"Feels Right" out NOW!

Evanton is a brand new italo disco duo, that have just unleashed their majestic debut album 'Evanton' to the unsuspecting ears of the electronic music lovers, the world over.
The two members of the group Evan and Anton are both artists/producers each with their own 'sound' (Evan as 'Binalog Frequency' and Anton as 'Alta Toscana'), one coming from an electrofunk background and the other from an italo disco background. Therefore, a combination of the two, could only result in something special.
I like to call their sound 'advanced italo', because, as it is evident throughout the album, although they stay faithfully true to the early 80s italo/hi-nrg roots, they manage to take that sound a huge step ahead by very skillfully adding a heavy dose of electro and funky elements within the arrangements, with an explosive result, making their sound unique, instantly recognizable, and highly addictive!
All the tracks, though perfectly mixed and mastered, maintain an almost 'raw' quality, with little further production tricks/fx and that is a wise and conscious choice. This way their sound stands out, highlighting all the right elements making them almost irresistible. Huge basslines, sparkling chord stabs and new italo beats are the 'Evanton' trademarks, and they will - surely - win you over! FRESH!

"Magnetron" is like a musical Terminator, a relentless machine march of vintage beats and Moroder disco basslines.

"Cloning The Droid" is the exquisite work of Greek duo formed by Anton Manetas and Evangelos Zacharopoulos.
Impressive show of synthetic power by these guys and also freshly baked. Evanton are new, yes, but who cares when they are proposing stuff like that, stuff that very few know how to do today.
A Nu Italo that drives me crazy.

Keeping the funk pumping is a superb new track from Evanton ("Funky Times"). This duo's feel for an 80s groove is totally on point. Their new album is available on Binalog Productions Bandcamp site and is definitely a healthy dose of electro injected 80s vibes.

Evanton really grabbed my attention with their perfectly titled track "Funky Times" the other week and their new track "Butterfly" continues to keep me tuned in. A smooth, almost jazzy funk piece that lets the synths do all the sweet talking. Antoher gem from these producers indeed.

Evanton's really becoming an act to be reckoned with in the field of 80s italo funk. This is now their third hit in a row on Synthetix: Flash! (Magetron III). Another piece of disco funk brilliance that builds marvellously.

Evanton keeps on rockin and bringing back killer vintage experiences in electro italo. Their latest track Hot Leather is yet another piece of high energy disco with an electro soul working beautifully throughout. Evanton keep on brining the hits and it's a pleasure to enjoy such consistently rockin tunes.

Evanton's fast becoming a mainstay of Synthetix with every new release being an affair to remember. Their latest EP LA Story is even more beautifully conceived synth funk and comes highly recommeneded. The second track off LA Story, Run!, is yet more solid musical gold from Evanton.

Make way for Evanton, a fresh Italo-funk duo from Greece just making their professional appearance in music less than a year ago. Their debut self-titled album came out of nowhere and with almost instant success. Anton Manetas and Evan Zacharopoulos provide a stylishly new take on synth-pop and disco, a genre that is becoming increasingly relevant again and unfortunately a tad flooded. Have no fear, with one having a background in 80′s electrofunk and the other specializing in Italo styles, the convergence is destined for greatness at the get-go.
Their newest LP Hit After Hit, released earlier this month on Binalog Productions, is pure merciless funk that hits the floors with a cool breeze and a heated edge. What we have here is vintage instrumental soundscaping applied to more modernized house style arrangements, a blend most notably achieved by Cinnamon Chasers. By straying away from vocal samples, they leave you to focus on the progression of the music. What is so integral in making this duo unique is the vividness of the sounds used and the above average mixing. Evanton fully embodies the 80′s atmosphere, while at the same time seamlessly progress through the realm of disco-house. Rather than hearing colliding notes of each influence like in other artists, you hear them as one entity, creating something new. The production value of this duo is undeniable, and we can’t wait to see what they do next…

Evanton's brand of electro fuelled 80s synth has kicked into high gear with their latest track Beverly Hills Pop. The soundscape is unmistakably Evanton with disco chills and synth thrills and this release is positively charged with equal doses of action and drama. This is also currently available for FREE download, so get on it and rock it as soon as you can.

The Evanton sound continues to evolve with this duo's new track Disco Heat In Meatpacking District. The powerhouse basslines are set to maximum but this piece displays a new tenderness in the melodies that really adds a new dimension to the soundscape. This is taken from their upcoming release Electric City which will be sure to provide vast amounts of Evanton italo electro gold.

Evanton keep on rockin and their new release, Bliss, is full of their high energy signature electro italo sounds. The soundscapes created by this duo are evolving with each new adventure and this new extended EP is one of the finest examples of their sounds thus far. There is a new delicate dimension to their ambience that filters through the tracks, adding more subtlety and detail which in turn gives the throbbing basslines and high drama melodies a much needed contrast. The instruments have definitely been given and extra layer of polish and the mix seems blended more efficiently than previous Evanton releases which on occasion have sometimes felt abrasive. This latest evolution of the Evanton sound is definitely my favourite thus far and with stand out tracks like 'Disco Fox', 'Love In Rimini' and 'Happy Together' on Bliss I find the future prospects for Evanton very exciting indeed. Pick up a copy of Bliss on Evanton's Bandcamp page and rock it."

Evanton from Athens/Greece throws out such a bliss full album of 80s pop, italo disco and fun eurodance which to me, who grew up with that is not a bad word:) enJOY, k. xx
ps. ohhh, and I have to mention, they used also some real machines, Juno-60, Minimoog, LinnDrum and other toys, I like this very much!

Evanton   Anton Manetas, Evangelos Zacharopoulos, Greece

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