I have been producing music for almost 13 years. I have worked with some great hiphop acts like, Renegade330, 2d6, gatino, and Calmplex.

I am now venturing into the world of electronic dance music. If you are interested in booking, contact me 330-519-2046 or message me at drgoo0285@yahoo.com

Drgoo   Brandon Martin, Youngstown, United States

  • A Comment on Failsworth-demos of songs's
    Another Lovers Just A Friend Sang and performed... at 2.45
    on July 21, 2014 21:06

    this is interesting. I like the guitar. The vocals are pretty well recorded. Lots of different vibes in this track for sure!

  • A Comment on Scrubbadub's
    International - Scrubbadub Feat. Dave Ruckus, T... at 0.15
    on July 21, 2014 20:48

    This is really dope. I really feel the snare on this track. Cool trumpet as well. Great all around sounds. I could def hear some guy tear this one up for sure

  • A Comment on ManBearPimp's
    Chordashian - Skyscraper Souls (feat. Freedom F... at 1.09
    on July 21, 2014 20:45

    Oh.. This sick. Nice vocal mixed with the drums. Wow just wow. Great work on this for sure. Great bass sounds, and cool layed back sound

  • A Comment on Marlon Doll's
    Release at 0.39
    on July 21, 2014 20:40

    Great sounds here. Loving the drop(?) where the drum machine comes in. It really comes off really intense. Great sounds all around here for sure.

  • A Comment on Zack Cart's
    Membraan and Moira at 5.46
    on July 21, 2014 20:37

    This is really cool. Loving the arrangement. Also liking the the mix. This really is intresting. I like the drums you use in the high point. Great work!

  • A Comment on Yosuke Frank Deejay MixX's
    104 Bpm - Paloma Ajena - (Intro el embrujo) Dee... at 0.34
    on July 21, 2014 20:26

    This is pretty cool. Loving the latin vibe. Great percussion. I also am loving the vocal work as well. A really solid latin track for sure!

  • A Comment on thegroovesociety's
    Chipi & Co. - Harmony (vocal Mix) at 0.36
    on July 21, 2014 20:23

    This is really a great track. Great movement. Great sounds for sure. I could see this played for a festival. The vocal is really nice. The groove is pretty sick as well. Great work for sure!

  • A Comment on Aneesh Gera's
    " JOHNNY HATES JAZZ " ( Original mix ) - Aneesh... at 0.21
    on July 21, 2014 19:16

    this is really dope. Loving the sounds you put on here. really creative, and groovy. Love all the jazzy elements. Great stuff here for sure.

  • A Comment on Confused Loops's
    Confused LOOPS Episode 7 / GUEST MIX :TIMUR CE... at 2.18
    on July 21, 2014 19:04

    these tracks are nuts. Great party vibe here really cool songs. The transitions are done right. Great work on this party mix for sure!

  • A Comment on MakeUDance Records's
    Subsect - Check It [Released On MakeUDance Reco... at 0.42
    on July 21, 2014 19:01

    Some super grimey stuff happening here. I like the way you slice up the vocals. Cool sounds for sure all through out here. The drum are super crisp, and it's really dope for sure!

  • A Comment on BandmannaSantana©'s
    01.Bandmanna Santana - Young (INTRO) | The Way ... at 1.17
    on July 21, 2014 18:54

    This is pretty dope. Loving the mix on it. The vocals are pretty fresh. Nice spacing with the instruments as well. Some really dope stuff for sure

  • A Comment on INDO Official's
    Joel Fletcher & Savage- Swing (INDO Remix) at 0.11
    on July 21, 2014 18:46

    this is really dope. Loving the savage vocal. It really bounces off the percussion. Great sounds, and great groove for sure. Some really interesting drops for sure here.

  • A Comment on Quenox's
    Quenox - Sleaze Bag at 0.44
    on July 21, 2014 18:35

    cool stuff. i like the chords you used here. Also like the wobbles. I how ever would gave more high end place to the mix. There is a lot of low end, which makes it kinda sound muddy. But over all cool stuff for sure!

  • A Comment on DJ Sinnah X's
    F/O: SNS (With The New New) at 4.22
    on July 21, 2014 17:35

    Whoa this is is sick. Some really good songs in this set. Some stuff you can really get down to. Great transitions, and great switches in bpm

  • A Comment on RangeBound's
    Hristian Hristov - Shatter (RangeBound Bootleg) at 1.24
    on July 21, 2014 16:39

    great work here. Loving the snare work. also like the fx you used on the sounds. Some really well balanced stuff. Great work!

  • A Comment on Aneesh Gera's
    on July 21, 2014 16:36

    this is really dope. Loving the vocal. The rhythm in this is super cool. Loving the flow on this for sure. Great mix and sounds. Great work!

  • A Comment on Jess Marquis's
    brite nites Summertime Madness Mix at 3.25
    on July 21, 2014 16:21

    Hype! so much hype! I love these songs. The mix is on point. Great flow, and even better vibes. Great work!

  • A Comment on Kabbalistic Village's
    Mystical Reggae Dub - Electronic Upbeat Backgro... at 1.09
    on July 21, 2014 15:56

    this is really well done. DIgging the dark reggae vibes. I like the sound fxs you have going on. The zaps are cool. Also the drums you use are pretty top notch. Some really well elements in the mix as well. Great stuff

  • A Comment on Emerson Garnett's
    3lau - How You Love Me (Emerson Garnett Remix C... at 0.36
    on July 21, 2014 15:53

    there is a cool build on this. Really good choice of sounds for the drop. The snare is pretty cool. I like the layers to it. The mix is pretty good as well. Great work on this track for sure!

  • A Comment on FinkX Official's
    Bring The Bass Back at 0.42
    on July 21, 2014 15:49

    Whoa this is really dope. Loving th synth work. Really cool arps you used. Also some rally dope drums. Some really dope ideas that you did really well

  • A Comment on Paul Rudd Official's
    Paul Rudd - Night & Day (Radio Edit) at 0.26
    on July 21, 2014 15:45

    this is really funky. Loving the groove on the bass. Also loving the groove on the drums. Some really dope fun and funky stuff all together!

  • A Comment on gridkeeper's
    Lilly Allen - Sheezus ( Gridkeeper Remix ) at 0.41
    on July 21, 2014 15:37

    this is really dope. Loving the mix on this. the drums are really crispy. The bass is really nice as well. Your vocal is pretty dope as well. Great work on this for sure!

  • A Comment on R@S Music's
    Straight Ballin - Download for this for FREE by... at 1.36
    on July 20, 2014 20:34

    this is really dope. Loving the live feel. Great percussion in this piece. Also nice mix. Really digging all the the vibes for sure!

  • A Comment on No Clue - NCP's
    @.Oakland.071914.Club.LLOUNGE.1hr.Set at 4.26
    on July 20, 2014 20:25

    this is really good. Nice flow the transitions are really well done. great track selection. Some really awesome stuff for sure

  • A Comment on Intrigued (Official)'s
    Robert Miles - Children (Intrigued Remix) [FREE... at 0.43
    on July 20, 2014 20:19

    Great stuff here. It's really a good sound space. I like the bass line vocal as well. Great synths and good motion in the song. Nice stuff for sure

  • A Comment on Sharks In Venice's
    V-Therapy at 0.16
    on July 20, 2014 20:12

    This is really sick. I like the way this bounces. I really dig the mix on here too. Really crazy bass work, also some great synth work. Great stuff all together

  • A Comment on St. Kelly's
    St. Kelly - I'm Your Boss (Feat. Young Kazh x B... at 0.22
    on July 20, 2014 20:09

    This is dope. I love the drums on this joint&rt; I like the way this flows. I like the raps,and the singing really fits the song. Great work on this!

  • A Comment on Panda & Rabbit's
    Violent Waste at 1.19
    on July 14, 2014 18:03

    this is pretty cool. Loving the leads. The bass super bouncy. This mix is pretty on point as well. Great flow and great use of percussion.

  • A Comment on PDBPRODUCTIONS's
    Put Your Ones Up | Instrumental at 0.32
    on July 14, 2014 17:51

    this is really cool. Loving the flow on this. I could hear a rapper on this. I like the the reverb on the track. It's a really groovy piece for sure

  • A Comment on BASS BOOSTED's
    Headphone Activist - ASAP at 1.58
    on July 06, 2014 17:55
  • A Comment on Peter Simian's
    Peter Simian - Back To The Trees at 0.34
    on June 21, 2014 16:21

    this is really dope. I am loving the flow to this. It's super funky. I am also digging the way this is mixed the drums are extra crispy. Some really cool parts to the percussion as well.Great work!

  • A Comment on FinkX Official's
    Something New (part 2) at 0.11
    on June 21, 2014 16:18

    This is really cool. I really like the guitar lead. I am also feeling the chord progression. Great use of tempo here. A really cool flow to this. It really draws you in. Great work here for sure!

  • A Comment on -Aerosol's
    Revolution [Original Instrumental] (FREE DOWNLO... at 0.36
    on June 21, 2014 16:14

    Whoa I wasn't expecting the groovy part from the vocal intro. This is really a dope track. Really interesting transitions for sure. Really well mixed as well. Great work on this

  • A Comment on Burguesia's
    Burguesia & Royal - Wonderland (Original Mix) F... at 0.31
    on June 21, 2014 16:12

    mean track here homie. Loving the build on this. It's really cool. Great movement in this track. Also cool percussion. Some really hot stuff here for sure!

  • A Comment on Tweak Spin's
    DJ Cova & Steel- Roots (Give It To Dem) Radio Edit at 0.21
    on June 21, 2014 16:08

    whoa, this took me my surprise. This starts out really hype, and just keeps going. This is really really cool. Then the dub reggae part is really dope. Great work on this big room track for sure.

  • A Comment on tenthsynth's
    Secret unicorn disco at 1.50
    on June 21, 2014 16:00

    Whoa really cool stuff here man. Loving the kick power here. Also liking the way this flows. Really feels like a party. The mixs is overall really dope. Great levels on the lead. This is just a really dope track for sure!

  • A Comment on Omar Cito Perez's
    CITO'S 2014 U&I at the Lake INTENTIONS *** podc... at 2.41
    on June 21, 2014 15:53

    this is really dope. I love the sexy bass tracks. I also love the way this transitions. It's a really cool slick dj set for sure!

  • A Comment on Cpaws's
    M.I.A (Money In The Air) [FREE DOWNLOAD] at 1.59
    on June 21, 2014 15:48

    this is kinda dope. Loving the bass. The vocal is really dope too. Got my money in the air. The mix on here is really well done too. Great work on this for sure!

  • A Comment on DMTech's
    CYGNUS at 1.25
    on June 21, 2014 15:44

    whoa this is sick yo. Loving the lead. It is really catchy.The bass is really cool. Also the pads you use are really cool. Great flow to this great job on this banger

  • A Comment on rEAl dEAl's
    Satisfied at 2.13
    on June 21, 2014 15:40

    this is really cool. Love the vocals. It's a really dope bouncy track. Loving the flow of the rappers. Really cool lyrics as as well. This is great

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