Hello ;DDD

Music is the great communicator.
I'd like to think of what I do as some sort of small philanthropy effort - I'm being kinda serious too.
Let's communicate, network, share songs and ideas <3


Booking/Remix Inquires:

FantasyTalk   Jordan J, Huntsvegas, United States

  • A Comment on Plant Eater's
    Galaxy Factory at 2.58
    on July 24, 2014 07:12

    Love the name, kinda thought provoking! Awesome textures and mix of electronics and guitary sounds ;DDD

  • A Comment on Norman Rotwell's
    Driven To Despair at 1.24
    on July 24, 2014 07:11

    I feel like you were having fun and enjoying composing this and it's audibly noticible.

  • A Comment on P Λ N C H O's
    //. W a i t i n g .\\ at 2.18
    on July 24, 2014 07:09

    This is fucking dope. It captures that melancholy of waiting for something months away. Instant follow.

  • A Comment on galactica.'s
    narrows. at 1.49
    on July 24, 2014 07:05

    This is so fresh it made me giggle a little bit, wow you're on to something here! ...Do I dare hear the begining of a new genre? Noisestep?

  • A Comment on Aurora Mesa's
    Between Night And Morn at 2.13
    on July 24, 2014 07:03

    Oh, why this is just lovely. My ears approve ;DDD

  • A Comment on the Modern Man's
    Incoherent at 2.55
    on July 24, 2014 07:02

    Hell of a composition for improv, I'm digging this.

  • A Comment on John Nichols III's
    The Pillar (Excerpts) at 1.28
    on July 24, 2014 07:01

    My eardrums don't know what hit em'. This experimentation is quite refreshing, you are a talented composor indeed.

  • A Comment on CDCM's
    Cathedral At Night at 1.30
    on July 24, 2014 06:38

    The fidelity in this arrangement is really interesting. For the most part I can't tell if it's composed digitally or played with by real instruments.That's super cool, are you a Squarepusher fan by any chance?

  • A Comment on Der Waldläufer's
    Der Waldläufer | Beyond Horizon (Preview) at 1.08
    on July 24, 2014 06:35

    I'm getting chills dude, extremely mature work here. I'll check back for the finished version.

  • A Comment on TheZkillsBeats's
    Bars [Prod. By Joe] x Free at 2.09
    on July 24, 2014 06:31

    What you're doing as far as the sampling on the piano is badass. Absolutely love it.

  • A Comment on Carey Alexander's
    Elucidated at 0.43
    on July 19, 2014 20:59

    So solid. The production is badass. I really love what you're doing with the quirky noises.

  • A Comment on Emanno's
    Emanno - Quality Game Pad (Instrumental) at 2.29
    on July 19, 2014 20:53

    Upbeat and experimental. I admire what you're doing here, nice work.

  • A Comment on Lozk's
    Twilight Run (Piano) at 3.06
    on July 19, 2014 20:50

    I can feel it, the title is very fitting! What I like is how it's melodic but still maintains it's experimental backbone.

  • A Comment on producedbyDK's
    DK - On Reflection at 1.36
    on July 17, 2014 19:36

    That lazy ride cymbal is just lush man, dope track.

  • A Comment on Saya Gray's
    Free Daze at 1.12
    on July 17, 2014 19:35

    Seriously after 8 seconds into this song I had already favorited the track and followed you. It was not a stark decision because I absolutely love this. I feel as if there's not enough room on soundcloud and it's gonna ooze right out of my headphones, so much soul :)

  • A Comment on ILLZWILL's
    Fifa at 2.44
    on July 17, 2014 19:32

    This is produced like a Trap track but it just feels more tasteful? Or like better lol. Nice work

  • A Comment on Kamerman Slotmachine's
    Antwan - Distorted Thoughts ( Produced By Kamer... at 1.31
    on July 17, 2014 19:31

    "Don't court em', cause I can't afford em" ...ahahaha such a badass line! I'm in the same boat. Great lyrics.

  • A Comment on Kamerman Slotmachine's
    Antwan - Distorted Thoughts ( Produced By Kamer... at 1.31
    on July 17, 2014 19:30

    "Don't court em' cause I can't afford em'

  • A Comment on PartyJunkies's
    PartyJunkies - June 2014 at 10.28
    on July 17, 2014 19:27

    Tasteful and uplifting. You could probably play this set just about any club and people would have no choice but to dance :) Nice work guys!

  • A Comment on Jake Weber Official's
    Snake Charmer (Original Mix) - Jake Weber at 2.25
    on July 17, 2014 19:24

    There's nowhere near enough Eastern influence in todays EDM. You pulled this track off badassily.

  • A Comment on John Johnny (Official)'s
    Skyline by Sonic Wave (JJ Remix) at 3.26
    on July 17, 2014 19:23

    Excellent track! I admire your ability to mix genres effortlessly. Kudos.

  • A Comment on These Urban Days's
    Love at 2.16
    on July 17, 2014 19:20

    Very inspirating, the genre crossing and mix of old and new is particularly great.

  • A Comment on A08lead's
    It Snowed (WIP) at 0.58
    on July 17, 2014 19:19

    Right when it kicks in here it's like one of those, this is my jam moments lawl <3

  • A Comment on Exhibitus's
    Disater (Free Download) at 4.02
    on July 17, 2014 19:16

    Super cool progressive minimalist track! Something about this hints at like an almost industrial sound? Keep it up.

  • A Comment on VasMajority's
    The Church Of EDM at 3.10
    on July 17, 2014 19:14

    Very pro sounding dude. Not to diss Trap or anything but this is a notch above the average Trap track. Props yo.

  • A Comment on Marwan Nimra's
    Marwan Nimra - Sunset Beach at 2.28
    on July 17, 2014 08:07

    The title couldn't be more fitting. Quite the uplifting tune :)

  • A Comment on Canal Dub's
    Nomelabajes - Noisy Room (ft. Tapones De Punta ... at 3.03
    on July 17, 2014 08:04

    The mix of brass and electronic experimentation is spot on, love it.

  • A Comment on Canal Dub's
    Nomelabajes - Noisy Room (ft. Tapones De Punta ... at 1.14
    on July 17, 2014 08:03

    No you just didnnnnnnt

  • A Comment on KcNekro's
    Nekro - Lazer Disk Youth at 2.32
    on July 17, 2014 08:03

    It would be so badass to walk into a club and hear this playing as opposed to garbage trap. Electronic and funky, I can certainly dig.

  • A Comment on FantasyTalk's
    Bats And Rainbows feat. Stella Wahlström at 1.12
    on July 17, 2014 06:04

    @WIZARDSHOES: Much appreciated, stay in touch.

  • A Comment on FantasyTalk's
    Bills In My Mailbox feat. Ray Tecklin at 2.06
    on July 17, 2014 06:03

    @jkbeats-2: No, but I'll check em' out. I love when people give me someone with a similar style to check out. Do keep in touch!

  • A Comment on AceJacK's
    Gold Sun at 0.47
    on July 16, 2014 18:00

    How could anyway listen to this and not instantly be insanely happy? Lovely House tune :)

  • A Comment on JkBeats's
    Little Dragon - Twice (JkBeats Remix) DEMO at 4.41
    on July 16, 2014 17:58

    The original is so awesome I was afraid you might not do it justice. Well done remix sir, pretty badass in fact.

  • A Comment on dhaNiro's
    Stoned Heart at 1.24
    on July 16, 2014 17:57

    The low end here is truly something else. Well composed tone and damn near flawless production. Props.

  • A Comment on .Dogg's
    Everyday U.K [ Prod. Dogg ] at 2.16
    on July 16, 2014 17:54

    I like the way your drums sound more alive and don't have that gridlock sound that some producers fall into. Super refreshing.

  • A Comment on Galactic Groove's
    Hundreds of Lives at 2.27
    on July 16, 2014 17:49

    This is super dope dude. You're like combining a lot of elements of electronica in a way they're not usually combined. The trancey sequencer parts are my favorite :)

  • A Comment on Karterpiller's
    Karterpiller - See what you pass down to me at 2.45
    on July 16, 2014 17:47

    This samples are really putting the muse in your music. Very thought provoking.

  • A Comment on WIZARDSHOES's
    leechesteeths at 2.12
    on July 16, 2014 17:45

    A fucking wild ride, love your give no fucks attitude. Keep at it.

  • A Comment on London-DC's
    Piano-Improv 02 Sept 2012 at 2.38
    on July 16, 2014 17:44

    I've always considere myself decent at improv but this is amazing. Very elegent and pristine.

  • A Comment on S Y M B I O S I S's
    Nostalgia at 2.29
    on July 16, 2014 17:42

    This is badass, totally reminds me of something that would be scored for a movie.

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