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At the end of 2011 the musical project LeefA started its life in Palazzolo Acreide, a small town situated in the province of Syracuse, Sicily. When the project started, the band originally consisted of Carmelo Iocolano (singer, composer and songwriter) and Peppe Bonfiglio (drums). Currently Carmel and L.D. (http://500px.com/aeonteleos) carry on the project by recording songs and participating in musical contest and radio appearances.
The following musicians (and friends) have been part of the project:
Peppe Bonfiglio,
He is a music fan since he was born, he started to play drums on his own when he was 15. He played in some local bands: “Stunner”, which was his first band, and “VanaChiaro” have been his best experiences, during those years he fell in love with music over and over again, then he gave more importance to his instrument, he played covers and his own songs, he took part in some contests and to live concerts. After all these experiences he had a stop period, even though there was always a big passion. He continued attending drums lessons and for a while he played alone, but immediately he started to play with other local bands: “No Quarter”, “Kimera” and “The Quiet Before the Storm”, with these bands he had the opportunity to play in various Sicilian cities, but there was no feeling with some members of the bands. Almost at the end of the experience with his last band, “LeefA” started its life. At the moment Peppe Bonfiglio records also some covers; he has a Youtube channel called “Peppe Drums”.

Raffaele Gallo
He was born on January the 22nd 1987 in Noto and now he lives in Palazzolo Acreide. When he was 11 he came in contact for the first time with rock music artists such as Nirvana and Metallica: he fell spontaneously in love with the distorted and aggressive sounds of the rock artists of that time and as consequence, he started to discover an unknown universe. He played in many local bands such as “Blackbirds”, first cover band which consisted of some friends and “Love Affair”, a tribute band of the Italian indie/new wave band Baustelle, with this band he played in many places of the eastern Sicily. He wrote and played most of the bass guitar parts of the songs of the project LeefA.

Marco Scifo,
He was born on March the 26th 1987 in Ragusa. He started to attend classical guitar lessons at the parish school when he was a child. In 2000 he attended piano lessons with the teacher Renato Messina. In 2002 he created one band called Replaycing with some childhood friends. With this band he took part in some rock festivals in Sicily.

Carmelo Iocolano founded the musical project “LeefA”, before he took part as singer in the project “Stunner”. When the band “Stunner” went on hiatus, he had 7 years of stop from music, then he started to write again some new songs until he had met again Peppe Bonfiglio, and they has started to work together for the future first album of LeefA : 17th December. His influences are numerous: the grunge of 90’s, the refined rock of Radiohead and the incomparable melodies and atmospheres of Jeff Buckley. At the moment he attends song lessons in Catania in a musical academy with the teacher Antonella Leotta, jazz singer, who has already recorded two albums: "The sound of the beat" and "First". (http://www.facebook.com/antonella.leotta.9).

LeefA has various influences and they increase every day. We try to appreciate all the new musical experimentations and new musical styles, our purpose is to express A FEELING in the most fascinating and deep way.
Our songs try to underline the melancholy and nostalgic side of the life, sometimes by pointing out the tragedy of the human solitude such as “Bony Soul” or “Halál”, or sometimes by shedding some lights on positive feelings such as love and hope for example in “Sole” or “Chosen by god”.
Our dream is to carry on with music, with passion and simplicity, because we firmly believe in the spontaneity and in the sincerity of music.
For this purpose, we always look for the support by guys who love music, just like us, we would like to exchange ideas and opinions, or to meet new friends and to have fun all together. We have always to thank all the amazing people who follow us on facebook (http://www.facebook.com/LeefAmusic), soundcloud (https://soundcloud.com/leefa), twitter (https://twitter.com/leefamusic) and reverbnation (http://www.reverbnation.com/leefa), because it is thank to them that we obtained good plays and good advices to grow and to improve.

At the end, I would like to talk about future purposes. We are happy to inform you that a new friendship has started, it started as a game, with some e-mails with one of the greatest guitarist in the world: Gary Lucas (http://www.garylucas.com/), original and versatile composer of two of the most famous songs of Jeff Buckley: “Grace” and “Mojo Pin”. After reading his book, in Italy called “Touched by Grace: La mia musica con Jeff Buckley”, which is dedicated to the musical life of Gary and of the lamented Jeff Buclkey, Carmelo wrote an e-mail full of congratulations and esteem for Gary for his book, full of important anecdotes, but it is also full of deep and indescribable feelings which put together these two artists during their lives. We were surprised when Gary answered us, and since that moment a truth friendship has started. Gary is an example for all of us: he listened to our songs with indifference and sincerity, he found them interesting and original, and he proposed to start a collaboration with us. This is our second big dream: we would like to invite here in Sicily one day our big friend Gary Lucas and to play and to record with him. We know that we have to improve a lot technically, but we carry on thanks to the idea that the music is not just music, it is something greater: for us, music is a life experience, it is a way to imprint unforgettable moments in the minds of all the people, it is a way to smile and cry together and it is a symbol of union: among different worlds, among different ways to play music, among different people who don’t know each other and who can stay together thanks to the love for this passion!
A special thanks to our families, we are here thanks to them, thanks to our fans who support us and give us advices to grow, thanks to our best friends who always encourage us during our difficult moments, thanks to our official translator Ludovica Fazio that always helps us with the lyrics and helped us with this biography, and thanks to Gary Lucas who always encourages us and who gave us a truth friendship which counts more than everything in life!

Radio appearances:

2-10-13 on MuseBoat Radio (http://museboat.wix.com/multimedia )

2-20-13 on MuseBoat Radio (http://museboat.wix.com/multimedia )

4-9-13 @ Honey for your ears on Eat Music Radio (http://www.eatmusic.co.uk/)

4-11-13 @ Honey for your ears on Soundart Radio 102.5 FM (http://www.soundartradio.org.uk/)

7-25-13 @ Honey for your ears on Soundart Radio 102.5 FM (http://www.soundartradio.org.uk/)

9-11-13 @ Honey for your ears on SH ROCK (http://www.shmusicmedia.com/)

10-9-13 @ Honey for your ears on SH ROCK (http://www.shmusicmedia.com/)

11-8-13 @Sound Revolution on Radio Zammù (http://www.radiozammu.it)

11-12-13@The CC Lawrence Show on UN.sung, The Magazine - Radio (http://www.spreaker.com/show/the_cc_lawrence_show)

12-24-13@The CC Lawrence Show on UN.sung, The Magazine - Radio (http://www.spreaker.com/show/the_cc_lawrence_show)

01-29-14@Voci Emergenti Uniradio Cesena on UniRadio Cesena (www.uniradiocesena.it - www.facebook.com/VociEmergentiUniradioCesena)

02-14-14@MADE in ITALY by the BOGIS on Radiocroda.com (www.radiocroda.com -https://www.facebook.com/pages/MADE-in-ITALY-by-the-BOGIS-on-radiocrodacom/603968859617521)

02-27-14 @Canale U.F.O. on Web Radio Bunny (https://www.facebook.com/canaleufo - http://www.radiobunny.it/)

02-27-14 @the CC Lawrence Show on UN.sung, The Magazine - Radio (http://www.spreaker.com/show/the_cc_lawrence_show)

03-06-14@Mattinata Stonata on radiostonata.com (www.radiostonata.com -https://www.facebook.com/radiostonata)

03-12-14 @Live and Let on Fuori Aula Network (http://www.fuoriaulanetwork.com/ - https://www.facebook.com/LiveAndLetFAN)

03-21-14 @the People's Music on Blast Radio (http://www.blast-westlondon.com/ - https://www.facebook.com/TPMblast)

04-03-14 @ Fattore C on Radio Sapienza (www.radiosapienza.net - https://www.facebook.com/radiosapienzafattorec)

04-08-14 @the CC Lawrence Show on UN.sung, The Magazine - Radio http://www.spreaker.com/user/unsungradio/april-8-2014)

04-11-14 @revolution a.live on Radiorevolution Parma (https://www.facebook.com/radiorevolution.parma- http://www.radiorevolution.it/2014/04/ralive-incontra-i-leefa/ -https://www.facebook.com/pages/rEvolution-alive/226812327378705?fref=ts)

Interviews, reviews, and articles:

10-13 @ Radiosapienza webradio (http://www.radiosapienza.net/2013/news/musica/1039-1235.html)

11-8-13 @Sound Revolution on Radio Zammù (www.radiozammu.it e https://www.facebook.com/SoundRevolutionRadioZammu)

02-14-14@MADE in ITALY by the BOGIS on Radiocroda.com (www.radiocroda.com -https://www.facebook.com/pages/MADE-in-ITALY-by-the-BOGIS-on-radiocrodacom/603968859617521)

03-06-14@Mattinata Stonata on radiostonata.com (www.radiostonata.com -https://www.facebook.com/radiostonata)

03-12-14 @Live and Let on Fuori Aula Network (http://www.fuoriaulanetwork.com/ - https://www.facebook.com/LiveAndLetFAN)

04-03-14 @ Fattore C on Radio Sapienza (www.radiosapienza.net - https://www.facebook.com/radiosapienzafattorec)

04-11-14 @revolution a.live on Radiorevolution Parma (https://www.facebook.com/radiorevolution.parma- http://www.radiorevolution.it/2014/04/ralive-incontra-i-leefa/ -https://www.facebook.com/pages/rEvolution-alive/226812327378705?fref=ts)

LeefA Palazzolo Acreide, Sicily, Italy

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