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Food For Thought is Aaron Wagner, born in Iowa, lived in Chicago, IL and Oakland, CA, USA; then back in Iowa, now back in Chicago, where he first started making music, using mostly Logic Pro Audio, synthesizers and drum machines, occasionally makes use of elements of samples for backdrop; is always looking for ways to add live instrumentals. Hopefully there's some Food For Thought inside his sometimes spacy, amorphously constructed sound gems and words that make it worthwhile to stop by from time to time and see what he's up to.He would like that, i.e., I would like that.Stay creative and productive all...

I'm also found for free listen or download online at: http://foodforthought2.bandcamp.com/
and: http://www.myspace.com/foodforthoughtrecording

Best, Aaron

Food For Thought Aaron Wagner, Grinnell, Iowa, United States

  • A Comment on JTea Beatz's
    Meadow at 0.16
    on January 06, 2014 15:42

    I don't know how/why you found me, but your sound is on some real shit. Keep fu$*ing making music and keep feeling the good that comes from that. Best.

  • A Comment on Del The Funky Homosapien's
    10.) GRAND ROYAL at 0.09
    on January 06, 2014 11:01

    thank you Del. As a white boy who grew up on Mista Dobalina, you always put it down on music first.

  • A Comment on Odd Nosdam's
    T r i s h at 0.15
    on September 10, 2013 23:09
  • A Comment on Alex Xander Jacobs's
    Sounds from Friday morning at 0.07
    on July 21, 2013 02:05

    I would listen to this on any morning ending in Y.

  • A Comment on Food For Thought's
    50 Female US Senators at 7.09
    on July 21, 2013 02:00

    @Alex Xander Jacobs: thanks Xander! Love your stuff and have been following you on here for a while. Best!

  • A Comment on SincJack's
    That Edge at 1.21
    on July 16, 2013 22:12

    in the year and more since I've been following you, your learning curve has been unchained!

  • A Comment on Jakarta Records's
    13. Ta-ku & Raashan Ahmad - Dreamcatcher (Link ... at 0.42
    on July 09, 2013 17:42

    hella like! beat is quite clever too. who did the production?

  • A Comment on Food For Thought's
    The Day G.U.R.U. Died at 3.36
    on June 25, 2013 19:29

    @LisaScorpio: thanks so much for listening. G.U.R.U was a true innovator, who will be missed.

  • A Comment on Arlen Hart's
    Arlen Hart - Pigs & Dogs at 12.17
    on June 25, 2013 16:59

    I listened. Impressive developments, rhythms and textures, man! Hope NYC is treating you well, wags

  • A Comment on an_hobbes's
    Partly Cloudy (With a Chance of Meteor Showers) at 0.35
    on June 12, 2013 18:48

    Been listening to your stuff for a minute. Love the sonics and the raps. Keep on making music. Where are you from, anyway?

  • A Comment on JONAS JUGGERKNOTS....'s
    Nasty boy biggie smalls (funky techno remix) at 0.27
    on May 15, 2013 04:42

    hey man, looks like you been hella prolific recently. that's great to see. I got some catching up to do.

  • A Comment on SincJack's
    Cosmos at 0.21
    on February 01, 2013 06:00

    the hotness! it's got that boom boom clack clack (wicka wicka) on lock!

  • A Comment on Grotesk the Subhuman's
    Grotesk the Subhuman - Muddy Ozark Waters - 02 ... at 0.13
    on January 17, 2013 18:52

    grimy! dig the sample too. keep making music!

  • A Comment on Food For Thought's
    I Sent the Universe a Heartfelt Plea (Then Call... at 0.00
    on January 06, 2013 00:53

    I Sent the Universe a Heartfelt Plea (Then Called It Me) Is there something greater? Is this just the consciousness my pineal eye see? I sent the Universe a Heartfelt Plea Then Called it Me I Put It On Me Is it all in my head? Is there a transcendency? I question meaning Then I wonder what I’d do without it instead Without the quest Without the comfort in knowing that life’s a daily guess And I’m on this earth But I’m just a guest While I walk upon it Will I aspire to something more or just transgress Allow my self-doubt to render me something less Elevate my mental faculties say please And demand universal respect Though if God is in the molecules And I’m a sometimes bitter fool It matters not this world is pearls and jewels It’s the compassion in human hearts It’s the propensity to be cruel Attribute none of it to strict ideology The full spectrum 360 degrees of possibility Is the skill in me even when I act the fool If I learn to tap into its energy I’ll know the human interdependence befriending me that just might set this whole humanity free I’ll die to believe In the meantime this life is cool Kids just stay in school Is there something greater? Is this just the consciousness my pineal eye see? I sent the Universe a Heartfelt Plea Then Called it Me Put the responsibility the honus on me To make it a possibility Whatever it may be It’s what we make of it Determine our destiny By our propensity To discover the enormous expanse the flexibility To discover what’s ill in me And what’s healthy What’s a rational belief What’s considering two paths And realizing I’ll have to backtrack So I can keep my focus on a dual reality With quantum dimensions With daily intentions Kill all pretentions toward humble ascension And then rise with my eyes to look at the skies And say yes it’s all much bigger than me And yet it’s all inside of me Is there something greater? Is this just the consciousness my pineal eye see? I sent the Universe a Heartfelt Plea Then Called it Me I Put It On Me I put the honus and responsibility on me All of us of consciousness, a collectivity Don’t know all the answers Not half the questions I should ask And none of this is for eternity so very little forever lasts Life’s transience I move past There’s cancer and a cause to dance for And move forward incline up See symbols in the signs move toward Stairs that climb the galaxies Planetary municipalities Place, space, face, memory erased Meaning resurrected, magnanimous, so common place I’m here for the savory flavors and the taste The love of her lips The sway of her hips Mother nature, I will always be dating her As time moves past, hold these moments slow fast Cognition must grasp, these scientific facts Magic is fun but reality’s our daily task And whether dark matter rips A whole in our dimensional grip I’ll learn as I grasp Remember to always ask Gain greater understanding of the dimensions of my synapse Live in the moment then glide past Write a poem then get up off my ass This life’s a gift my responsibility to value all it encompass These are just my words and beats Travel to stars ocean deep inside the mind’s a ride that never sleeps Is there something greater? Is this just the consciousness my pineal eye see? I sent the Universe a Heartfelt Plea Then Called it Me And my responsibility I put mine on me My assignment to self to be a more positive energy Live the truth that I see Take responsibility I sent the Universe a Heartfelt Plea Then Called it Me As just a humble one inside this life connecting reflective irrespective collectivity The stars will only align if my eyes choose to see The universe in our energy But us is never we until mine is me The universe is in our energy The molecules are universal inside the diversity of you and me And how we articulate Our heartfelt plea So put yours on you As I put mine on me And you and I search live to find, our collectivity

  • A Comment on SAM KNUTSON's
    If I Leave at 1.31
    on January 04, 2013 06:26

    hey, thanks for the find, Sam. We haven't met but I believe you have played with people we both mutually know from Grinnell: Chris Sutliff, Adam Bernemann, Ryan Bernemann, etc? Best! Keep making Iowa proud and possessive of real roots country/rock/etc.

  • A Comment on JesseSleepwreck's
    And It Could Be Beautiful at 0.17
    on January 04, 2013 06:23

    like the blending of sample kid voice and intro. this develops well. Nice!

  • A Comment on sole...'s
    GUN CONTROL at 3.13
    on December 18, 2012 20:25

    you hit on a lot of the salient points in a 3 minute song written just days after the tragedy. well done. everyone needs to read the write-up below and form your own opinions too.

  • A Comment on AfterTheSmoke's
    After The Smoke - Fuck Yeah at 1.11
    on July 30, 2012 07:36

    FUck YeAh I like this a fuck yeah fucking lot. Great work.

  • A Comment on Food For Thought's
    Bird Syncin' With The Beat at 6.15
    on July 02, 2012 05:31

    whoops. forgot to cut a vocal snippet before bouncing this as an instrumental. that was kind of abrupt and obtrusive, wasn't it? my bad.

  • A Comment on SincJack's
    Better Luck Tomorrow at 1.10
    on June 24, 2012 19:07

    This is great from top to bottom. Really like the shift between the more spaced out beat and the melodic hook that gets a little more crunchy. Well done!

  • A Comment on S.A. AKA Gotham Skillz's
    Greatest smoke song ever!!! Produced by : Clone166 at 0.27
    on May 06, 2012 05:59

    I would smoke to this track and then do yoga. Good stuff. Thanks for the find!

  • A Comment on Food For Thought's
    The Ayes of March (Russell Sprouts V. Rudy Begg...
    on March 23, 2012 07:12

    Admittedly, beets are the one vegetable I don't like. All others are gawd sends from the universe and thank that universe for that. But beets? F' beets. Beets can chomp on it.

  • A Comment on Food For Thought's
    The Ayes of March (Russell Sprouts V. Rudy Begg...
    on March 23, 2012 06:25

    There's a Spring a comin'. There's the 99% Spring in April. There's May Day, that true labor day. Haymarket Square. Honor legacy. Say hey. There's Chicago V NATO in mid-May. A change is gonna comin', say yeah way. Do the ayes have it? Do the eyes have it? Do the Is' have it? November won't be nothin' to remember, lest the months before do their part, seek their art, do impart. There's a change a comin'. Do you feel it as the drummer starts to drummin'? Electro virtual meets human heart harmonica hummin'? Thousands in the street, no hitch hiker thumbin'. The ayes of March will not retreat in step with beats are DOIN' SU'IN!

  • A Comment on Food For Thought's
    Spring to Summertime Beacon
    on March 20, 2012 08:41

    I laid vocals and some atonal melodics, abrasives and synthesizer scribbles over a couple beats by Walti of Somehow at Sea. He and Cameron are producers of Lateef The Truthspeaker's "Truth at Sea" mixtape, their own full-length "The Wonder Years" album, "(God Bless) The Ruby Room" 45, countless live bangers, this and other youtube video gems: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNOBXLeCNB8 ; found here on soundcloud: somehowatsea ; available for purchase at this address: http://somehowatsea.com/. Buy they stuff. It's warth it.

  • A Comment on Sonny Select's
    Town Music Prod. by Rock Surface Beats at 0.18
    on March 20, 2012 08:25

    count me in the 9 out of 10. thanks for the find. I'm an instant fan. skill and flow. keep rappin' with your every breath. all my music is for free too. I like your attitude. these joints are making me miss my 5 years in the Bay. stay up and creatin'. best, Aaron

  • A Comment on Food For Thought's
    50 Female US Senators
    on March 20, 2012 07:57
  • A Comment on wahrk's
    Infection at 0.25
    on March 14, 2012 21:17

    Bam! Rocket ship funky!

  • A Comment on Food For Thought's
    The Day G.U.R.U. Died at 0.58
    on March 09, 2012 08:37

    @mcselect: thanks. I look forward to listening to your stuff on this site. thanks for the find. keep reppin' that Bay!

  • A Comment on Food For Thought's
    The Day G.U.R.U. Died
    on February 28, 2012 20:18
  • A Comment on Danielle Robert's
    Until Morning (rough recording) at 0.33
    on February 26, 2012 05:22

    After listening to several of your songs, I have only one question: Will you marry me? Maybe I just mean that musically and metaphorically. Thanks so much for finding me on this site, for your music and your dedication to music therapy. So inspiring! Best to you and let's, seriously, stay musically in touch, Aaron

  • A Comment on Best Of Synthia's
    Size Doesn't Matter at 0.48
    on February 23, 2012 07:57

    nice. music needs more music like this right now. best, -Aaron

  • A Comment on k4 m4 h79's
    Oxygenetics at 0.38
    on February 16, 2012 05:56

    Diggin' this. Not to offend you with comparisons, but on this track I'm hearing something between Saul Williams and Anti-pop Consortium that's defsinitely got its own identity. I'm still interested in trying to get you to collaborate or record some vocals over a couple of my beats. Hit me on the inbox if you wanna get that conversation going. Either way, keep creatin' and stayin' posted.

  • A Comment on Best Of Synthia's
    Size Doesn't Matter at 0.30
    on February 16, 2012 05:48

    Instantly like your sound. Great work. Stay creative and thanks for the find on this cloud of sound. Best, Aaron

  • A Comment on Subtone's
    Subtone - Dogma (2007 DnB) FREE DOWNLOAD! at 0.38
    on February 16, 2012 05:36

    Thanks for the meet and greet on this site. Definitely liking your sound palette, mood, tone and beats you got going here. Stay up with it. Best, Aaron

  • A Comment on Modern Day Chameleons's
    Dull People, Sharp Objects at 0.33
    on February 09, 2012 06:34

    I like this stuff and style. Roaches wrote this. Right on. Guitar with the vocals and the rap flows is great. Hope you make some waves in the Jacksonville scene with this sound. Best, Aaron

  • A Comment on Food For Thought's
    50 Female US Senators at 0.58
    on February 03, 2012 20:37

    @Most Love Music: thanks man, do what I can. really liking your stuff I've listened to so far. Stay creative and productive, best, Aaron

  • A Comment on hiredgun's
    The Life (featuring Qwazaar of Typical Cats) at 3.14
    on January 20, 2012 04:59

    Fantastic. Every verse. All the way through. Great production too.

  • A Comment on Food For Thought's
    50 Female US Senators
    on January 05, 2012 20:39
  • A Comment on Food For Thought's
    50 Female US Senators at 0.30
    on January 03, 2012 22:30

    @Chadder Box: thanks man, I try to strap my thinking cap on when I'm not busy goin' hyphy and actin' dumb. the creative spectrum. stay productive in the 2012.

  • A Comment on Chadder Box's
    Effe Ewe!!! at 2.12
    on January 02, 2012 07:26

    Good to get it our of your system. I like your bio. I think we're on the same page. But I used to play tournament tennis as a kid. And played more percussion ensemble and concert band and only a little jazz band. I like your style. Stay creative and thanks for the find, best, Aaron

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