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  1. 1. phurpa - trowo phurnag ceremony (album preview) 8.00 2947 plays
  2. 2. motion sickness of time travel - luminaries & synastry (album preview) 12.16 1843 plays
  3. 3. stephan mathieu - to describe george washington bridge (album preview) 2.37 873 plays
  4. 4. keith fullerton whitman & alien radio - split (12inch vinyl lp) 6.45 868 plays
  5. 5. temporal marauder - temporal marauder makes you feel (album preview) 8.07 808 plays
  6. 6. sam goldberg - having had forgot (album preview) 6.10 588 plays
  7. 7. oren ambarchi & jim o'rourke - indeed (album preview) 1.54 1185 plays
  8. 8. sean mccann - chances are staying (album preview) 9.47 456 plays
  9. 9. cane swords & griefhound - split (album preview) 12.19 340 plays
  10. 10. clams casino - rainforest (album preview) 4.45 904 plays
  11. 11. colorlist - the fastest way to become the ocean (album preview) 5.47 281 plays
  12. 12. daniel thomas freeman - the beauty of doubting yourself (album preview) 15.47 806 plays
  13. 13. diamond catalog - magnified palette (abum preview) 7.19 629 plays
  14. 14. donato wharton - a white rainbow spanning the dark (album preview). 4.35 374 plays
  15. 15. garrincha & the stolen elk - void (album preview) 6.54 226 plays
  16. 16. gnod - ingnodwetrust (album preview) 1.54 233 plays
  17. 17. marhiko hara - credo (album preview) 9.04 248 plays
  18. 18. outer space - outer space (album preview) 1.53 317 plays
  19. 19. terrors - lagan qord (album preview) 8.59 596 plays
  20. 20. two people in a room - self titled (album preview) 11.54 190 plays
  21. 21. various - kanshin - benefit for japan (album preview) 32.48 212 plays
  22. 22. Jannick Schou - Act of Shimmering (album preview) 10.40 2468 plays

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    New titles at Experimedia.net on June 25 2011. New titles from the Emego Stephen O'Malley curated sublabel Ideologic Organ. Digitalis, the Kanshin Japan benefit compilation, Outer Space, Sam Goldberg, Rubber City Noise, Weird Forest, Emego, Home Normal, Serein, Dekorder, and much more.

    stephan mathieu - to describe george washington bridge (10inch vinyl)
    To Describe George Washington Bridge is Stephan Mathieu's 2nd Dekorder release in the 10" format (reflecting his interest in old 78rpm records) after 2009's sold out "The Key to the Kingdom", and, we're happy to say, again it features two of the composer's most outstanding short pieces. Both are recorded utilizing similar methods as used on his most recent album "A Static Place" on 12K Records ...

    keith fullerton whitman / alien radio - split (12inch vinyl lp)
    We are stoked and honoured to release this Deutsch-Amerikanische meeting of two Meisters of the Modular Electronic Music System (originally invented by Don Buchla in 1963 for the likes of Morton Subotnick, Ramon Sender, Terry Riley et al at the San Francisco Tape Music Center). Both are presenting very distinct approaches displaying the vast possibilities of the machine yet maintaining similar ...

    phurpa - trowo phurnag ceremony (2x12inch vinyl lp)
    Album of the week! This stunning work of meditative ritual music curated by Stephen O'Malley is just one of those releases I cant stop listening to while looking at the stunning images on the sleeve and 2 printed inner sleeves. Heavyweight and beautiful sounding pressings. Another guest curated editions mego sublabel. I just think its really fantastic that Peter is giving some fantastic visionary artists the opportunity to curate their own line of releases. Some special stuff coming from that.
    This voyage began in the middle of the 1990s in Moscow, when a group of artists and musicians led by Alexei Tegin and based at the legendary Fabrique of Cardinal Art commenced their studies of traditional ritual music, drifting away from the field of contemporary electroacoustic and industrial music with the intent to delve deeper into the ancient musical cultures of ancient Egypt, Iran and ...

    motion sickness of time travel - luminaries & synastry (12inch vinyl lp + cd)
    Motion Sickness of Time Travel's Rachel Evans has had an incredibly busy year, but finally returns to Digitalis with the proper follow-up to 2010's acclaimed 'Seeping Through the Veil of the Unconscious.' Over the course of numerous limited releases, Evans has showcased a natural ability to construct floating sound worlds that immerse the listener in an aural cocoon. With 'Luminaries & Synastry' ...

    various - kanshin - benefit for japan (2cd) various - kanshin - benefit for japan (2cd)
    Special 2cd edition of this benefit compilation now available. Only 10 copies available here. Digital version available via Bandcamp. All proceeds from sales of this compilation are being given directly to the cause... Experimedia is keeping no markup. It is a personal honor and privilege to be a contributor to this project alongside so many talented artists. Thank you to Dan of Fluid and

    cane swords / griefhound - split (cassette) cane swords / griefhound - split (cassette)
    Do human archetypes translate to alien species? For example, could the familiar image of the swamp—a dismal place of gloom, sludge, and mystery—exist intact on a planet orbiting a twin sun two million light years away? Would the intensity of such an atmosphere translate into a dialect of the stars? Cane Swords and Griefhound seek to reconcile these questions through a dialog begun in the ...

    garrincha & the stolen elk - void (cd) garrincha & the stolen elk - void (cd or lp)
    Limited edition vinyl of 320 copies with insert. With a pair of cassette releases in recent months on the venerable tape labels, Stunned Records and 905 Tapes, Garrincha & The Stolen Elk may seem like neophytes on the scene but the truth is Davy Bui and Matt Kretzmann have been making music together in one form or another since 2002. Both have been active in their regional noise and DIY scenes for years with little official documentation other ...

    terrors - lagan qord (cd) terrors - lagan qord (cd)
    Limited edition vinyl of 300 copies with insert. Perhaps the true test of an artist is taking common elements and fashioning a unique sound all their own. Elijah Forrest, as Terrors, is one artist who passes the test. A bi-coastal vagabond dropping tapes from southern California to Baltimore, Forrest has traveled many miles, seen a lot and judging from his music, not all of these experiences have been pleasant. Terrors is relatively unprolific ...

    noveller - desert fires (12inch vinyl lp)
    The solo project of Brooklyn-based guitarist and filmmaker SARAH LIPSTATE (Rhys Chatham's Guitar Army, Glenn Branca's 100 guitar ensemble, Parts & Labor, Carla Bozulich / Evangelista, Cold Cave), follows up her Red Rainbows CD (No Fun 2009) with this compositional evolutionary step from layered, loop-based drones to more expansive formal arrangements of swells, throbs, tones and shimmer. "Almost ...

    mudboy - this is folk music (12inch vinyl lp)
    Raphael Lyon is the enigma known as Mudboy. From the incredibly detailed art/packaging to bizarre mp3 releases attached to scrap metal or plant matter to Freddy Krueger-inspired art installations, Lyon has always been one of the strangest cats on the scene. This unique perspective also infects his music. Whereas many of today's kosmiche-influenced artists bubble up from the noise scene (with ...

    outer space - outer space (12inch vinyl lp)
    John Elliott's Outer Space project is a laboratory for electronic investigation. Acting as a continuance of the studies of mid 20th century electronic music composers such as Nik Pascal and Laurie Spiegel, Elliott's music is deeply indebted to the inner workings of the electric signal. Acting almost as a meditation, through the simple gesture of translation Elliott's process begins to ...

    sam goldberg - having had forgot (12inch vinyl lp)
    Having Had Forgot marks a distinct departure from Sam Goldberg's past recordings, both his lush electric guitar and synth work as well as his borderline-pop project Radio People. Having Had Forgot features Sam working with a rotating ensemble of Midwestern musicians (Tiger Hatchery's Ben Billington, Mike Forbes, and Andrew Young; as well as J. Guy Laughlin, Ben Osbourne, and Jeff Host; for a ...

    deadbeat - drawn and quartered (2x12inch vinyl lp)
    2LP version. Scott Monteith aka Deadbeat releases an album for his own label BLKRTZ. It has been 12 years since Monteith quietly launched his Deadbeat music project with an unassuming performance on the street outside a Montreal café as part of the first edition of the city's now internationally-lauded MUTEK festival. And while the venues and audiences have grown steadily and seriously in the ...

    tokimonsta - creature dreams (12inch vinyl)
    "Jennifer Lee aka TOKiMONSTA prefers to work late -- or early, depending on how you look at it. Most of her music is made between two and seven in the morning, because at that time of night 'my mind works in strange and mysterious ways.' Hence the title of this EP, a series of warm but decidedly woozy pieces of music, the soundtrack to the oddest, most beautiful dreams you've ever had. From the ...

    oren ambarchi & jim o'rourke - indeed (12inch vinyl lp)
    While Oren Ambarchi and Jim O'Rourke have collaborated in a number of forms, from remixes to their acclaimed trio with Keiji Haino, Indeed is their first duo album. Presented as two side-long, electroacoustic explorations, what Ambarchi and O'Rourke proffer up here is also melodic and approachable, bringing to mind the warm post-minimalism of composers like Alvin Curran, David Behrman and Luciano ...

    two people in a room - self titled (cd) two people in a room - self titled (cd)
    Rene Margraff and I have been in and out of touch for an age it seems now. I've known, worked with him and shared labels with him, under a different (still secret) name before, but many of you will know him as Pillowdiver. Two People In A Room is the work of the Berlin based Rene and Michelle Hughes. This is the follow-up to their 2010 cassette release 'Wrapped In Plastic'. There are so many ...

    daniel thomas freeman - the beauty of doubting yourself (cd) daniel thomas freeman - the beauty of doubting yourself (cd)
    Daniel Thomas Freeman is a founding and current member of Rameses III, the South London group who in the last ten years have released ambient / drone / folk albums on labels such as Type, Important, Digitalis and Under The Spire and who have supported such genre luminaries live as Stars Of The Lid, Current 93, Murcof, Fursaxa, James Blackshaw, Yellow Swans and Astral Social Club. The Beauty Of ...

    marhiko hara - credo (cd) marhiko hara - credo (cd)
    I first came across Marihiko Hara's work in 2007, with his 'Cesura' release on the excellent Italian net-label - Zymogen. It really drew me in more than most other work that was doing the rounds at the same time. It had the sort of organic details and attention to beautiful subtle developments that I had only really heard in offthesky and Nicolas Bernier before (both label mates on Zymogen I ...

    purling hiss - lounge lizards (12inch vinyl lp) purling hiss - lounge lizards (12inch vinyl lp)
    "After a series of three LPs which alternated between mind's eye-gouging psychedelic excess and pine-scented woodshedding of pop tunes, here comes the logical endpoint between both: Lounge Lizards, six songs that stick around like sedan carpet matted with spilled Pepsi and Pat's wrappers, a hard drill that penetrates historical musical hits, like the Cars through Dinosaur Jr through Monoshock and ...

    barem - after the storm (2x12inch vinyl lp) barem - after the storm (2x12inch vinyl lp)
    This is the vinyl version of Barem's debut album, with five specially-edited tracks for all vinyl-lovers. There. Is. Nothing. Better. Than. A. Clear. Blue. Sky. After The Storm. Taken literally, the track listing for Barem's debut LP represents that fleeting moment when nature puts its house in order, when calm and clarity triumph over chaos. Of course it also works perfectly as a metaphor for ...

    diamond catalog - magnified palette (12inch vinyl lp) diamond catalog - magnified palette (12inch vinyl lp)
    NNA is proud to present the debut LP by Diamond Catalog, the new duo of Lala Conchita and 'Glamorous' Pat Maherr (Indignant Senility, Expressway Yo-Yo Dieting, and so on). This full-length is the definitive statement of Diamond Catalog's concoction of cross-bred dance music and mutated, swirling noise bricolage. 'Magnified Palette' seems to exist in five dimensions of sound, with factory-booming ...

    philip corner - pieces from the past (cd) philip corner - pieces from the past (cd)
    Subtitled: By Philip Corner for The Violin Of Malcolm Goldstein. It has been a while in the works, but finally Pogus can proudly announce the release of this wonderful disc. Five works spanning 30 plus years by experimental composer Philip Corner, interpreted by his friend and fellow composer and utterly amazing violinist Malcolm Goldstein. These works consist of early pieces with notes though ...

    gnod - ingnodwetrust (12inch vinyl lp) gnod - ingnodwetrust (12inch vinyl lp)
    Brothers and sisters, to prepare ourselves to celebrate the sacred mysteries of Gnod, let us call to mind our sins. We believe in one Gnod, Gnod Almighty, makers of heavy black slab on Earth. We believe in one Chord, seamless, sublime, the one and only sound of Gnod, eternally begotten of the marcher. Gnod from Gnod, light from light, true Gnod from true Gnod, begotten, not made, of one Being ...

    donato wharton - a white rainbow spanning the dark (10inch vinyl) donato wharton - a white rainbow spanning the dark (10inch vinyl)
    500 for the world, heavyweight vinyl, hand-numbered sleeves. Donato Wharton is a composer based in London, UK. He has previously released three records for the Manchester and Berlin record label, City Centre Offices. The most recent of these was the 2006 release, 'Body Isolations'. 'A White Rainbow Spanning The Dark' therefore marks his first publicly released work in five years and his first for ...

    colorlist - the fastest way to become the ocean (10inch vinyl) colorlist - the fastest way to become the ocean (10inch vinyl)
    500 for the world, heavyweight vinyl, hand-numbered sleeves. Colorlist is a crossover jazz duo comprised of Charles Rumback and Charles Gorkzynski. The two perform and record together in their home city of Chicago. Both multi-instrumentalists, Rumback mans percussion, bells and melodica, while Gorkzynski plays saxophone, numerous woodwind instruments, synthesizers and harmonium. These many and ...

    the thing with jim o'rourke - shinjuku growl (cd) the thing with jim o'rourke - shinjuku growl (cd)
    "Recorded live by Tokyo's own Jim O'Rourke at Pit Inn in Tokyo, Japan, Shinjuku Growl features the return of The Thing, only this time, they return with the guitar heroics of Jim O'Rourke (Wilco, Sonic Youth, Gastr Del Sol)! The Thing is a rare flower in the world of jazz. They have managed to reach out far beyond jazz & avant garde audiences to those of rock, punk, hip-hop & electronica as well."

    lean left - volume 2 (cd) lean left - volume 2 (cd)
    Subtitled: The Ex Guitars meet Nilssen-Love/Vandermark Duo. "Ken Vandermark & Paal Nilssen-Love have played together since 2000 in various settings & as duo since 2002. The duo work within free expression while including a strong element of heavy rhythmic groove, melody, sound & noise. Together, they join Andy Moor & Terrie Ex of Dutch legends THE EX, who are known for mixing elements of rock, ...

    the thing with otomo yoshihide - shinjuku crawl (cd) the thing with otomo yoshihide - shinjuku crawl (cd)
    "This time, The Thing return with guitars (gasp!) from none other than Otomo Yoshihide. Recorded by Jim O'Rourke live at Pit Inn in Tokyo, Shinjuku Crawl documents the different aspects of The Thing & how they are shaping & melting together with the wonderful guitar magic of Yoshihide. Otomo Yoshihide first came to international prominence in the 1990s as the leader of the noise rock group Ground ...

    k-x-p - k-x-p (12inch vinyl lp) k-x-p - k-x-p (12inch vinyl lp)
    LP version. "K-X-P is a drums, bass and synth trio from Helsinki, Finland, born out of the fire and ashes of the seminal Op:l Bastards and The Lefthanded, both of which were led by Timo Kaukolampi. The band is comprised of Timo Kaukolampi (electronics, vocals), Tuomo Puranen (bass and keyboards) and rotating drummers Anssi Nykänen and Tomi Leppanen. The band mixes electronics, Krautrock, noise, ...

    ema - past life martyred saints (cd) ema - past life martyred saints (cd)
    "Past Life Martyred Saints is a fiercely individual record, made by a musician with a fearless and courageous approach to her art. It hits as hard as a cold slap in the face-- and will leave its mark on you." -- Pitchfork

    various - to what strange place (3cd) various - to what strange place (3cd)
    Subtitled: The Music of the Ottoman-American Diaspora (1918-1929). "Before the Golden Age of Americana on Record, immigrants from the dissolving Ottoman Empire were singing their joys and sorrows to disc in New York City. The virtuosic musicians from Anatolia, the Eastern Mediterranean, and the Levant living in the U.S. who recorded between WWI and the Depression are presented here across two ...

    clams casino - rainforest (12inch vinyl) clams casino - rainforest (12inch vinyl)
    12" version. As the producer responsible for some of Lil B and Soulja Boy's weirdest, most inventive beats, and following on from a critically-acclaimed, self-released mixtape of instrumentals collected from his work over the years with various forward-thinking hip-hop artists, Tri Angle is very excited to announce the release of Rainforest, the debut EP by Clams Casino. The five songs that make ...

    rene hell - porcelain opera (12inch vinyl lp + cd) rene hell - porcelain opera (12inch vinyl lp + cd)
    By some miracle I scored 2 copies of this long out of print and fantastic lp. Limited vinyl edition, with full-length bonus CD Rogue Camera. Rene Hell is the latest and possibly greatest moniker of U.S. noisenik Jeff Witscher. Over the last handful of years, Witscher has made a name (and possibly a cult?) for himself under a plethora of different pseudonyms exploring various disparate styles. He has ...


    Release date: Jun 24, 2011

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