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Izodine a.k.a. Anthony M. Santiago is a young electronic producer based in New Jersey. Contact: Izodinemusic@gmail.com
All posted content on my page is under copyright.
Copyright © All Rights Reserved Izodine aka Anthony Santiago.

Izodine Anthony Santiago, New Jersey, United States

  • A Comment on OoOVitaly's
    Chip Maestro - Ben Dur (Original) at 1.23
    on January 27, 2014 15:21

    The ambiance in this is amazing. Everything just comes together so nicely. The production itself sounds so clear and strong. You have elements so unique coming in at different parts and that really makes the track what it is. It doesn't get old at all.

  • A Comment on Philosophy Recordings's
    Right now! Stick your hands up! "Sam Laxton - R... at 0.36
    on January 27, 2014 15:19

    I love the drop to this. The elements all come together so nicely. I also quite like how balanced the RMS is. it gets really punchy at the top and drops for the other parts. While this is essential, people don't do it right and it doesn't flow. Good work.

  • A Comment on EmilyCoy's
    Renan D - MY WAY (feat Emily Coy) [PREVIEW] at 0.53
    on January 27, 2014 15:17

    The vocals in this are simply stunning, I love it. It flows perfectly with the seemingly flawless songwriting and production. Amazing work on this one aswell!

  • A Comment on DJ Billy Read's
    Any Jungle in Guy? at 1.05
    on January 27, 2014 15:10

    Really liking the uniqueness of this. A cross between DnB and these other elements is pure genius, and you've pulled it off quite well. The production could be a little cleaner, though, but other than that I have nothing bad to say about this. That bass is also kickin!

  • A Comment on IAMKINGIVY's
    on January 27, 2014 15:08

    Solid track. The production sounds VERY professional. The clarity and power of it is something you'd hear on the radio. Amazing work.

  • A Comment on George Acosta's
    George Acosta - Lost World 474 Crespo at 8.53
    on January 27, 2014 15:07

    Very nice mixing and transitioning. Sounds very professional to say in the least!

  • A Comment on Philosophy Recordings's
    Nutronic - Atlas (Limited time only on Itunes) at 2.02
    on January 27, 2014 15:06

    This is a very different form of house that I've heard. I'm really liking it. It sounds nice all in all production and song writing wise. The sounds used in this are very well made. Good work overall! Keep doing this.

  • A Comment on Zaena Morisho's
    COME GET IT at 0.00
    on January 27, 2014 15:03

    Liking it! Very solid pop track. It's nice, loud, clear and punchy as this kind of genre should be. Lyrics are nicely done, and vocals all in all are nice and clear. Nothing bad to say about this. Makes me want to dance

  • A Comment on EmilyCoy's
    - Morra Music Project [feat. Emily Coy] at 0.43
    on January 27, 2014 15:01

    Very nice work. Everything in this track is phenomenal. The vocals are nice and clean, in tune, not over done, and powerful. The production is very clear and punchy, and the songwriting is spot on. Good job with this one Emily!

  • A Comment on Jaredjay's
    The Lion Is Calling (JJ Edit) at 2.05
    on January 27, 2014 14:59

    Solid track, I like it. Everything used in it is very nice and I'm also really digging the buildup. Very intense track that keeps you guessing, all in all.

  • A Comment on Philosophy Recordings's
    If the race towards death gets old... "Nutronic... at 1.00
    on January 27, 2014 14:56

    Woah. This sounds a little bit like Pendulum. Very nicely made. I really like it. The production is very nice along with the mixing, however. I feel the track could be overall louder. Other than that, this track is spot on.

  • A Comment on Mo Rada's
    Missy Elliot - One Minute Man (Cova n Mo Rada T... at 2.31
    on January 27, 2014 14:54

    Interesting track, although I've never heard of this genre before. Production sounds very nice, and everything sounds clean.

  • A Comment on Meaku's
    MEAKU - Test And See Ft. Dekumzy at 1.45
    on January 27, 2014 14:52

    Interesting dancey track. I like it. It has a lot of nice elements and sounds in it and it flows very well. It's put together very nicely and produced very nicely. Sounds professional!

  • A Comment on EPIXZ's
    PIPE BOMB at 2.15
    on January 27, 2014 14:51

    Not bad. It's creative. I like it. Production and all other aspects of this track are spot on. Good work

  • A Comment on Prussian Dub Fiend's
    Ezze māise amzin at 1.30
    on January 27, 2014 03:50

    The atmosphere in this track is phenomenal. It sounds very peaceful and happy, almost like the sounds are all happily dancing into your ears. Exceptional work. I like it a lot as an ambient track.

  • A Comment on Collin Sullivan.'s
    Wicked Pleasure (Original Mix) OUT NOW! at 1.47
    on January 27, 2014 03:47

    A solid Techno track, although as I said with the other track, I feel there could be more to it. I know it's techno and there are a lot of repeats, but these things you are repeating aren't particularly catchy enough to be repeated over and over and not have it become a little state. It's a solid track, but it could be improved.

  • A Comment on Rich-Quick's
    Lullabiez at 1.38
    on January 27, 2014 03:46

    Something about this track is very soothing. In a way, it makes me feel at peace. The atmosphere is so well done. I really like it. A nice solid, relaxing track. I have nothing bad to say about this.

  • A Comment on Philosophy Recordings's
    Stuck? looking for the one? "Nutronic - Digital... at 1.30
    on January 27, 2014 03:43

    Very nice DnB! It sounds great. The progression is very well done, in such a way you never know or even have an idea what the next section holds. The vocals are nice and clear, along with the overall mix. Overall, it's a solid DnB track, and it sounds great.

  • A Comment on Collin Sullivan.'s
    Burn The Floor (Original Mix) OUT NOW! at 1.59
    on January 27, 2014 03:36

    Interesting track. I like it, but to say in the least I feel like there could be more to it. The production could also be a bit cleaner and more punchy. Other than that, it's a fairly solid track.

  • A Comment on X-DREAM USA's
    Legacy MIx at 7.25
    on January 27, 2014 03:35

    Very solid mix! Really liking it. The progression is spot on along with the transitioning.

  • A Comment on BurnHard!'s
    BurnHard Feat. Brendan Vintedge - I Remember (D... at 1.36
    on January 27, 2014 03:33

    Very solid track. I like it. I haven't heard the originals but I'm really digging what I'm hearing now. Solid vocals and production. All areas of this are kicking. Very good work! Nothing bad to say about this.

  • A Comment on Leaf's
    Paramore - Crushcrushcrush (Leaf Remix) at 2.01
    on January 27, 2014 03:31

    Woah. I was a fan of the original track, but this takes it to a whole new level. This is very well made from all views. The production is very solid. The songwriting is even more well made. I'm at a loss of words to describe how good this is.

  • A Comment on RealGamerMusic's
    Gamer - Action REMIX FT. Khanage at 1.11
    on January 27, 2014 01:50

    Pretty nice production. However I feel like the volumes could be better balanced. I also feel that the production could be a little bit more clean. Otherwise, I very well like this track.

  • A Comment on Drbblz's
    Drbblz x Tovr Feat. Happy Colors - Hit Em Hard at 2.07
    on January 27, 2014 01:40

    Very interesting sounds! I like it. It's an interesting take on the genre. Good work with this one

  • A Comment on Izodine's
    Time Travel (WIP 2) at 0.45
    on December 13, 2013 03:04
  • A Comment on RyanRoss301's
    Encouraged Mastered at 1.31
    on September 21, 2013 15:04

    I have to say. This is something that sounds like it'd be on the radio. The production is very professional. It has that special sparkle to it, that makes it sound incredibly wide and not overly done. The production is perfect. The songwriting is very well put together too. It all flows very flawlessly one section into the next.

  • A Comment on Bigbangzoom's
    Life Of One by BBZoom at 0.36
    on September 21, 2013 15:01

    This song is very well made. I believe it's very well written. The vocals fit flawlessly with the instruments. It all feels very natural and meaningful to me. From a production standpoint, it is very well produced. The kick is perfectly strong enough, but doesn't sound overly done. All the instruments are mixed very well, and still sound very natural. It also sounds incredibly wide. Amazing work!

  • A Comment on Jenny`s Vision Project's
    Muppets Goes Crazy at 1.00
    on September 21, 2013 14:56

    Very unique track! Really digging all of the unique elements. It sounds like a cross between future/funk and rock. I can safely say I've never heard anything like this before. The synth design and song writing are both spot on. However. I feel the mixing could be a little better. The track doesn't appear to be as clear as it could be. Try using 2 EQ's on each track. One made of a lowpass/high pass filter. This is an effective way to place your instrument in a very specific place in the spectrum. The other EQ would be another subtractive EQ, to further pull the instrument out of the way of other instruments.

  • A Comment on RyanRoss301's
    In it till the end at 0.43
    on September 21, 2013 14:40

    This sounds very good. When you listen to the mainstream rap today, a good amount has no meaning to it. This has meaning to it, purpose. It's perfect lyrical wise. From a song writing standpoint I feel there could be a little more variation on the instrumental. However, from a production standpoint. The track is very very well mixed. It sounds good all in all, and brings meaning back to rap.

  • A Comment on randommusicinc's
    Please give feedback about the vocal performanc... at 0.28
    on September 21, 2013 14:36

    Vocals- The vocals are very well written and performed. They sound very powerful. She has a very awesome voice. All in all it sounds great. Song writing-The song writing sounds very solid and flows very nicely. It compliments the vocals very well. It genuinely sounds very powerful and exciting.

  • A Comment on esk4pe's
    Strange Love (Original Mix) feat. Laura Messner at 0.38
    on September 21, 2013 14:33

    Wow. This is nice. I like it! It's nice, clear and punchy production wise. From writing standpoint it's fantastic. I love it! Have to like this one!

  • A Comment on D.Delcroix I Composer's
    Nefertari - Queen of the Valley (Get Free Stems... at 2.24
    on September 17, 2013 01:07

    Woah. This is simply mind blowing. The percussion is very cinematic. It really fits the cinematic vibe. I'm really liking the sound of this. Clearly very professionally arranged and composed. Amazing work.

  • A Comment on the Producer's
    The Producer & Homemadesoul - Never thought at 0.39
    on September 17, 2013 01:01

    Very cool track! It really sounds like the intended genre. Exceptional work. I feel there is a bit too much jumping around from left/right. Some synths bounce for a long time to left/right and it gets a little odd to listen to. Overall, it's a very good song!

  • A Comment on Cheshire*'s
    Burning Down The House (Featuring LBi) at 2.33
    on September 17, 2013 00:55

    Interesting track. I like it! I feel it's a little too mono sounding though. Some synths branch out into the sides, which is awesome! I think it would sound better if there was more of that. More panning and such would help. Good work! I'm also very impressed by the variety of sounds you have in this.

  • A Comment on JarrodL's
    Latitude 2.0 (Original Mix) at 0.28
    on September 17, 2013 00:52

    I love this! Very catchy and fun sounding! It really makes you want to move. The energy in this is very prominent. Good work! I have nothing negative to say about this. I might have to favorite this one!

  • A Comment on Chris G's
    Chris G & Gabe Ramos - Get Ready at 1.41
    on September 17, 2013 00:51

    Very interesting concept. The mixdown is pretty good, the mastering seems spot on. You did an awesome job with the RMS. The only thing is the overall mix itself seems a bit empty. Try adding more instruments and variations on things. Other then that, amazing work! Feels like something that'd be played in a club.

  • A Comment on gridkeeper's
    Gridkeeper, Hunoo, Emily Coy - Pixel Clouds ( ... at 1.58
    on September 17, 2013 00:48

    Not bad at all! Really does sound like it'd fit on the radio. Mixdown is almost flawless, however I feel the percussion could be more prominent. It feels little weak for this kind of music. Otherwise, great work! The remixes should be interesting with this one.

  • A Comment on Chingga Zhang's
    Pages of Adventure at 2.12
    on September 07, 2013 06:16

    Very interesting song. However it's not so strong in some areas. The writing could be a little better. I feel there can be more to it. More excitement. With the production overall, I can't help but notice some distortion here and there in the signal. It's possible your track may be clipping. Stick a limiter on the master channel and you won't have to really worry about any clipping issues. Try and clean up the audio a bit.

  • A Comment on Basswave Recordings.'s
    on September 07, 2013 06:12

    Woah. The emotion and feeling put into this is extravagant and very well done. Simply mindblowing! Alongside that, the production value is top notch. I would consider this very professional sounding. Amazing work. The vocals are simply angelic aswel; can't get over such a beautiful voice.

  • A Comment on Carlos Alfonzo's
    Animal Control - Carlos Alfonzo - Original Mix ... at 1.56
    on September 07, 2013 06:08

    Really digging this! The mixing is nice and solid, and the overall arrangement is pretty awesome aswell. I have nothing negative to say about it. It's a professional recording to me. Exceptional work here.

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