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  • Zangão
    Zangão on October 26, 2011 21:43

    Hello! Anyone involved or knows the NY free improv scene, or maybe noise scene? I may go there next month join occupy wall st. and would like to meet people and maybe play together.
    I'm a portuguese kid living in London, studying Sound Arts, involved in Eddie Prévost's workshops...
    Get back at me! Cheers!

  • couchwaker
    couchwaker on October 07, 2011 02:58

    @Dragunsound: Your comment really hit home with me man, I also have a procedural uncreative job, I'm good at it, can follow all the rules, but put me behind a piano and there is nothing more satisfying than channeling the surroundings and unspoken communication of other players. The only procedure there is to not let procedures get in the way.

  • Dragunsound
    Dragunsound on January 25, 2011 02:24

    Well I personally think "playing what you don't know" (Sun Ra said that) is the ultimate flexing of a musician's creativity. I personally have a very regimented job that requires that proper procedure is always followed. My response to that is to play off the top of my head as much as possible. I think the most satisfying improv pieces for me are the ones where I personally am not over playing and listening to the other musicians involved.
    I also play "free" because I got burned out on years of counting in "tight" bands. I sorta had a musical nervous breakdown. I hope that is reflected in the music I make.
    My free playing is also a reflection of all the fucked up shit I see living in Philadelphia.

  • Hey Exit
    Hey Exit (Moderator) on July 18, 2009 03:06


    -- I forget who it was (someone smarter than me) who said, when asked why they're interested in improvisation over composition, something like "There's just more music per square inch." Maybe that doesn't address the issue of purpose specifically, but your question made me think of that quote anyway. Purpose in music is generally a pretty personal thing and can vary a lot, but for me I think it's about finding ideas and sounds faster than I would otherwise.

    -- I used to do a lot more 90's IDM-style electronic pop music, and have been thinking of getting back into that. Lately I've starting some minor soundtrack work along those lines, as well as some koto performances / compositions ( ).

    Anyone else?

  • AvantGuy
    AvantGuy on July 16, 2009 18:36

    So, anyway, what's a group w/o a discussion (or two)...

    -- Does Free-Improv have a purpose other genres/methods/processes do not? (My own answer: I've never really though much about this, but it seems like a good pseudo-intellectual question :):) )

    -- What other genres/methods/processes do you tinker with? (My answer: I like to "compose" in a sort of classical tradition with dots and stems, that is, writing stuff down in a score and getting humans to read it -- or, at least, fake reading it :):) I like to mix improvised sections into a score that is through-composed to a large extent, other pieces are fully through-composed. I've also done graphic scores which I usually compare to "guided improvisation." Sometimes I improvise in a free-jazz style with a piano-sounding computer-based instrument. Enough for now!)

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