idyll Mind is the artist persona created by musician, composer, producer and cinema enthusiast Joshua Gough, who originates and currently resides in the North of England.

His journey into the musical world was much later than most, beginning at the age of thirteen when he begun to learn the guitar with the aid of rock and metal based genres to spur his development.
Josh, lusting for the stage, attempted to perform in several bands over the coming years but aside from the odd gig now and then, he struggled to find a lineup that suited his own passion for the music.

It wasn't until aged sixteen he discovered a new found love for trance music, opening his mind to other genre's of music he would otherwise previously have dismissed.
This was the time Josh attended 6th form college, attending a film and a double music technology course for two years, both fueling his passion in the creative arts equally. At this time Cubase SE was his primary DAW of choice for music production.
Upon finishing college, he continued his love of music by attending a Leeds Met university course titled "Creative Music and Sound Technology", where he focused on developing his skills in creative musical composition and production skills, often including his knowledge of cinema into his works.
Modules such as "Composing for Film and TV", "Creative Compositional Skills" and "Electroacoustic Composition" were favored choices for building these skill.
It was during the university years where Josh was introduced to Reason 4 by his house mate of 2 years Joey Stanton, whom he worked with during most uni projects, as well as a personal project titled "The Dr. Random Project", creating a 4 track EP and a 15 min compositional scoring to Jan Svankmajer's short film "Down to the Cellar" with the aid of Roger Cooper.

Upon leaving university in 2010, Josh dropped Cubase as his primary DAW to be replaced by Reason. Realising the potential power it has as an instrument and understanding that it is a complex program with endless possibilities, he knew he had to focus all of his energy to the program if he would be able to utilize its potential as his tool.
It took awhile to get to grips with producing any solid music, spending a year producing partial idea's or poor excuses for tracks, he kept with it over the coming year.

The beginning of 2012 saw the birth of "idyll Mind" with the completion and finalization of his debut solo album "idyll" in the first quarter of the year.
The album shows the earlier work of idyll Mind, created in a trip-hop/electronic style and blending each track together to create a concept album.
"Widow In White", "Sub-Dewed" and ""Dancing With Cats" part's 1 and 2 are the earliest produced tracks during his final uni year (2010).
Post University (2011) saw the bulk of the tracks being developed as a collection of idea's which were then concluded in 2012.
This album is being considered to be developed into a visual concept album by producing an accompanying video for the full album.

(AM/PM) is the second album produced by idyll Mind.
This album was composed and produced on Reason 4 focusing on the development of Dance and Electronic tracks of various genre styles to the music type.
A small few of tracks in this album were produced as early idea's in 2011, during the development of his first album "idyll". They didn't make it onto the first album due to style differences and were left to one side.
After the completion of "idyll" by the end of the first quarter of 2012, focus was given to (AM/PM) of which the bulk of the tracks and the finalized productions were developed and completed by the end of the second quarter of 2012.

Anesthesia Rising is the third album produced by idyll Mind.
The album was developed after Reason upgraded its software from version 4 used on previous albums to version 6 half way through year 2012.
The update integrated audio recording capabilities that were previously unavailable in the earlier versions which opened up new doors for idyll Mind.
Due to his limited keyboard performance skills, this was the first time he had been able to use his preferred instrument of choice, the Guitar.
The album begun production directly after the completion of "(AM/PM)" with the recording of "Riding Those Scarlet Waves".
Nearly each Friday over the following three month saw the recording of a track for the album which saw a completed production on the following Saturday.
Half way through the album, the tracks presented a vacancy in the mixes which were soon realized to be the absence of a bass guitar, hence the purchase of his first ever bass.
It is evident in the album's bass guitar performance that the instrument was still being learned to play by idyll Mind but allowed the mixes to feel more complete than previous.
By the end of the third quarter of 2012 the album was completely recorded and fully produced to its current state, all of which had been done in a very short 3 months.

idyll Mind is currently working on the soundtrack to a Trilogy of half hour short films, written by Joshua Gough and Scripted by Craig Robinson.
Each story in the trilogy shows the meeting of strangers and their developing friendship or personal conflicts with one another through the medium of music production.
The compositional approach to each film if comprised with a different musical style.

The trilogy is;
1. Fist Full of Roses - The formation of a rock band showing their preparation leading up to their first gig, with a dark parallel story line twist.
2. The Username Project - The production of an electronic/Trip-hop album over the internet by three people who never meet each other.
3. The Busker and the Boy - The meeting and developing of friendship between a young boy and a homeless busker via interest in acoustic guitar music.

The first Film "Fist Full of Roses" soundtrack is near completion.
Each track is thematic to each character in the fictional band "Fist Full of Roses" and written from the characters point of view, revealing their personality and back story outside of the rehersals.
The story is parallel to a second dark story which is revealed in the final gig at the end of the film and expressed in the final song performed at the gig.
The tracks in this album begun recording half way through 2013 to present. These are the first tracks composed and produced by idyll Mind to feature lyrics which have been written and performed by his recent collaboration with Don Reese.
All five tracks were recorded and initially produced into completed tracks in only two days, however, unlike earlier work by idyll Mind, focus to extreme details in production values have been applied and are still ongoing.
This album has pushed idyll Mind into developing his skills in performance, composition and production to a new level.

The Busker and the Boy soundtrack has been initially drawn up in 6 tracks, development on these and new tracks will begin production upon the completion of "Fist Full of Roses" as well as the initial idea's to be created for "The Username Project".
The soundtrack to all three films are aimed to be completed by the end of the year.

idyll Mind   Joshua Gough, Scunthorpe, Britain (UK)

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  • Scrapyard Dogs feat. Don Reece (idyll Mind Remix)

    idyll Mind on August 13, 2013 21:00
  • Stick It To The Edge Artwork

    Stick It To The Edge

    idyll Mind on July 15, 2012 08:54
  • The Oxygen Thief Artwork

    The Oxygen Thief

    idyll Mind on May 26, 2012 13:56
  • Hamsters Wheel feat. Don Reece

    idyll Mind on July 03, 2013 22:37
  • So Cold feat. Don Reece

    idyll Mind on November 24, 2012 02:52

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