This is to share my creations and discover what you create. Send me tracks, leave comments, I like to discuss sound, sounds, textures and noise that we arrange into something called "music"..
.... As electronic music goes, I realize now that I discovered it first at 5 with the beatles! I learnt that "foreign" objects in music become part of it, and wouldn't be the same without it!". A music teacher came to our school and visited our grade 2 classroom. She came to present and play extracts of K.H. Stockhausen's "microphonie 2" in class. It was intriguing and humorous how serious her manner was while announcing to us that we were about to hear a very "special" music...it made me pay attention...and from what I heard, it was very special, I had never heard anything like it. The strange vocals sounded to me at the time like cavemen walking out, with gesturing arms, making these vocalizations with expressive motions of the mouth, trying to talk. I didn't remember the composer's name, and only had the title in mind, "Microphonie 2", as one word, pronounced the English way, something like this "meye-cro-phony-too". So I was amazed and very happy to finally make the link with this work years later with a recording I heard on the radio, the title mentioned, and to realize it might be that same work! I rushed to my cd box of Microphonie 2, and sure enough, I was still able to identify the sonorities and what I remembered of the unusual vocals in grade 2! To my surprise, the composer's name I didn't remember is Stockhausen. My brother introduced me to Vangelis, Mike Oldfield, medieval music, some classical music, clockwork orange soundtrack .. and from there I discovered Kraftwerk (autobahn), early pink Floyd, Captain Beefheart and Klaus Schulze (on the double album "cyborg" the sonorities and moods impressed me, and his notes on synthesizer parameters fascinating.) among many others. With the help of second hand vinyl stores, I spent the next two years compulsively discovering, deepening and collecting electronic, ambient, psychedelic and the eras of classical music. I caught my first glimpse of a synthesizer on the cover of " switched on Bach". The instrument really interested me! The most defining for me was as host and producer of "l'aube-ade" on the waves of CFLX community radio station in Sherbrooke for 7 years, presenting 2 hours of material from the medieval to the contemporary (early in the morning!) that I discovered "musique actuelle", and electroacoustic music at the station.There are so many fond memories of all the discoveries made through the radio station, the library of the local university, the music store and contacts during the musicological years. It was the work "aus den sieben tagen" from Stockhausen on HM label, "liason" and "fais voile vers le soleil" that ignited the passion. I was profoundly interested in the sonorities and am still amazed at how compositions with performers can be created this way. I read the notes often and developed an ever deepening interest for musicology and a yearn to practice electroacoustics, a "yearn" that kept me searching for hardware "filters" and ring modulators", asking universities all about these tools till I finally discovered.software in august 2010. I had long put the old electronic music on the side in favor of deepening ethnic instruments and traditions from around the world, and to all the eras of "classical music". The earliest musical manifestations of antiquity and the variety of medieval polyphonies of are very meaningful to me. I guess many composers and interprets served in way as teachers of musicology, interpretation and guides to composing. My interest in music as a social phenomenon and science brought me to delve into modern expressions and their meanings, like extreme genres of metal. Despite the sheer quantity of artists and composers that marked me in my life, .Karlheinz Stockhausen remains one of the key contemporary composers who influences me the most as far as sonorities and compositional ideas for the performers go. I find many of his works brilliant and the ideas, concepts applied both to composing and sonorities a possible approach to "music" and sound creation/engineering. For symphonies and orchestral textures, the works of (Anton Bruckner in particular) with Wagner, Ralph Vaughan Williams, among so many others,that have left a profound and lasting impression, both from the romantic and contemporary eras. I am finally.trying out what fascinates me and I'm discovering more new styles and genres here on soundcloud, that appealed less to me before, like "techno", "house" and "dubstep", to name a few.,.Music? You bet. It's never over and the best is always still to come..
New group "Weird, craziest & most unusual" wants to be a useful tool, data base of all musics experimental and beyond....from around the world! Receive feedback, at least an impression. Contribute a track! Listen in!
weird, craziest & most unusual inc.

irunak   James-Lee Fortier, Quebec, Canada

  • drum machine\rhythmic\ambient\experimental 15 tracks, 1.02.51 irunak on March 30, 2011 13:56

    1. 1. born a total loss. 7.09 920 plays
    2. 2. battle at Crecy-1346 a.d. 4.59 458 plays
    3. 3. unconscious 2.13 242 plays
    4. 4. Conceptual archetype 2.27 296 plays
    5. 5. tribute to François Villon (1431-1463?) 2.44 262 plays
    6. 6. The other coins 3.35 236 plays
    7. 7. ethnitricity 3.40 360 plays
    8. 8. pressure. 3.45 273 plays
    9. 9. the days won't end. 6.05 212 plays
    10. 10. vft\uk underground remix 5.44 250 plays
    11. 11. for Wilson 4.13 187 plays
    12. 12. slow dance 3.05 222 plays
    13. 13. existential 4.00 212 plays
    14. 14. Polyphonic Rock 4.02 271 plays
    15. 15. Somnambuliste 5.00 186 plays
  • electroacoustic\orchestral\experimental 32 tracks, 3.05.52 irunak on March 30, 2011 13:52

    1. 1. third century alchemy practice 4.01 442 plays
    2. 2. trivium/quadrivium 3.49 893 plays
    3. 3. Cycle of Aztec calender divinities 2.34 425 plays
    4. 4. Valleyfield presbyterian 3.35 198 plays
    5. 5. sensory deprivation 5.21 436 plays
    6. 6. gradual recollection 4.12 229 plays
    7. 7. spectral beams/cubicle dwellings 3.39 296 plays
    8. 8. sensory perception 5.12 377 plays
    9. 9. the lore 4.12 246 plays
    10. 10. highest mountain 12.11 667 plays
    11. 11. Solomon and Sheba 3.37 362 plays
    12. 12. after the strings are cut 4.22 328 plays
    13. 13. 6 months apart 5.41 286 plays
    14. 14. funeral in Salluit 11.37 274 plays
    15. 15. instrument\percussions and 4 backgrounds prototype (2). 9.53 348 plays
    16. 16. Gathering mussels beneath the ice in Kangiqsujuaq 8.02 227 plays
    17. 17. reincarnations of people still living. 6.07 359 plays
    18. 18. cymbiosis-(cymbology) 5.19 302 plays
    19. 19. initiation 4.05 216 plays
    20. 20. Comedy play/the turnip 6.11 187 plays
    21. 21. quiet evening in the country 3.15 228 plays
    22. 22. symphonies almanac 4.40 345 plays
    23. 23. subtle symmetry for 6 6.37 298 plays
    24. 24. sensory introduction 6.20 269 plays
    25. 25. capital punishment/death row 5.28 415 plays
    26. 26. Melancholic chants 2.56 151 plays
    27. 27. Modern Trouvères 5.39 208 plays
    28. 28. Spectral intermission 5.24 242 plays
    29. 29. Basso Continuo\owls 7.15 247 plays
    30. 30. Mysterious Derivation by Tuonela & irunak 8.38 636 plays
    31. 31. ars nova\dome chapel 5.35 199 plays
    32. 32. merging impulses 10.08 312 plays

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