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Step to the Past

DjGamma on August 23, 2011 04:00

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    Well here we are again… The Summer of 2011 is coming to close and its been another one for the books. Its amazing to sit outside under the stars at some of the best events the world has to offer and I feel blessed that the majority of them go down here in the Wooded Mountain areas of California! California Festivals and Campouts are world renowned and there's a reason for it. A whole culture and people surround themselves in it every year from Early Spring to Early Fall. They just don't attend the events but help make the events what they are. One can't help but feel that this must have been what the 60's were like to some degree and feel the love and community that is brought together by them.
    That beautiful radiance it comes from all the people, the wonderfully Earthy surroundings and of course that fantastic music that comes thumping from those large Sound Systems! One can't help but be inspired by the congregation of ideas and culture. Its such a wonderful mix.
    This mix of ages, art, culture and of musical styles is what inspired me to make this mix. This is not just a dance mix but something that you can hopefully share with your Mom and Dad, kick back a brew or light up a stoggy, sit back and just listen.
    Why I made this mix?
    After this awesome summer of events and festivals I'm always in the mood for some Live music. Luckily for me there is a ton of awesome Remixs that have come out whether it be from this year or years past. All of them gave me this awesome idea to make a mix that sounded like you were at a concert hearing a new type of dubstepish rock band play these songs live.
    I added in some crowd samples and even some samples from Woodstock to add to the "bringing it back" feel while still keeping it current. There's just so much good music out there that I felt that these songs deserved to be displayed together in this way.
    I hope you enjoy this mix as much as I did in making it.
    Take a moment to check out the track list and thank all the wonderful producers who have the insight to make these awesome remixes. Without them this mix wouldn't' have been possible.
    Thank you for listening. Please leave a comment on the mix I love to hear your feedback.
    Much love and blessings!
    Step to the Past Track List:
    Intro - Woodstock
    Blind Melon - No Rain (Pumpkin Remix)
    John Lennon - Imagine (Nicoluminous Remix)
    Muse - Unintended (Love and Light Remix)
    Canned Heat - On the Road (Stenchamen Remix)
    Led Zepplin - Bad Dog (Artem Zlobin Remix)
    Mamma's and the Pappa's - California Dreamin (Minnesota Rmx)
    Fugazi - Waiting Room (Sub Swara Remix)
    The Beatles - Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (Bassnectar Remix)
    The Beatles - Come Together (A.Skillz Remix)
    Butthole Surfers - Pepper (Run DMT Remix)
    Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Child (Knight Riderz Rmx)
    Tom Petty - Last Dance with Mary Jane (Dave Dialect Bootleg)
    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Can't Stop (Love and Light Remix)
    Pink Floyd - Have a Cigar (Wick Remix)
    The Beatles - Eleanor Rigby ("Unkown" Remix)
    Radio Head - Street Spirit (Blunt Instrument Remix)
    Resealable Friendship (Starkey Remix)
    Radio Head - Exit Music (Diss0lv Rmx)
    Real Love (Lightsover LA Remix)
    Outro - Woodstock


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    • Jason Zerbel
    • Haylee Orr
      Haylee Orr at 2.04 on October 14, 2011 07:45

      @DjGamma: awesome, i dont usually like dubstep, but this is done in just a way that I like. :)

    • Tommy2Tone
    • puc-kingery
      puc-kingery at 56.31 on October 05, 2011 18:09

      dude gamma this rocks me soo hard, cant wait to see you live again. keep up these great jams and I'll keep listening to them. your a wicked artist, thanks so much.

    • Tommy2Tone
    • Tommy2Tone
    • K.yl3
    • Shmanti
      Shmanti at 19.54 on September 29, 2011 06:21

      So sick Gamma. Its always a pleasure to see you perform.

    • DjGamma
      DjGamma at 28.34 on September 26, 2011 22:07

      @IsaShisha: oh yes was excellent times Isa!

    • DjGamma
      DjGamma on September 26, 2011 22:07

      @IamDrewski: Oh shit! Good looking out. Will change the tracklists. Thanks homey!

    • IamDrewski
      IamDrewski on September 25, 2011 22:30

      Just a FYI... The 'Willy Nelson - On the Road' track is actually by a group called Canned Heat. :)

    • IamDrewski
      IamDrewski on September 25, 2011 21:54

      I'm about in the middle of playing this for my fellow hippy friend. Hes diggin it to! And I also found a track of which I had no idea of the artist or title. Much love and thanks to you Gamma!

    • IsaShisha
      IsaShisha at 28.34 on September 22, 2011 00:47 i so remember trippin nuts and dancin to this at elements whitcha

    • IsaShisha
    • Fritz_the_Cat (MattyB)
    • will-bouzeneris
      will-bouzeneris on September 09, 2011 22:08

      Its on the tips of everyone’s tongues, but no one can quite pronounce it; We all want to be hippies. When G.A.M.M.A first dropped Step to the Past, it shook the Northern California rave scene to a standstill. Its his White Album, his OK Computer, the kind of artsy set that an artist will put together before coming out with a piece of work that influences a generation.
      “Hold onto your neighbor, man”
      It starts off with the sound of Woodstock, and a man promoting unity, one of the central themes of this amazing set. Through the peaceful cheers of hippies and the haze that surrounded them, gongs are heard in the distance, and you are surprised to hear that its a Blind Melon song that comes onto the stage in Woodstock. This is the kind of song that tells you that he would take it there, and that if you weren't up for it, then the entire set might not be your thing. Its a song that demands open-mindedness, and really ends up growing on you.
      He repeats “Escape” near the end of the Blind Melon song, and the vocals of that song mixed surprisingly well with the piano from “Imagine”. What G.A.M.M.A is telling the crowd is that he wants them to escape, and then to imagine a different kind of world, one that lived by the same ideals that the rave scene is used to; Peace, Love, and Unity. “Imagine” is the kind of song that brings the people that were on the sidelines finally into the middle of the crowd. It encourages a sense of community throughout the venue.
      Sliding through the piano of “Imagine” comes “Unintended” by Muse, which could have been called unexpected. You can hear G.A.M.M.A starting to flirt with Fidget in the middle of this song, but the haunting vocals are what keep you listening. This is one of many parts of the set that youll find yourself repeating over and over, almost subconsciously, and G.A.M.M.A takes advantage of that ability time and time again.
      “Wait, is that a Harmonica?” is what most people are telling themselves when they first hear “On the Road” by Willie Nelson. Whats great about that harmonica, however, is that it strangely syncs up perfectly with the Muse song before it. This is another one of those Dubstep songs that sounds weird for a few seconds, but redeems itself when it drops and the robots break through the doors.
      Led Zeppelin kicked their way to the front of the stage with “Bad Dog”, and amid the rapid fire bass it sounds like he even changes the chord of the guitar for a second. It sounds like what the soldiers would listen to in Vietnam War, if if was happening thirty years from now. It transitions to “California Dreamin” using what sounds like an old school electric keyboard reminicent of the Radiohead and Muse sets spread throughout the set.
      “California Dreamin” is the kind of song that emphasizes the spirit of the rave community on the West coast. It sounds like he adds a bit of Fidget into the set, and its the kind of song that just couldn't be left out of the set. When “Waiting Room” by Fugazi mixes into the end of the Mammas and Pappa's song, it catches you off guard. You think that it is about to be rage central, and then it sounds like Marilyn Manson could be right around the corner, before Ian MacKaye starts his diatribe about being stuck in the waiting room of life.
      G.A.M.M.A makes everything go all nineties(Wesleeey Snipes!) near the end of “Waiting Room”, and slowly starts mixing “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” into the set. It leaves everybody wondering who exactly is the girl with kaleidoscope eyes, and brings about one of the best transitions on the whole set. It gets all Wesley Snipes again, and then mixes in well with “Come Together”, which was the previous peak of his set, because no one else could pull it off.
      “Come Together” is the kind of song that gives the crowd a sense of community, and really embodies what the rave scene is about. After everybody embraces their inner hippie for a few minutes, an Abbey Road-esque song arc comes into play with “Pepper”. You hear Gibby Haynes, the front man for the Butthole Surfers, reminding the crowd of that initial warning you get before stepping into a laser filled room for the first time.
      When the guitar chords of Voodoo Child are heard in the distance, it starts to seep in; This is one of the best sets you've heard in a long time. The Knight Riderz remix sounds like M.I.A is doing the nasty with Jimi Hendrix in a post apocalyptic party. Whenever I hear this song, it makes me think of the Vietnam War, if it happened in 2030.
      “Well, I don't know, but I've been told
      You never slow down, you never grow old”-Tom Petty, Last Night With Mary Jane
      Out of “Voodoo Child” comes “Last Night with Mary Jane”, by Tom Petty of all people. You really start to feel that song arc now. Whether you are a voodoo child or grew up in a small town in Louisiana, we are all in this together. It's like you get the warning with “Pepper”, and you get a dose of reality in the two songs following it.
      Just after Tom Petty tells the honey to put on her party dress, “Can't Stop” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers crashes the futuristic woodstock. We can't stop, we love our friends too much. It is the unadulterated sense of community that keeps us coming.
      “The world I love
      The tears I drop
      To be part of
      The wave can't stop “- “Can't Stop”-Red Hot Chili Peppers
      When the set takes a surprising turn with Pink Floyd's “Have a Cigar”, its initially built up with a transition that reminds you of having a laser gun fight in Dracula's castle. This song couldn't be more outer space if Major Tom met Major Laser in Spaceballs. Whats really surprising about this song, however, is that it almost sounds like you could hear it on a Hip-Hop radio station, and its Pink Floyd. You are wary of it at first, then you open up your ears a little bit, and then it starts to seep in that this is possibly one of the best sets you've ever heard.
      Out of the Pink Floyd song comes Eleanor Rigby. The beginning of the song reminds me of the scene in A Clockwork Orange where Malcolm Mcdowell is driving down the street, with a crazy look in his eyes. This song is easily the climax of the set, and its the kind of thing that you have to see first-hand to really understand. Two things run through your head when you are listening to one of the best songs ever made, by the best band to ever do it. He's telling the people who have been dancing for the last forty-five minutes that haven't found anyone to dance with, that now is the time!(In a Lucy Liu voice).It also seems like a consensus on the war that ensued between the bros and the hardcore Kandi Kids. This is the part of the set that can bring the newcomers to tears, and what will keep G.A.M.M.A headlining for at least the next couple months.
      It transitions beautifully into a Radiohead song that has a drop that’s heavier than a train falling off a mountain. The Starkey remix of “Resealable Friendship” gives the crowd a minute to rest and drink water, before the set comes to a close with the appropriately titled “Exit Music” by Radiohead. “Real Love” Comes on after it, but it seems more like a bonus than an ending, and tells all of us hippies to wake up out of our haze, because things will always get better.
      This is the kind of set that has lasting power, like one of those albums that you can keep on rotation for months. It represents the ideals that hold our community together; Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. Embrace the inner hippie.

    • Braehole
    • Braehole
      Braehole on September 09, 2011 16:13

      Awesome Paul;) Love your mixes my brother

    • DjGamma
      DjGamma at 2.04 on September 08, 2011 20:36

      @Haylee Orr: Yea right!!? Thats what i said when i first hear this!

    • DjGamma
    • DjGamma
    • DjGamma
      DjGamma at 40.50 on September 08, 2011 20:34

      @Malleable Reality: Would absolutely love to play in Minnesota. Woody McBride keeps on talking about having me out. Any other peeps you would suggst playing for? Let me know!

    • Malleable Reality
      Malleable Reality at 40.50 on September 06, 2011 19:59

      Phaaaaaat. i love tom petty!! you should make your way to MN!

    • Randomrobs
      Randomrobs at 39.47 on September 05, 2011 03:37

      Gold GAMMA, gold, I cannot wait to actually see you live.

    • Dolphin Striker
    • spengbab snailrape
      spengbab snailrape at 7.52 on September 03, 2011 08:19

      This really does well emulate a feeling of nostalgia.

    • will-bouzeneris
      will-bouzeneris at 49.12 on August 29, 2011 15:38

      Easily the peak of the set. this is the part that melts peoples faces right off. and to mix this in with radiohead? omg

    • will-bouzeneris
    • MaffEarth
      MaffEarth on August 28, 2011 06:37

      This came out on my 18th birthday, best present EVER man. This is seriously an amazing mix of classic music from all over the decades, combined with sick modern beats. I heard you at Summer Love and same there, remixing The Beatles with face-melting dubstep. I love it man, keep it up.

    • Dj-Twitch
      Dj-Twitch on August 28, 2011 02:23

      Paul, I love this mix it is absolutly AMAZING!!! Another great work. I definalty cant wait to see you play again some time homie, its been way too long.

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