Message to all those strange "followers", coming up with this strange new facebook-shit Soundcloud-taste: I DON'T WANT TO BUY SC-PLAYS !!!!!
Leave me alone....or just love my music....

You cannot OWN music, you only can MAKE it.... (something, Neneh Cherry said...)

February 2014: In the meantime an active Soundclouder for just 2 years, it's a very important part of my live now, to make music in different ways, to listen to all those inspiring musicians in the cloud, to get and to give feedback... Without these possibilities, I wouldn't have been gone so far....
Many, many thanx to all of you, you make me moving on...... track by track : )

If you like to listen to me and my session-friends: go to https://soundcloud.com/the3blueelephants!
If you are interested, how I started here, and what's important for me, you can read all in the following "diary":

2014: Classic soundcloud shuts down part by part.... Not easy for me....: (

In 2012 and 2013 my wife https://soundcloud.com/bella_luna & me organized about 10 little concerts with musicians from Germany (like https://soundcloud.com/anj-7, https://soundcloud.com/janinarockt, https://soundcloud.com/antoinevilloutreix, https://soundcloud.com/mskathyfreeman, ) and GB (our beloved friends https://soundcloud.com/elspeth-anne and https://soundcloud.com/tobionsongs) in the socalled "Café" of the project, we live in. Nearly all of them we found (and loved before) here in SC, asked them via mail, if they would like to come and in that manner wonderfull friends we found.... this will be continued! : ) ....In March 2014 the https://soundcloud.com/neurutics, in April 2014 with https://soundcloud.com/seasofmirth, in May 2014 wonderful https://soundcloud.com/calmdown, in august 2014 https://soundcloud.com/fraeulein-hona...

October-December 2013: Pure-Fun-Collabs with deep man, inspiring artist from Belgium...
I started to build a lot of simple instruments like Diddley-Bows and a nice 3-string-bass.....and my X-mas-gift was an E-bass... : )

April 2013: Man-Oh-Man, I'm sooooo proud: listen to http://4gorgy.bandcamp.com/ http://4gorgy.bandcamp.com/track/lady-of-the-acapella-navy, Andy keeps it goin'..... : ))

February2013: There's a rumour coming to my ears: SC Classic will be preserved! The mass of critics reached the right people, our protest changed the politics....I don't know more, but it seems to be true.... Thanks to all, who made this possible....(So, I will turn my songs back to "public"....)

Musical news: A wonderful and important new collab: One Billion Rising (Please read description!) by Lovvarion, thanx to Ian Melvin, the head of this project...

Oh, how could this happen? I have forgotten to post one of the nicest of my collabs ever: tiger fight in slow mo (Lovvarion) by lil' spaceman, Andy, always your fan.... : ))
(check out his music, his songs, his humour.....it's an experience! lil' spaceman and pretzels malone)

February 2013: My first SoundCloud Birthday as a track-producer, thanx to all my followers and to all of the wonderful inspiring musicians.... I've made tons of music in this past year and there's always new stuff to create....

January 2013: Until it's clear what happens with SC Classic, with the old functionality, I'll do this:
If anybody is interested in my stuff and starts following, or if I start following somebody new, I open my tunes to him/her/them, so my stuff is in the Cloud, but only for the people I want...

December 2012: To all of my musical friends and followers:
I've turned all my tracks to Private as a protest against the "new soundcloud". The more people will do it (along with uploading the proper speech track) the clearer the message will be. Lets hope it will reach the right people with adequate force. (words taken from Amomus)

And here's the rest of my SC-story:

About september 2010 to Jan 2012 only fan & listener...

Feb 2012: Like Yanomami Game Boy says: "I can`t play a classic instrument like the piano or guitar or read music notes and being a experimental musician is the only way i can be a musician anyway," and I LOVE MUSIC in every color, TOO, so I'm looking forward to turn into a note in the great cloud of sounds...

First of all, I use Ableton Live Intro (with a Launchpad and an Akai MPK Mini) for nearly a year to play around with music-samples and VSTs, checking out more and more of the possibilities with a lot of fun...

Ableton ist Minecraft für Musikbegeisterte ; )

19 days later: Ich liebe den Scheiß & it's great to have the possibility to join&share, to be astonished (& sometimes overwhelmed) about all the goooood stuff which is to be found in the cloud of sounds....

Let's "speak" music, share, feel the differences'n'vibes and use them for OuREvolution,
in meiner Sprache:
Weil wir es teilen, gehört es uns allen............& dann hat ACTA verlorn............. ; )

(26 days later: I think I need 29 €, only a few minutes left on my free account, not enough for all ideas, and every day WITHOUT creating new sounds seems to be a LOST.... ) : ))

29 days later: oK, I've done it, now I'm "upgraded", more space for more ideas, hope you enjoy it like I do....

1 month later: There's a new side of me to discover:
I've done some acapella-stuff with my new toy, a Korg SOS, with a lot of fun, hope you like it... ; )

What's next?
I'm beginning to use my WaveDrum for solo or to make basics for my experiments, I'm running arround with me recorder, doing some fieldrecords, I'm entirely collaborated-by-heart with my life's companion Bella_Luna, I am singing the whole day.....I love to check out new sounds here....
No more days without musical expressions...
SC has become a kind of a diary to me, I'm a f****n' SoundClouder.......
; D

...and I'm very proud about the collab with VJ and FilmDirector tintwotin , angelvoiced Zefora and last-not-least my son Kleiner Knochen aka "Take1Dow", see:
(see also: http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=Take1Dow&f=hp)
'Sirens' Remixes

AUF ZU NEUEN UFERN.......For example:
pierre f ,
pierre f
pierre f
Emile (musique Lovvarion) by pierre f
Nearly two months later: There's a rest of 25 minutes upload-time, I've made 44 tracks 'til today, astonished 'bout myself, soon I need a money-pig to be able to continue...
But I WILL continue.....

Today, 1. of april 2012, my 12 year old son has become the newest member of the SC: Enjoy Ley Wave !!!

11.04.2012: Only 10 minutes left.... : (

16.04.2012: o.k., now I have a blue star... (8 hours more, yipie.... : ))

1. of may 2012: If somebody wants to support my hobby, contact me at http://lovvarion.bandcamp.com, there you can get higher quality downloads for a little money.... I swear: every Penny will be used for new equipment ( f.e. Ableton full version or new instruments)...

10.05.2012: Now I have 49 keys on an E-mu Xboard.... : ))
In may I started a new "career" as a builder of pentatonic steel-tongue-drums, since now I made three, you can hear one of them: SelfmadeSteelTongueDrum by Lovvarion/

12.05.2012: A wonderful new collab between Thembi and me is ready!!!!: ThembiLovva - PeOpleoftheWorld (Thembi&Lovvarion collab) by Lovvarion....

June 2012:...or the (neverending) collab with my beautiful Bella_Luna with this wonderful song: Bella LunaLovvaCollab - FishGirlS (HenryLouis&ElspethAnneMacraeCover) by Lovvarion
...and we made some special sessions with friends: Lovvarion/

July 2012: My 50th birthday brought me a new toy: A Kaossilator Pro with fantastic sounds and new possibilities of making music: KaossilatorSessions by Lovvarion/

September 2012: more and more collabs, covers and remixes, I love it! ClouderRemixesCollabsOrCovers by Lovvarion

Oct 2012: VERY proud of a new collab: tiger fight in slow mo (Lovvarion) by lil' spaceman, many thanx to pretzels malone....

Another collab I'm proud of: OppositionFitsPerfect (GlitchedBenderLovvaCollab) by Lovvarion, with SoulEntity (ShadowPeeps), Mighty Bender from ShadowPeople...

Lovvarion   Lovis, Freiburg, Germany


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