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Gene Pool Brady Gurney, Thunder Bay, Canada

  • A Comment on C-dra's
    J Dilla (1st) at 0.59
    on July 09, 2014 13:17

    this is ill bro. good job

  • A Comment on DMH - RawLAHipHop's
    Regicide - (watch music video @youtube.com/tune... at 1.22
    on November 28, 2013 16:58
  • A Comment on RaxOfficial's
    #1Hundred (Ft It's Nate, Mrvl) at 0.51
    on October 27, 2013 16:49

    this is dope

  • A Comment on Alyssa Marie Music's
    What Up ft. eNVy at 0.49
    on October 19, 2013 00:25

    Alyssa, you are by far one of the best emcees I know of. I bought your first EP cuz I wanna support whatever you do to the fullest. stay up and keep killin it. eNVy you kill it to. first I've heard from yah but I dig it for sure. dope.

  • A Comment on Goodnight Cody's
    Cloudy City Tours (☆LIGHT SPEED) at 0.08
    on September 11, 2013 14:44

    this is amazingly well done. could only imagine the diggin u musta done to get all these samples and the engineering afterwards. wicked.

  • A Comment on DMH - RawLAHipHop's
    Lyrical Assassins **add me** facebook.com/dmht... at 0.21
    on September 11, 2013 14:36

    this beat is tight as fuck. killin this shit for real guys. love it.

  • A Comment on TinaPizzi's
    Do you cover - Tina Pizzi at 0.47
    on August 23, 2013 23:46

    this is dope, good job

  • A Comment on Coleman Hell's
    Control H.O.F. (Hell On Fire) at 0.42
    on August 21, 2013 14:37

    fuckin ill bro, definitely want more of this shit. stay up.

  • A Comment on DopeBoyzMuzic's
    Alyssa Marie - Experimental Flow (Prod. by Dope... at 0.35
    on August 18, 2013 22:29

    stayin true to hip-hop, love it.

  • A Comment on RaxOfficial's
    Bring The Pain (Freestyle) at 0.39
    on June 14, 2013 02:46

    solid job man, this is tight as fuck

  • A Comment on X-Cell Music's
    Until I Fall at 0.35
    on April 28, 2013 13:44

    Fickin sick bro.

  • A Comment on Doc T - AllorNothin's
    Ears on the Streets - Doc T at 0.20
    on April 22, 2013 16:08

    this is sick bro, nice job. diggin this

  • A Comment on Jaide's
    Resilient at 1.00
    on March 29, 2013 03:38

    some real talk. love this shit. stay up.

  • A Comment on Classic Roots's
    Graff Writers(Produced By Classic Roots) (Sold) at 0.43
    on March 24, 2013 19:42
  • A Comment on rhymesayers's
    Atmosphere - The Outernet at 1.40
    on February 22, 2013 03:51

    dope track, glad I have this album along with all of atmosphere's LP's, props to slug and Ant and the rest of Rhymesayers for makin dope music.

  • A Comment on Chepnko's
    HALFTIME at 0.19
    on February 15, 2013 09:11

    this is dope, sounds tight and clean

  • A Comment on Chepnko's
    Public Service Announcment - Chepnko & Aspect at 1.26
    on February 14, 2013 17:52

    Bring the technique and defeat the weak
    In the streets, the green leaf elite
    Keeping the heat when your talking is cheap

    Steadily steep, with your feet
    You staggerin deep in the heap
    Of my rhyme flow, constant and I know
    That I’m leavin you fuckers broke

    Cutting ya throat, choke with a toke of the marijuana
    You ganja smoking mother fucker just caught in the drama
    Hot bitches and sauna’s, you wanna lip lock and cop a feel of her tits
    Listen to this kids, submissive when I’m dismissin your best scripts

    So get with, this, illicitly pissed diss with a twist, wish list
    Just put me on your next mix, I rip shit quick, you lift-ed
    From my ambiguous dreams, you celibate teens scream
    From the back of the limousine, listen to Avril Lavigne or that top 40 scene

    Please, I just wanna drink in the drought
    Shout about the wack emcees drivin their fancy cars and bounce
    Just go buy an ounce, so I can count all the times you’ve crashed your game
    Set the stage ablaze, poppin off your fame cuz I’m better to entertain

    The true heads and busi-ness, is this sole vic-ous-ness when I better the grip
    To evict, split victims and predict, addicted to spit venomous riffs and never quit
    Shift, downgrading yah status, you rappin with the baddest
    Bringing it back, family matters when doin collateral damage

    You think you can manage the heat? Beat with definitive feats
    I’ll pass you the silver spoon just so you have something to fuckin eat
    So feast your eyes on true skill, mother fucker I got a license to kill
    And no I don’t do this shit for the dollar bills, just keeping it real

  • A Comment on Nicki Gigolyk's
    Forever- Nicki Gigolyk at 1.17
    on February 14, 2013 17:02

    good job Nicki, good to see u following ur heart, keep makion music. I'll try to keep up with what ur doin. take care.

  • A Comment on Chepnko's
    Some Days - Chepnko, Mohammad Escrow & IBe at 0.18
    on January 10, 2013 03:12

    by far, one of the best tracks to come outta t-bay yet, words can't express how dope and genuis this track is, awesome job guys. Represent!

  • A Comment on GAVLYN's
    Gavlyn:New Space Feat.Uncle Dee Prod. DJ Hoppa at 0.22
    on November 12, 2012 02:34

    Gavlyn, your so dope. smooth as ice girl, stay up.

  • A Comment on Classic Roots's
    Café Shop (Produced By Classic Roots) at 1.20
    on September 26, 2012 08:20

    this is dope, straight hip-hop

  • A Comment on Jordan Danielsson's
    Sell Out - Jordan Danielsson & Gene Pool aka As... at 0.07
    on September 21, 2012 08:27

    Brrrraaap! Love this shit!

  • A Comment on Jordan Danielsson's
    Moon - Jordan Danielsson ft. Melissa Irene at 0.09
    on September 21, 2012 08:25

    my Fav track from you so far bro, big ups for this one, mad nice. Beatfarm!

  • A Comment on Chepnko's
    Dream w/Beatfarm at 1.28
    on September 21, 2012 08:22

    So get the barbecue a-fired up, nobody be talking it tough
    When we talking it up, when were talking about the stuff
    That gets us on the tip, sometimes explicit when were trippin
    From the liquorice twist but never resorts to throwin fists, no

    Cuz we got the illest team, dropping topics pristine
    Flippin 16’s, for you people who be digging the scene
    In the limousine when were rockin it clean, she’s 23
    And telling me often, about the tropics sippin palm breeze

  • A Comment on Chepnko's
    Dream w/Beatfarm at 0.49
    on September 21, 2012 08:21

    Cuz in the summer heat it’s needed to get the addidas
    Heeded on the spicy fajitas and the margaritas
    When we down em by the thousands and thousands
    It’s getting kind of arousin when I’m checkin out the girl
    That’s lookin rather astoundin…

    So what’s the chance for a date, when we servin fate for the plate
    When we takin destiny up, to another place, we got the time, to be makin
    The lovin scene, if you know what I mean I’m talking if you and me
    Be kickin back to the birds and bees

  • A Comment on Chepnko's
    Dream w/Beatfarm at 0.09
    on September 21, 2012 08:20

    Wakin up at quarter to 8 in the morn
    Got the top of the day and you know
    We musta got ahead of the storm

    The ground is lookin lush and green
    Gotta meet with LT and the rest of the team
    Cuz we be fiendin out on poutine

    Straight to afternoon, up the avenue
    B-ballin the park till it’s dark
    You know we gotta work on the tunes

    Getting on the music tip, is a typical fix
    In 36 degrees cuz we got no time to be takin a dip

  • A Comment on Gene Pool's
    Speak My Name at 0.11
    on September 17, 2012 19:04

    Come out the woodwork, moppin up the blood work
    The sweat and tears, the fears that’s got me caught
    In talk for what’s worth…

    Every second, a breath, for ever day, a pressure point
    For every time the pen keeps pressin tip to every page
    I sit in mission, no intermission listen, I’m fishin
    For consistent vision, with decisive precision

    Decisions, plenty at best, impress competitive pests
    Then just digest the rest that infest, without respect
    Because they not the best…

    Lyrical wise, sedatives just to settle what’s mine
    Cynical eyes despise the absented minds
    When I’m killing my time…

    I’m gonna combine, the finer lines of alchemical rhymes
    This side of sublime, I split the atom, then I fathom
    Until the end of time and that’s divine…

    Let me whisper it’s sound, past the lost and found
    Your soul discovered in this five finger discounted town
    So stand around a second more, a chance to hit the score
    I bet before you hit the floor your livin poor and that’s the door

    To the otherside, I got the thought abided by the rising tide
    And every time they cry a piece of em dies
    Just let it slide, with the avalanche of time
    And lets define the reasons why
    They say that love is always blind

    To the senses, a senseless etiquette, but pretentious
    Inventive to it’s will, but the cup’s to difficult to fill
    This chalice of wine, where god just dies behind the lines
    Of finer crimes and it divides reason from the common sense in their eyes

    Speak My Name…

  • A Comment on Gene Pool's
    Summer Sky at 2.28
    on September 17, 2012 18:59

    It’s the summer beat, when july is hittin the streets
    In bare feet when they down at the beach, the girls keep it neat
    And tidy with the two piece bikini to keep
    The sheet soakin sun lotion before they sleep

    So now we goin down for a dip, always prettier
    Watchin water drip, from the sides of your hip
    Sippin on something exotic with those voluptuous lips
    Tips the shades when I’m gettin a better look at your click

    If the shoe fits, I guess we’ll never know
    Unless you give me time to hit you up on the cellular phone
    Meet it up for a drink, or we could even break it down on top
    Of the kitchen counter with you, sittin right next to the sink

    Cuz it gets a little heated, when August lights the sky
    She lookin hard, and I can see me reflect in her eyes
    But it’s ok when we barbeque at the back
    Sippin cogniac to relax when we chillin with these summer tracks

  • A Comment on Gene Pool's
    Summer Sky at 2.08
    on September 17, 2012 18:58

    Cuz in the summer sky
    We never be wonderin why
    We keep it heavy but the steadiness
    Is set to drive

    So keep the engine live, cuz it provides
    The best of times when sittin to enjoy the ride
    So we better abide

    Cuz in the summer sky
    We never be wonderin why
    We keep it heavy but the steadiness
    Is set to drive

    So keep the engine live, cuz it provides
    The best of times when sittin to enjoy the ride
    In at that summer sky

  • A Comment on Gene Pool's
    Summer Sky at 1.24
    on September 17, 2012 18:58

    But if we cross it over to June, with summertime tunes
    Soon, were surrounded with a beautiful view
    With all the girls up in the park
    It doesn’t matter if it’s day or dark
    Yo, this is where the party starts

    So bring it back to the crib, ain’t no harm in sippin back on the fizz
    The biz is getting back to the bit, the tight fit, nice kicks
    With all the lollipop licks, just go ahead and take your pick, oh shit…

    If your testin your luck, but girl, I’m tellin you what
    The top tucked, up underneath the bust
    Is makin a bit of a fuss

    The Neanderthals, they crowdin around
    But I just wanna take yah hand for a night on the town, yea

    And we can party till the break of dawn
    Party to the bass and drum of every one of my songs
    And if you like, kickin it back to one of JD’s tracks, blastin
    One back from the pipe, is insight for a nibble or bite

  • A Comment on Gene Pool's
    Summer Sky at 1.04
    on September 17, 2012 18:57

    Cuz in the summer sky
    We never be wonderin why
    We keep it heavy but the steadiness
    Is set to drive

    So keep the engine live, cuz it provides
    The best of times when sittin to enjoy the ride
    So we better abide

    Cuz in the summer sky
    We never be wonderin why
    We keep it heavy but the steadiness
    Is set to drive

    So keep the engine live, cuz it provides
    The best of times when sittin to enjoy the ride
    In at that summer sky

  • A Comment on Gene Pool's
    Summer Sky at 0.21
    on September 17, 2012 18:57

    Just give a *whistle* to the ladies in May
    The summer dress up with the blonde hair and skinny legs
    I know you tryin to play, the heart shaped games
    Couldn’t hit it even if you attempted to pay

    But you lookin pretty fine, the green eyes accentuate
    The curves to go with your slender spine, this time
    I’m trying to find witty line but all I do is rhyme
    Crack a smile for me one time if your feelin the vibe?

    Just a question for yah? No reason to get upset
    I’m not trying to play you for a cute face or pretty chest
    So test me if you will, ain’t got no dollar bills
    But we can keep it kickin back at my place and chill

    Cuz my homies are tight, I’ll grab the light beer for you
    Until the dusk is just passin on to the night
    Under spring time and summer lights
    We get it right, checkin off the good times
    On this list of living our life

  • A Comment on Gene Pool's
    1000Faces Demo/w Lyrics at 0.55
    on September 17, 2012 18:49

    I see it on the faces, of everyday people
    The steeple can’t lift the spirit inside
    And all I sense is evil…

    On the looks we project, those that try to protect
    Every word they mutterin underneath their breath
    Inspect, what we can’t see with our eyes
    Getting lost in lies, it’s time we stop, trying to survive
    And live our life alive…

    Go ahead and do your best, is what they say
    Before you lay your head to rest, but the stress
    Sometimes it overweighs…
    Every single thing that we do, the stupid truth
    Is that we can’t figure out, is how to stop from feeling blue

    We substitute with food or booze, assumed euphoric
    Views that’s drug induced and confused, reality is just a ruse
    A game we like to play, with strings attached
    We think they’ll never break
    Until our friends ain’t never comin back
    Cuz they gone for good, float above with halo’s song
    We sing along in choir while remaining strong

    For the ones that we love, we goin out the way
    Livin pay to pay for heartbreak at the end of the day
    And it’s ok to keep it friends, she says in defence
    Emotion so intense cuz you know what she really meant, yea

    Does it have to be good bye? setting at tentative minds
    Asking for a reason why, but one can never provide
    So self indulgence always follows next
    Blame yourself for everything that happened just out of respect

    So get the coffee at your morning stop
    The half and half on black, just to get the chip off the block
    Feelin tired and spent, drop the extra 20 cents
    To extra large the day that’s bout to commence, in present tense

    Just climb the fence, thinking that there’s greener grass the otherside
    But miles wide we see the hurtin pride and glossy eyes
    From all the tears, the blood, sweat and groans
    For every milestone we travel throughout, these broken homes

    Cuz it used to be kids at the park, watchin as the time lapse
    Decays the thoughts we holdin close to our heart
    Starts to reminisce, reflections splash the puddle
    Right before evaporating back into mist

    And then it’s gone, like a whisper in the ear
    Peaceful days, with your better half so simple and clear
    Lounging down, deep, underneath the sheets
    The sweetest pillow talk exchanged in replace, for speech
    And we keep it discrete…

    If only for a second, taking back our first impressions
    Just to correct some of the harsher lessons where stressing
    But can’t assume confession, and now we’re recessing
    Are faith, misplace the hope to create an escape to find
    That we’re standing in place

    Cuz down this one way road, there is no fork
    No second chances to up the grade on the report
    And every time we try to do it, we’re a student
    To the mystery of natures scenic music we’re suited
    To persevere so prove it

    But were short of breath, a marathon of depression
    With rent, a short handed cheque, that’s given just to test
    The bills begin to stack, you can feel the pressure
    Build, right before it numbs the nerves and breaks your back

    Cuz everyday it brings us back, to the mirror that we starin at
    But what’s reflecting back, is causing panic attacks
    Cuz you see a face full of joy, sittin down
    And playin with them elementary toys
    But slips into the void

    So let the image pass, fade away like yesterday
    The stage is set with that meagre age and simple phrase
    That life is what we make of it, so take a bit
    Cuz fate will make us break away from it
    But there’s no fakin it… no

    We embracing it, and lacin quick the sneakers
    That be chasin it, In pace before we have to space and sit
    And analyze the scene, cuz a thousand faces
    Are drowning underneath this falling sea
    That can’t resurface their dreams

    So we better believe, the delicacy, of the strings we weave
    Hanging by a thread are the ones we love that have to leave
    And at your time of need, you thank your friends
    You never know when something might just happen to them

    On consistent trend, the scars will never mend
    The feelings that we keep are ever so hard
    To try and ascend, above the cruelty and greed
    Above the luxuries we think we always need
    And when we lose the wounds begin to bleed

    But I breathe, my lungs be full of oxygen
    Ever so thankful for the days that I can feel the sun again
    And I bring it, as real as it gets, got immense respect
    For any that this song touches and doesn’t forget
    Where were from, the difficulties overcome
    Never wonderin what coulda been from what’s been done
    Cuz that’s a life, livin in past, the other side of light
    Where darkness just covers over the path

  • A Comment on rhymesayers's
    Brother Ali - Years at 2.30
    on August 08, 2012 08:28

    Ant, one of my favourite producers, and Ali, one of my favourite emcees layin sickness all over this track. love this shit.

  • A Comment on rhymesayers's
    Brother Ali - I'll Be Around feat. Phonte & Sto... at 2.21
    on August 08, 2012 08:25

    definetely an Ant beat for sure, dope as fuck.

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