Kram Records was established with the purpose of developing the darker and more eclectic side of techno, minimal and progressive. Serving as a platform for artists willing to experiment and push the boundaries of electronic music into the underground, the label is responsible for a catalogue of distinctive music that is seeded with originality and forward thinking production techniques. Primed to fall on intelligent ears of the listening elite, Kram Records has started to deliver dark, moody, haunting EPs that have been grabbing the attention of some of dance music’s biggest media players. Run by pioneering DJ and producer Kramnik (who has 8.000 fans here on SoundCloud), the label has already established itself as a force to be reckoned within the scene, as best described by the world’s most respected media:

“A proper, late night progressive chugger, beautifully produced by the highly respected Kramnik. Loads of atmosphere and great big, cyclic bassline make this a pretty intense and trippy track. It doesn’t do much except creep up on you with its subtly funky groove Kramnik has already established quite a following in Europe and with productions like this, it’s easy to see why he’s so respected.”

Jon Stones, iDJ

In addition to such brain-crushing releases, Kram Records has quickly become a focus of attention through the “Invisible Radio Show,” boasting a stunning understanding of the construction of a mix, and a sensitivity that teases the music from technology. Not surprisingly, the “Invisible Radio Show” is destined to set underground radio waves on fire. Whilst the sheep-like masses await yet another synth laden showboat, discerning ears will be tuning into the ‘invisible’ frequencies for a taste of the underground, bubblin’ behind the scenes and exploring the understated, subterranean plethora of cutting-edge electronica. That’s why this acclaimed radio show has over 70.000 listeners, in addition to a staggering 39 million through Sirius XM Radio in the US (www.kram-records.com/radioshow)

“A well-programmed and thoroughly cohesive trip through the finest tech cuts of the moment. Bubbling with deep progressive ambience and swirling bass-driven energy, it jumped out at us…” DJ Mag (“Top Pick”)

“Mixing was tight, lovely rolling grooves and a good progression… a very enjoyable mix” DataTrasmission

“I haven’t heard such a large slice of quality dark progressive tech energy since Moshic came to fame on the DJ Mag World Series covermount back in 2003… Here’s hoping Kramnik can carve an underground uprising of this powerful deep side of progressive house.” Simon Hart (Pioneer)

“Nice and trippy” Mixmag

Having worked within the music industry at Sony BMG for several years, the label boss is now able to translate many of the skills he learnt whilst working alongside the likes of as Garbage and The Eurythmics. The first EPs released under the label were the result of LoopMaster’s sponsorship of Kramnik’s remix competitions for ‘Viclone‘ and ‘Hyksos.’ Originally, the competition was only going to have three winners, but the quality of the entries resulted in five tracks on each remix EP! These first EPs demonstrates the type of dedication to new artists on behalf of Kram Records. Then came ‘Kramnik 4.0′ EP, a warped and distorted sci-fi piece of work which could well be a possible soundtrack to a suspense thriller (www.kram-records.com/music).

Nevertheless, Kramnik’s last EP is only a small testament to the type of eclectic exploration of dark atmospheres and intense emotions that we can expect in his debut ‘Dark Matters’ album (to release in July, 2012). This much anticipated LP release makes its appearance in a LIVE-hour mix which, once again, proves the originality behind Kram Records (as artist albums never come in this format). And if there was any doubt as to the content of this acclaimed album, the list of remixes that are going to release with Kramnik’s debut album should speak for itself: Ben Sims, Nick Warren, Timo Maas, Gabriel Ananda, Hernan Cattaneo & Martín García, SQL, Hans Bouffmyhre, Franco Bianco & Mike Wall. The fist of these remix EPs will release with ‘Dark Matters’ (LIVE Album): ‘Hyksos’, ‘Harmuk’,'Overtone’,'Viclone’,'Schrizo’,'Flex’,'M1′,’Mongolium’,'Dlython’,'Pangea.’ Here is what the press is saying about this much anticipated album (www.kram-records.com/music):

“Probably the best EP we’ve listened to this year, because of its complexity, because of its sound, because of its harmonies, because of its mixture of impossible elements, because of its artistic approach to electronic music, moving between progressive house and techno, with unheard of touches, because of its courage in sampling the voice of a 1954 recording by Howlin’ Wolf, and because of its bold and daring sound, all I can say is that this is simply unbeatable. A real piece of jewelry that everyone should listen to and see that there is still hope in this thing called electronic music.”


Kram Records’ artists enjoy support from the world’s most respected EDM shops, such as Juno, TrackitDown or DJ Downloads, but have also been interviewed by some of the most respected magazines in the industry, such as Tillate, Ddance, Inhale or VMM (all interviews can be found at www.kram-records.com/reviews). Most importantly, they are supported by some of the most respected DJs in the world, such as Luciano, Paco Osuna, Oliver Detuschmann, M.A.N.D.Y., Matt Darey, Mistress Barbara, Danny Tenaglia, Paul van Dyke, Cevin Fisher, Magda, Richie Hawtin, Sander Kleinenberg, Stephan Bodzin, Mike Wall, 16 Bity Lolitas, Hans Bouffmyhre, Tim Richards, Graham Gold, Robert Owens, Franco Bianco, Mikael Stravostrand, Gareth Emery, Chloe Harris, Luca Morris, Chris Fortier, Presslaboys, DJ Hall, Junior Rivera, AntonBanks, Ashley Beedle, Anjunabeats, Honey Dijon, Christos Kedras, Clint Maximus, Corbin Dooley, Francesco Farfa, Bob Frisky, Cj Mackintosh, Funkstar de Luxe, Jimmy van M, Tsugi Mag, Ramiro Tejada, Mathew Craig, Aga Heller, Jon Pierce, Sheik ‘n’ Beik, Tee Vegas, Flash Brothers, Marco Dassi, Gary Martin or Matt Darey, among others.

Kram Records is now open to new and exciting promos from anyone willing to explore these type of frequencies. So, if you think you’ve got what it takes, please send any demos to our KramBox on SoundCloud: Kram Records. We look forward to it!

The truth is that we can only speculate as to the heights of success lying in wait. One thing’s for sure: a label as versatile and diligent as Kram Records will be keeping everyone on their toes so far as until they acknowledge satisfaction. Which prompts the question: what could ever stop such a label?

Make sure to join the other 70.000 fans and sign up to the “Invisible Radio Show” and, now, the new “Invisible Talk Show.” And DEFINITELY don’t forget to check out our out-of-this-world animation videos: www.youtube.com/kramnikofficial!

Kram Records   Berlin, Germany

  • Kramnik: 'Dark Matters' (ALBUM) 10 tracks, 1.19.17 Kram Records on June 27, 2012 15:13

    1. 1. Kramnik: 'Schirzo' 7.00
    2. 2. Kramnik: 'Hyksos' 8.37
    3. 3. Kramnik: 'Mongolium' 8.00
    4. 4. Kramnik: 'Viclone' 8.35
    5. 5. Kramnik: 'Harmuk' 7.00
    6. 6. Kramnik: 'Flex (Original mix)' 7.00 178 plays
    7. 7. Kramnik: 'Overtone' 7.00
    8. 8. Kramnik: 'M1' 7.00
    9. 9. Kramnik: 'Dlython' 9.02
    10. 10. Kramnik: 'Pangea' 10.00
  • Kramnik: 'Dark Matters' (Remixes Vol 1) 7 tracks, 34.43 Kram Records on July 13, 2012 08:43

    1. 1. Kramnik: 'Viclone' (Hernan Cattaneo & Martín García remix) 2.48 5313 plays
    2. 2. Kramnik: 'Viclone' (Ben Sims remix) 2.25 2479 plays
    3. 3. Kramnik: 'Viclone' (Gabriel Ananda remix) 3.03 1968 plays
    4. 4. Kramnik: 'Viclone' (Franco Bianco & Mike Wall Remix) 2.49 1322 plays
    5. 5. Kramnik: 'Viclone' 8.35
    6. 6. Kramnik: 'M1' 7.00
    7. 7. Kramnik: 'Mongolium' 8.00
  • Kramnik: 'Dark Matters' (Remixes Vol 2) 7 tracks, 34.31 Kram Records on December 22, 2012 18:51

    1. 1. Kramnik: 'Mongolium' (Timo Maas remix) 2.51 1468 plays
    2. 2. Kramnik: 'Mongolium' (Nick Warren remix) 2.39 1402 plays
    3. 3. Kramnik: 'Viclone' (Hans Bouffmyhre remix) 2.33 947 plays
    4. 4. Kramnik: 'M1' (SQL remix) - Feb 20 2.51 1035 plays
    5. 5. Kramnik: 'Viclone' 8.35
    6. 6. Kramnik: 'Mongolium' 8.00
    7. 7. Kramnik: 'M1' 7.00
  • Kram Records: "Invisible Radio Show" 13 tracks, 14.13.53 Kram Records on May 17, 2012 10:36

    1. 1. Kramnik: 'Dark Matters' (LIVE ALBUM MIX) 56.25
    2. 2. Kram Records: "Invisible Radio Show" (7) - LIVE 59.13 277 plays
    3. 3. Kram Records: "Invisible Radio Show" (6) - LIVE 56.41 43 plays
    4. 4. Kram Records: "Invisible Radio Show" (5) - LIVE 1.00.01 28 plays
    5. 5. Kram Records: "Invisible Radio Show" (3) - LIVE 58.01 12 plays
    6. 6. Kram Records: "Invisible Radio Show" (1) 56.01 20 plays
    7. 7. Kram Records: "Invisible Radio Show" (2) 1.07.13 16 plays
    8. 8. Kram Records: "Invisible Radio Show" (4) 59.09 4 plays
    9. 9. Kram Records: "The Blue Song (1h 30m)" 1.23.52 42 plays
    10. 10. Kram Records: "The K Song (1h 30m)" - LIVE 1.28.44 26 plays
    11. 11. Kram Records: "The Zen Zong (1h 30m)" - LIVE 1.28.37 24 plays
    12. 12. Kramnik "Invisible Talk Show" (2) 59.50 23 plays
    13. 13. Kramnik: "Invisible Talk Show" (1) 1.00.00 23 plays
  • Kramnik: 'Hyksos' REMIXES 5 tracks, 38.30 Kram Records on July 06, 2012 13:39

    1. 1. Kramnik: 'Hyksos' (Guido Prado remix) 7.14 144 plays
    2. 2. Kramnik: 'Hyksos' (Medeew remix) 6.40 87 plays
    3. 3. Kramnik: 'Hyksos' (Deconstructer remix) 8.10 47 plays
    4. 4. Kramnik: 'Hyksos' (Cleric remix) 8.07 48 plays
    5. 5. Kramnik: 'Hyksos' (Yzarkos remix) 8.17 36 plays

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