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Welcome to the Soundiron User Demo Submission dropbox. We welcome you to upload your compositions for consideration as an official Soundiron demo piece. This is open to all of our customers, but there are a few caveats: - You must be the sole copyright holder of the work you are submitting in order for us to use it. - By submitting your demo, you are giving us permission to post it on any related product page. - If your demo is selected as an official demo, we'll add it to the official playlist for the library(s) it demonstrates and contact you directly. - Demos should be “standard” song length — so no 25-minute epics or 15-second stingers please. - Please include a description of all instruments and instrument libraries you used in your composition. - Demos can be in any genre, from epic & symphonic compositions, to electronic, to country rock. We love it all! - Sound design and post production audio and video demos are more than welcome, so if you’ve got a trailer, short film, animation or other audio or video clip that features our libraries strongly, send it our way! Bonus points for any of those! - We will NOT sell, re-use or re-license your work in any way. We will only use them as demos to show how our libraries can be used. You retain full copyright ownership. - We can’t feature every demo and we have final say on whether or not we use it. We may not be able to get back to you right away and the competition is fierce, so please don’t be hurt if we’re not able use your demo. - Extra bonus if you include two versions of your track: a standard version and a “solo” version with ONLY the Soundiron instrument(s) or if you create your demo using nothing but Soundiron libraries. - Since we are getting lots of submissions, please use this Soundcloud dropbox as a way of getting us your track(s). - Your demo can include older versions of Soundiron libraries of our libraries that were originally purchased from other publishers, as long as they are currently included in Soundiron’s catalog and you still have your purchase receipt email, just in case we request it. Visit our Demo Submissions page at for more info: Please note: We don't filter incoming tracks in this dropbox, so we aren't responsible for anything offensive, lame or just plain crappy. We do however reserve the right to clean house every now and then to make sure there's room for new submissions and to remove anything we feel is inappropriate.

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