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Propagandhi - Failed States

Epitaph Records on July 12, 2012 01:03

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    "Failed States" by Propagandhi, the title track from the album 'Failed States,' available now! Get it at
    Order on iTunes:


    78 timed comments and 25 regular comments

    • rawfiresp
      rawfiresp at 0.25 on April 29, 2014 14:00


    • nauseation
      nauseation at 1.28 on April 23, 2014 12:42

      there's that whiney new age shit.

    • gaspa ayayumam
      gaspa ayayumam at 0.22 on October 03, 2013 01:14


    • flexicon
      flexicon at 1.08 on August 24, 2013 11:42

      too many sick lines and riffs

    • hobster113
    • hobster113
    • hobster113
    • Brainhead !!!
    • Božidar Bilušić
    • Vee Ray
    • user700999560
    • Smoakie976
    • jamyork17
      jamyork17 at 1.30 on November 11, 2012 19:44

      love the crunc guitar ..wondeful !!!

    • Ricardo Rodriguez :)
    • Ricardo G. Abaroa
    • Soundsgoodtometoo
    • Flesym
    • cconno34
      cconno34 on August 25, 2012 15:35

      @freelyassociated . . . . I signed up just for you. it blows my mind that you are even debating this. Are you capable of listening to the music for what it is, or will you always be too busy trying to find a way to be bigger and better than the next guy listening to the same stuff? Has propagandhi's message ever really changed in 25+ years? NO. Their sound? Not really. Is the song what you expect from them if not more? If not, I urge you to go to their site and listen to the other one released, "Duplicate Keys . . ."

      Based on the way (and reasons) they parted with Fat back in the day, and how strongly they believe (and always have) in what they stand for . . I think it's safe to assume they wouldn't have released with Epitaph without good faith that they would be able to remain true to who they are. Like @yakthx alluded to, it's less of a headache for them in a lot of reasons. I don't know the status of your life, but I'm going to assume you aren't as old as these guys with the familial obligations they have.. It's tough, but like I said they are extremely intelligent dudes, who for 25+ years have stuck true to their message and beliefs. I find it very hard to believe that at this stage in their careers/lives, they are going to give up on that now. it's what has made them who they are. If you simply listen to the music you will see that.

      Bottom line is nothing has changed . . . Not their message, struggle, talent, agression, or power to influence. Still going strong. Based on the two songs I've heard, this album will be as good as any before, if not better than them all no matter who releases. Take the music and the message for what it is and relax.

    • Ohcan
    • yakthx
      yakthx on August 21, 2012 23:34

      @freelyassociated: Yeah, I guess you're right, they are involved with a lot of other pretty shitty organisations outside of the recording process. If I saw a Propagandhi music video on MTV, that'd seem very confusing to me. There are other Epitaph bands on there. I think also one of the main reasons they're so big is just down to luck with how popular Offspring's Smash was, they sold like 16 million copies and they'd just have to expand the business to cope with something like that without selling it to a major label. Still I would have loved to have seen this album on G7, that would be cool. At least they're not going to be pinned down for some three album contract crap.

    • freelyassociated
      freelyassociated on August 21, 2012 20:17

      @yakthx: rite on. and they certainly deserve not to struggle financially. you put it best "they aren't shitty...with fuck all musical talent." i don't feel that what they did is necessarily wrong just a little disheartening. the reason i would consider epitaph corporate is because through the shitty bands they represent (and necessarily to become as big as they are) they often times are engaged heavily with corporations such as the nhl, movie studios, major television stations, and radio stations and other corporate products. indepenent is just a strong word for an organization striving for titles of "gold" and "platinum." i know i'm somewhat repeating myself but i think that those behaviors are sufficient enough to call a label corporate and i also think that there are probably much more corporatist actions that go on financially that we don't know of, they are simply too big for me not to believe otherwise without "proof." but if between this post and the other you can't understand how i see them as corporate i'd be glad to keep expanding. good shit

    • yakthx
      yakthx on August 19, 2012 10:26

      @freelyassociated: No, Epitaph isn't owned by Universal or any of the 'Big Four' recording companies, they are one of the most successful independent record labels in the world though, which I think causes a lot of confusion. I don't understand why you would think they are necessarily 'corporate' music whores.

    • yakthx
      yakthx on August 19, 2012 10:13

      @freelyassociated: I'd imagine they chose to sign to Epitaph because when they put out their own albums it was a nightmare. They lost a lot of money on the printing of the PCL vinyl when some small independent factory put the first side of the album on both sides. I don't think they were really compensated for that, maybe they should go completely digital, but they don't want to. Also, I think because of commitments outside of the band, like their kids, this would give them a lot more time than doing it themselves. Epitaph are pretty good at managing bands and getting their stuff out, plus Brett is probably a pretty reasonable guy. I think it pretty much comes down to the fact that if a band like Propagandhi wants to put this album out themselves, they're going to be at it 24/7 with more financial risk, they aren't a shitty underground band with fuck all musical talent, they're very good and can sell out shows in the US, South America, Europe and Japan. No doubt, it isn't an ideal situation for them, or their fans, I don't particularly like Epitaph all that much either (solely because of the horrible bands) but its a fair move I say, even if you are 'compromising' some of your beliefs. No doubt 99% of the people who use this site use computers and other electronic devices made by companies with abysmal environmental and labour rights records, but I'm not going to give up buying music in physical form. Like the song says, the perfect worlds we seek; fantasy.

    • thehumanproject
    • freelyassociated
      freelyassociated on August 12, 2012 22:39

      also these posts ain't shit talk, moron. but that is. what is being attempted here is dialogue. my favorite records were put out by some of my favorite bands. those middle men dickhead schills just facilitated in the weakening of diy initiative. they may of made access easier but i don't know if the trade off has been all that worth it. and you don't really thank and respect the grocery store for giving you your favorite foods,do you? unless you also have some kind of weird allegiance to super fresh too. if everyone wants to pussy foot around and defend labels then i think what needs to be said to squash this whole misunderstanding about shit talking is... fuck all labels. burn them down we don't need them especially w/ current technology. if you like em fine but don't reply to our questions with knee jerk responses.

    • freelyassociated
      freelyassociated on August 12, 2012 22:28

      @13Songs: the number of employees does not mark you as corporate or non-corporate what marks you as corporate is your position and activity in the economic structure. epitaph who may or may not be a member of the riaa is still a cog in the world of corporate music. "gold" and "platinum" are concepts used to glorify the competitive exploitation of the sale of music to as many mindless and intelligent people as possible. necessarily putting the drive for profit ahead of integrity because most often integrity doesn't sell gold or platinum. aligning yourselves with a corporate ranking system and actively participating in the corporate exploitation of music by supporting artists like weezer, rancid, or dropkick murphy's (for example, also w/ the exception of weezer i kinda still like) and the necessary corporate interactions that those bands are involved in in order to place themselves where they are is in fact corporate behavior; so naturally epitaph is corporate. shareholders, boardrooms, high stock value, and a large number of employees are not the only identifying characteristics of a corporation. even if they aren't a subsidiary of a major label they are the "counter-cultures" major label therefore subverting the idea of a counter-culture by exploiting music through marketing w/ other corporations and placing the bands on the label in direct collaboration with corporations that seek to exploit music to further their product (no matter what the product is). and furthermore making a spectacle and trend of the original concept of counter-culture that punk rock and presumably epitaph once represented. placing any real feelings of angst and resistance in a packaged mainstream available format. these punk rockers who have become successful business men in the corporate world, i.e brett, fat mike, lars, tim armstrong and so on... have ultimately abandoned their anti-system positions and are now willing to work with the system for a little comfort and a lot of sacrifice to the integrity of music, punk rock, and ultimately independent thought. they are the same as those hippies who joined the corporate world in the 70's & 80's trying to normalize passivity as a form of resistance (not that hippies were ever all that cool to begin with but they had some points worth developing). anyway i am not saying that epitaph is evil or that all the bands there suck cause thats just not true but what i am saying is that they are a corporate entity operating in a capitalist corporate economy and they deserve to be identified as such. we don't need to defend these entities anymore just because we once thought they represented us. which brings me to the ultimate topic question again... why did they choose epitaph? and just so noone gets their panties all sandy i'm not hating on gandhi. they may be the best ever.

    • DomART
      DomART at 1.10 on August 10, 2012 05:20

      Gotta love awesome modern hardcore with a little Rush on top. I feel Stevenson and the gang at the Blasting Room have outdone themselves with the tones on this! For anyone with shit talk, epitaph put out all your favorite records anyway.

    • 13Songs
      13Songs on August 09, 2012 22:53

      @freelyassociated epitaph is a small business of about 30 employees run by Brett of Bad Religion, not corporate at all.

    • freelyassociated
      freelyassociated on August 08, 2012 20:08

      and most importantly... fucking sick song, gonna be a face melting album

    • freelyassociated
      freelyassociated on August 08, 2012 20:05

      why is there such hostility towards the question of epitaph? i think it is a legitimate question. its not an attack on the quality of their music, having said that... why did they go to epitaph after what was said about fat mike at his corporation? i may be mistaken but isn't epitaph owned by universal or one of those? was it just a personal thing between him and fat mike that was cloaked in label talk? epitaph is more of a corporate music whore than fat mike if only because of their connections. distribution could be a reason but still they have been the masters of some of the most poetic descriptions of the sacredness of music and it is fair to question why they chose epitaph. also why call someone a sheep for asking questions? that doesn't really follow. i could call you a reactionary for trying to shut down any attempt at dialogue amongst a "community" (i'm using it loosely) of fans about the topic that connects them and then implicitly you would be a sheep.. . or sheeple, cause that is what reactionaries are. and i have also found that sheeple is the most common insult thrown at people on the internet. i don't know what that implies but we know what it means.

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