (or melodies) I find (I see creating a new melody as finding a treasure). But most of the time it's other music that I am listening to at the time that has the biggest influence. For this arpeggio, I like the end of the first slow part where you suddenly have a very dissonant sound to it. And the same happens in the faster part. The faster part was made first and I only like the first couple of seconds of it, after that it become worse. The slower part was made by turning the chords of the arp in to another arp and then removing and adding some notes. Really all I am doing it trial and error and while doing this sometimes in my head I hear a note or chord that I think would be cool and I try to find it by trial and error in the piano roll of FL Studio. And if I do find it, most of the time I think it's awesome. There is no greater joy in my life then finding a new groove or rhythm or new sound but the absolute winner when it comes to my happiness is find a new chord progression and a new melody. The stranger the better!

    • timjs
      timjs at 0.44 on May 14, 2013 16:26

      i find that you are one of a few who can exaclty pinpoint a certain form of expectation in this manner of presentation. so much awesomeness.. it renders any reason for reasoning out of my mind and yet it sets the stage for a sensation that i can only describe as higher logic!

    • timjs
      timjs at 2.29 on May 14, 2013 14:29

      i just noticed this apreggio and followed up on some comments, dived into unison (mikkas remix) and i have to be honest: there are flowers and there are silk flowers.. but hey...i dont know anything about apreggio's.. i only have my taste to rely on.. very well done. . if one can fall in love with apreggio's i would merry this one. ..well as figure of speech ofcourse.. i am happily married etc etc

    • Christian Bolster
      Christian Bolster at 2.44 on July 29, 2012 11:40

      this part is asking for a longer track :)

    • Christian Bolster
    • Jack Soundstack
    • Nick Otronic ♫♩
      Nick Otronic ♫♩ at 2.55 on December 12, 2011 14:44

      interesting track, would appreciate some comments on my tracks, too. follow me and i will follow you :-* - stay tuned

    • Nick Otronic ♫♩
    • Nick Otronic ♫♩
      Nick Otronic ♫♩ at 0.59 on December 12, 2011 14:43

      starts a bit too silent for my taste... could be bit louder overall xD but :-P

    • Nick Otronic ♫♩
    • ReverseEDM
      ReverseEDM on December 10, 2011 10:02

      @Kain_niaK: thank you! i used to jam around a lot, so i'll start doing it again :) thanks again for that incredibly informative post! Unfortunately theres no upvote button on here :P

    • Kain_niaK
      Kain_niaK on December 10, 2011 01:51

      @ReverseEDM: Yeah sure, spend a lot of time behind a piano or keyboard and just try different keys and combinations over and over again. After a lot of practice when you play 2 notes in a row, your brain will let you hear the 3th note even before you play it. Then you just need to find that note. When you compose more and more you will find those notes faster and faster and eventually you can compose in your head while riding your girlfriend. I mean, while riding in the bus.
      And don't listen to much to other music! Or you will only be able to create remixes and not the original scores. When you starve your brain from all music sometimes it start generating music itself. That's what you want!

      There was a time in my life where I needed to be behind keys at least 2 hours every 3 days. An entire studio on your computer sometimes gives you way to much possibilities and works counter productive. Just take some time for yourself to surrender yourself to the spirit of creation. Improvise on the piano and try out combinations. But be patients, sometimes it takes 6 months before a new melody chooses you to give birth to.

      Also, when I am sad, I comfort myself by creating new melodies.
      When I am happy, I compose because I am grateful.
      When I am mad, I make death metal
      And when I feel like twitching, I make dupsteb.

      Composing music is the best way to turn negative emotions in to positive music and cash.

    • ReverseEDM
      ReverseEDM on December 10, 2011 00:17

      Beautiful! I always fail to make beautiful melody progressions as this and find it hard to keep a theme in a melody :( can you give me any hints on that?

    • Kain_niaK
    • Kinetix
      Kinetix on December 09, 2011 17:52

      Listen to the Mikkas Remix of Unison. I hear a lot of similarities.

    • Xenocore
      Xenocore at 0.04 on December 09, 2011 16:43

      I hate you for this pattern. Good work my friend.

    • AiSO
      AiSO on December 09, 2011 05:36

      very nice. reminds me of the classic trance arpeggios. like the melody alot.

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