I know
I saw
the seals broken
ancient symbols appear
same goals
reciting old clouded propaganda
as sacred litanies
I saw the doors open
demons crawl out slow
masked by white lambs
look around
I heard their voices
loud as bombs
Marching straight and bold
to the head of their armies
step by step
day after day
ascend the throne
i sow death and fear
naked and unashamed
creating new slaves
unwitting servants
in the name of the lamb
in the name of the fake son of God
nourished by our souls
leaving empty bodies
voted to destruction
the inevitable race to the abyss
I saw
I hear them whispering
laughing out loud
I have seen in the Garden of Olives
sow nettles
in the way to heaven build walls
sprinkle bombs like grains of wheat
indifference power feeds
silent screams from the power
I know
I see the world crumbling
the children of Satan to dictate the rules
the waters of rivers became poison
I see
forests burn
trees falling
I hear the screams of millions of animals slaughtered
innocent victims
scapegoats of our unquenchable guilt
I see ancient civilizations disappear
I resurrect old monsters
I see horrific lies
bright to hide the truth
I see the man against man
the snake against the snake
I see false prophets wage war
in the name of peace
I see brother slaughtered by his brother
I hear in the silence of prayer
scream and shout
in the name of the fake gods
sow contempt and ignorance
I know
I perceive the future
I see the end of our world of plenty
the tower of babel fall down again
I wait for end of life as we know it
I wait for end of the light
the victory of darkness
the defeat of ideals of freedom and brotherhood
The return of the warlords
The daughter of God did not sit on the throne
1ooo the years of peace will never arrive
The prophecy can not be fulfilled
if those who did not chase the pure soul
from the womb of the woman life borns
from the man's arm the war borns
to create life you can not sow death
from minefields will never born grain
dale graves of innocent men will be born no new rivers
This is the ultimate truth
this is what nobody wants to know
The dream turns into nightmare
nothing will remain
Only a cold stone
that will float in the universe
a huge cemetery
to the eternal memory of human stupidity
desire of power
of eternal
in a dimension where nothing is eternal
nothing is forever
nothing is forever
scream and cry
as the ancient cassandra
sought to illuminate
to show the way
no one listened
no one looked
piled up like hyenas on a carcass
to compete for the leftovers of the kings
to lick the blood from the ground
killing each other
never chide because
without ever looking at the sky
the man long time ago
he got up from the ground
looked to the sky
to have seen his soul reflected in the stars
to weep
to rice
flew high into the sky
the man came back an animal now
kills his fellow
with clear cold Intelligent
forgot to have an immortal soul
the world has no time to stop and think
man no longer sees the stars
hidden by too many lights
no way out
no way out
no escape
has nothing
no tomorrow
I would like to forget all
rip their eyes
tear the tongue
I would like to be guided by the same lies
flatter myself that nothing is happening
follows as usual that spring to winter
that the swallows return to fly to the skies as thousands of my childhood
but the swallows are less and less
the sky is covered with thick clouds
nothing will remain
will not be noone
to enjoy a dead world

After long time out of the show i finally decide that is the moment for me to start again to drop my musical psiko bombs!!! that is the moment to scream my heat against the modern society!!!
that is the moment to start again my war......

Fernando Poo   Fernando Poo, Opachichi, Ukraine


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