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The first steps in deciding on a music producer and/or songwriter to produce your songs, can be daunting. It's important that you feel a music producer and/or songwriter is going to be a good fit for you, so please do get in touch if you'd like to hear more about any aspect of what our sessions and projects will be like, without any obligation to commit.

I hope that you find my music showreel useful.

Please contact me for my current hourly, daily and project based rates. Some concessionary rates are also available, so please do enquire.

Please leave me a clear message with your name, contact details, a good time you can be contacted, exactly what service you'd like (Would you like a beat, a song or lyrics? Would you like to record in a studio or work online? Etc) and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

To request a quote for beats, songs or lyrics by Katriona Music, email:

Katriona Music Producer Katriona Music Producer, London

  • A Comment on Ali-klies's
    Stories Of Your Own at 1.28
    on July 28, 2014 15:56

    You have some really beautiful melodies in this beat...especially this part! Your melodies actually feel like they're telling a story. Very nice production and composition!

  • A Comment on Sergio A II's
    Sergio A. African Dust (snippet) at 2.20
    on July 28, 2014 15:48

    That's a really beautiful lead melody you have going on there. I like the supporting melody you have underneath it too...that lower tone sound really supports it well. Nice chilled track! :)

  • A Comment on Scrubbadub's
    El Gato Negro - Scrubbadub at 2.02
    on July 28, 2014 15:39

    Very epic sounds! This sounds very hardcore metal / experimental! It definitely doesn't have a typical song structure...so I take it as a creative piece of work and a very good one at that!

  • A Comment on PDBPRODUCTIONS's
    We Can Go | Instrumental at 0.51
    on July 28, 2014 15:34

    That underlying soft sound that plays all the way through is beautiful...well it's mainly the melody that I find beautiful. It flows well with the hook synth too.

  • A Comment on Purple Rays's
    Tranceformation (Preview) [Inspectrum Recordings] at 3.16
    on July 28, 2014 15:11

    Very beautiful lead melody...that really is the strongest point. The synth used for the lead melody is quite typical for this genre yet it is still really nice. I like this.

  • A Comment on Katriona Music Producer's
    Daydreaming ft Kyra Roxanne [Pop] at 3.22
    on July 27, 2014 21:59

    @Sharks In Venice: Thanks, I appreciate that! :)

  • A Comment on Giuliano Poles's
    1492 - Giuliano Poles at 2.33
    on July 27, 2014 21:15

    Real nice composition! I can definitely hear this on some movie trailer or in a film or something. It would be perfect for that! This is a very well composed, produced and mixed track, excellent work!

  • A Comment on Drbblz's
    Drbblz X Tovr Feat. Happy Colors - Hit Em Hard... at 1.28
    on July 27, 2014 21:09

    You've used some really strong sounds and ambient sounds in this...I like that mix! I do think some of the percussion sounds could be mixed in better with the track overall however, it's not too overpowering. Nice work.

  • A Comment on Kalakodt's
    Wandering Spirits at 1.14
    on July 27, 2014 20:56

    The main lead ambient sound and melody is nice. It kind of sounds quite meditative which is nice and soothing. The harsh sound on top of it disrupts that a bit but I guess it's nice to have a bit of diversity.

  • A Comment on TashbaN's
    Red RaiN at 0.43
    on July 27, 2014 20:42

    Beautiful! Very catchy beat! I love the beat a lot. The drums really play off the lead melody really well and that makes for a catchy tune! The sounds are pretty nice too. I especially like the little snare rolls. Great work!

  • A Comment on Lector's
    Gerudo Valley at 2.15
    on July 27, 2014 20:34

    I really like the high pitched sound in the background...that really does sound quite different and works well among all the other sounds. The melodies are quite nice too.

  • A Comment on mOnkeyman's
    Ken Bauer ft Monkeyman - The Magic Word (Ken Ba... at 1.33
    on July 27, 2014 20:32

    Very beautiful melodies! I really like them and I like the sounds you've chosen to represent these melodies too. The vocals are quite different and that's an appealing aspect of this track. Nice work.

  • A Comment on Renogade BLV's
    IM DA SH*T at 0.24
    on July 27, 2014 20:10

    OMG I absolutely LOVE the singers' vocals! Brilliant! So sexy sounding, smooth and just PERFECT for this tune! Very commercial sounding! The beat is great and it has such a nice dark, gritty commercial edge! Very well produced. Excellent work guys!

  • A Comment on Subkultur Magazin's
    Bodydub Podcast #07 - AGENT! at 22.53
    on July 27, 2014 20:07

    I like the interesting sounds you've used in this track. The sound you used for the build up right here is very interesting and quite unusual to use which is refreshing to hear! Keep your creativeness up! Nice work.

  • A Comment on Joey2koolproductions's
    Loyal Remix Chris Brown ft Tyga (clean) by joey... at 2.33
    on July 27, 2014 20:05

    Joey2kool! This is another nice creative track from you. I like it all. I wonder how you make your tracks so catchy? I like the creativeness of this. Very nice.

  • A Comment on Prussian Dub Fiend's
    Dags Nakts at 2.52
    on July 27, 2014 20:04

    I like your minimal stuff. The sounds you use are always really interesting and this track is no exception. That bass is beautiful, a great addition to the track.

  • A Comment on Mix Money Records's
    Mini Mee - Everyday Ft Wisky at 1.18
    on July 27, 2014 19:52

    This is such a brilliant, catchy rap track! I love it! I think it would REALLY benefit from a big, clean, clear mix though because I think it really could do well. Nice work! Great hook melody - very catchy.

  • A Comment on templ vorstax's
    Ov Sunshine at 2.31
    on July 27, 2014 19:50

    I really like the ambient sounds in this. They're really beautiful. It helps that they're quite subtle so it gives the lead instrument its own space and it keeps the focus on the lead too. Nice effects and panning too.

  • A Comment on Aneesh Gera's
    No Fears For Tears - Jimmy Kennedy & Aneesh Ger... at 1.37
    on July 27, 2014 19:49

    This is such a well produced track. The melodies are beautiful and the sounds are perfect - they've very good quality and gritty. I like the 80's vibe of this track too..and it's good that it has a modern dance vibe to it too!

  • A Comment on Numill's
    Numill - Arcade Games at 1.06
    on July 27, 2014 19:36

    Very nice progressions...and unusual sound as well which is very refreshing and nice to hear! I like the dark vibe of this track...like it tells its own story. Nice work!

  • A Comment on Prussian Dub Fiend's
    Tulžys at 2.39
    on July 27, 2014 19:29

    I really like how subtle many of the sounds are! They're beautiful in that sense. This is a really cool, chill track and it's so easy to listen to...easy on the ear. Nice work!

  • A Comment on A / V's
    New Gods at 1.41
    on July 27, 2014 19:12

    This is a really nice rap track. I absolutely love the bass drum and I like the way the rapper is riding the beat. I think the track would really benefit from a clean, clear, BIG mix so that all the sounds, including the vocals, can be heard and cut through nicely!

  • A Comment on Geminix's
    [Beatport] Sander Van Doorn, Martin Garrix & DV... at 2.07
    on July 27, 2014 18:59

    Very nice and unique manipulation of the vocal samples and the integration of this with the beat! That's epic and so is the rest of the track..it's very well produced and the effects are great too.

  • A Comment on Solid Skill's
    Solid Skill vs Groove & Fillerz - Sunrise (Orig... at 1.02
    on July 27, 2014 18:53

    I really like the vocal effects. They're really catchy and they go really well with the beat. The vocalist is great for this type of track and the beat compliments the vocalist so it all flows together really well.

  • A Comment on JO$H-ANGEL's
    GHXSTANGEL-St Ides(SAINT EYE$)prod by DexMakina at 1.13
    on July 27, 2014 18:49

    I can hear that this is a pretty strong track however the mix sounds very noisy and none of the sounds (including the vocals) can be heard clearly. So a cleaner mix of this would be great because I'm sure it's a nice track.

  • A Comment on broak.ca's
    L'Anthologie - Perséides at 4.33
    on July 27, 2014 18:41

    That's a really nice lead synth you've got playing there..nice melody and nice synth to go with it too. I like the progressive nature of this track. The detuned sounds are really interesting!

  • A Comment on Decadon (Official)'s
    Decadon & PawS - #EASY (Original Mix) FREE DOWN... at 1.08
    on July 27, 2014 18:40

    I really like this big synth you've used. It has a nice tone to it. It's also good that you change up the track with build ups, drops and changes in melody which keeps things interesting. Nice work!

  • A Comment on Dulcet Tonez uk's
    Step a side at 0.36
    on July 27, 2014 18:36

    Wow this is a really great track! It's very well produced! I really like the overall rhythm of the track. And I REALLY like those vocal samples. Great melodies & sounds! You did a really good job on this track!

  • A Comment on Circular Silence's
    Skyward at 1.32
    on July 27, 2014 18:31

    I really like the panning you've used, that's very nice and it really creates a beautiful, hypnotic atmosphere...that atmosphere is also emphasized by the sounds you've used too. Very nice creative track!

  • A Comment on Drbblz's
    Drbblz X Tovr Feat. Happy Colors - Hit Em Hard... at 1.44
    on July 27, 2014 18:26

    This is a really strong, catchy track! I love all the sounds you've used because they're so gritty and aggressive...even better though, I love the melodies and rhythm of the track. This is very well produced. Excellent!

  • A Comment on Jayvin3's
    Fight The Power at 0.55
    on July 27, 2014 18:21

    I absolutely love this beat...the percussion sounds are so nice! I really like the drop too when the gritty, dark sound comes in...that's pretty epic! Beautiful lead melody and everything. Very nice work!

  • A Comment on Panda & Rabbit's
    Armored Core at 2.42
    on July 27, 2014 17:16

    Very unique sounds and unique way of placing them in the beat! The gritty, static sounding sound is pretty cool and it keeps the track interesting. The ambient parts are beautiful!

  • A Comment on Double Y Tha Producer's
    Boomin (Prod By Skynny Double Y) at 2.14
    on July 27, 2014 17:14

    This beat is really nice and catchy! You've produced it really well. The rhythm is nice and bouncy. It sounds good for clubs. A bigger, cleaner mix of this would really bring out a lot of the sounds and melodies in this.

  • A Comment on Guillermo de Llera's
    The Burning Bush - Red Shield for the "Axes to ... at 5.44
    on July 27, 2014 17:12

    This sounds like a really beautifully melodic chilled track however, the mix of the track is a bit quiet and so it's hard to hear a lot of the sounds. It would be cool to hear a clean, big mix of this!

  • A Comment on HIIO's
    HIIO Live Set at Tomorrowland 2014 at 38.21
    on July 27, 2014 17:11

    I like the variation of transitions and build ups in this mix...this is a really nice mix and I love the energy level of it...all the tracks are perfect, well chosen and well placed in the mix. Nice work!

  • A Comment on Akuma beatz's
    Watch my feet remix (Free download) at 2.00
    on July 27, 2014 17:09

    I like the panning that you've used, that's really cool and it helps to create a great vibe to the track. All the little things help! I like the subtle melody in the background that keeps the track jumping!

  • A Comment on Black Molly's
    Party Like It´s The End Of The World at 2.41
    on July 27, 2014 17:05

    I like the effects you've used in this track...and I like the big synths too. The main thing I like is the fact that you haven't made any of the lead synths too overpowering so everything flows together pretty well.

  • A Comment on OGSeanKenobi's
    Drake- All Me (OGSK edit) at 1.03
    on July 27, 2014 17:02

    This beat is really nice. I like the ambient and dark sounds you've used. It really compliments the overall dark and emotional vibe of the track and the vocals. Very creative work!

  • A Comment on Khan Among Lions's
    I Dub Thee.. at 2.15
    on July 27, 2014 17:00

    I like a lot of your soft melodies that flow into one another, that's really beautiful. I like how this track has so many different elements to it yet you still make it work. Very creative!

  • A Comment on SubnovaOfficial's
    Quasar at 1.43
    on July 27, 2014 16:52

    I like the blend and cross over potential this beat has. The big synths are really nice and aggressive, which makes the track stand out even more. This is very well produced.

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