Kill the Specialness is a collaborative music project based in Reno, NV.

t-minos (aka tom gordy): production, creation, drums and general sillyness.
collaborative artists:
Mark Levitt (keys, production), Denielle Basom (voice), KC Taylor (bass/keys/production), Paul Havrella (keys/guitars/percussion, voice), Dan Weil (voice).

Why "Kill the Specialness"?

like lots of people, especially americans, i was taught that i was innately "special" as a child, and that god had a special purpose for me. into my teens and onward this idea created a fundamental conflict in my psyche along with sets of imagined expectations that were impossible to meet...
something wuz wrong.

special is earned.

to the universe and the web of life, it stands that we are no more special or important than any other part, from the largest whale to the smallest micro-organism. to each other however, we become special indeed.

As we rapidly erode and consume our ecosystem, searching for solutions, no technological marvel will solve the fundamental psychological issue at hand: an entire species too self-interested to notice its cumulative effect as a species. As a whole.

Our religions and the mighty ideology of the dollar - consumerism, reinforce over and over in us that we are special...that we are original, unique and authentic...children of god, god is watching us, looks like us and has given us this land and the plants and animals upon it, man above beast, man vs. nature….
we were deceived.

we are "Of" nature. We are remixes of remixes. A sum of our influences. We are a communal species, as is intelligence borne by knowledge. Without art, culture, science, words and numbers...thousands of years of shared information derived from the world around us, we would be nothing, have nothing.

we're not special. we're not unique little snowflakes. yet we remain self interested, grossly unaware of the world around us, squabbling. distracted. a distorted perception of the world and reality based on a false assumption of innate superiority and favoritism towards both our species and sub-genre's of our species.


The ideology of consumerism will bleed with the resources of this planet. It's decline is fated.

and religion will continue to change.

but Rather than to discredit Religion, abuse it, shame it, destroy it...there is rather a desperate need for common ground on divisive Religious issues, which turn into divisive people issues, and then divisive planetary issues. Outright rejections of the personal faiths of the majority of the planet's population seem to only further the divide among us. better ways exist.

to that end,
there is a perfectly reasonable, all-inclusive, and scientific rationale for "god". There are no logical reasons to continue with the current archaic charades, adverse to change and inevitably self-serving.

To wit:

The history of the planet clearly shows that evolution only goes forward in intellectual complexity....(ie: the planet only gets smarter) - from the amoeba to self-aware life. Even when the dinosaurs went extinct, a far more beneficial, peaceful, and adaptable species (birds) remained. This progression,...this intricately beautiful growth of complexity (despite our best efforts to derail it) is potentially infinite in scope. Within this process we are recycled energy, essential parts of a whole.

and (importantly)... unless the process of evolution on this planet is an anomaly in the universe (which is highly unlikely), then that means that the universe, infinite in scope, is itself is only growing in intelligent complexity.


If...one can conceive of "god" as a 'Process', an infinitely beautiful, inclusive, and intelligent process that only grows in it's beauty and complexity, rather than as a Being...a projection of our selves, One might find peace. or something akin to free. If.
and we might be inclined to get along. or something. to share. we might find a purpose beyond ourselves.

kill the specialness.

Kill the Specialness   T-Minos Gordy, Reno, United States

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