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Welcome to my humble abode.
Here, I post some music, mostly
covers of songs that aren't that
well known - but that's how I roll.

Djani Pehilj Djani Pehilj, Trondheim, Norway

  • A Comment on No Clue - NCP's
    @.Oakland.040514.Club.LLOUNGE.2hr49m.Set at 12.30
    on May 03, 2014 14:44

    Good transitions between the songs, way too long to listen to the whole thing, though, heh.

  • A Comment on gridkeeper's
    -Aerosol - Secret Of Life ( Gridkeeper Remix ) at 1.23
    on May 03, 2014 14:43

    Pretty cool remix. Haven't heard the original, but this is upbeat and a joy to listen to.

  • A Comment on J.A.S.N's
    i Don't Like-CHIEF KEEF BASS BOASTED(ft JASN) at 1.25
    on May 03, 2014 14:39

    Jesus, the mix is weird as balls. I assume you are aware of how a lot of it feels like you've cut/pasted stuff around? Quality of the vocals isn't that good, 'least the main thing. The flow itself works ok, but the voices didn't seem that.. enthusiastic? Sortof? Bored?

  • A Comment on @ScratchRhythm's
    Kenny Hectyc feat. T.A.P - Far Away (As1 Remix) at 1.47
    on May 03, 2014 14:35

    Love the vocals. That's what makes this song for me. The beat is upbeat, works great, and the voice keeps it all from growing stale after a while, which - to me - is a problem with house-music.

  • A Comment on State of Psychosis's
    State Of Psychosis- Mer Noire Part 10 at 0.35
    on May 03, 2014 14:31

    Right here, I was expecting something dark and ominous, but it never came. Kinda odd in the middle of the chirpy, happy-kind of style you've gone with. Might just be the style of the instrument that left me hanging, with the dark tone. Could work with an overhead RPG, that's what I pictured at least. Or for a handheld game. It's a step in the right direction!

  • A Comment on Panda & Rabbit's
    What's Your Mission? at 2.10
    on May 03, 2014 14:28

    As some have mentioned before, it does seem a bit quiet on the master. I get some old-school vibes from the style of the sounds and beats. Grows a bit stale after a while, as there seems to be little progression, at least up till the 3-minute mark, which is far too long to leave the listener waiting for the next hook - or too long for me, at least

  • A Comment on Lisa Williams Uk's
    SUMMER FUN Aneesh Gera & Jimmy Kennedy FT Lisa ... at 1.12
    on May 03, 2014 14:24

    Living up to it's name, I do indeed get the feeling from the track. It's somewhat standard for this type of music, but the additions of the female vocals and some of the background beats, help it stay out from the rest, 'least a little bit.

  • A Comment on Music Under Construction's
    LAS VEGAS TOP 10 CLUB REMIX SEPTEMBER 2013...FR... at 4.01
    on May 02, 2014 18:51

    Smooth transitions between the songs, the music itself isn't my kind of thing. Still, I can tell that the remixes have been choosen well.

  • A Comment on Whitney Suters's
    shatter me at 0.30
    on May 02, 2014 18:50

    Woah! Love the sound and the feel! Mixed well, and who'd imagine that guitar and drum/bass of that kind would work out this well.. Well. You obviously did, hah! Straight into my favorites. Great instrumental.

  • A Comment on Juliano Silva.'s
    Juba's Mind Escape Podcast. For the summer of 2014 at 6.15
    on May 02, 2014 18:47

    Not really my kind of music, but works as a mixed podcast. The transitions are smooth, and that's about all there is to say, really.

  • A Comment on EEWAS CESIUM's
    SUPERTRAMP - Don't Leave Me (EEWAS CESIUM REMIX) at 3.34
    on May 02, 2014 18:46

    Very nice progression throughout the song. Cool feel, and loving the samples. Nicely mixed!

  • A Comment on D.Delcroix I Composer's
    Winter Gloss at 1.33
    on May 02, 2014 18:42

    Smooth and mystical feel. Can't say I get the feeling of winter, though, but I certaintly get a sort of melancholic feel.. Maybe the percussion gives it a bit of a "James Bond"'-sy feeling when they kick in, might be a bit too much there. The piano and rest sound great, though, it really does

  • A Comment on The Opposiz's
    SuperMode Vs Rank 1- Tell Me Floorlifter (The O... at 2.54
    on May 02, 2014 18:32

    Reminds me easily of either GTA Vice City og San Andreas, because of the original. Still have that old-school feel from the source, which is a great thing to have in a remix. The sound is good, and it works well overall

  • A Comment on wheremusiclives's
    D-Syfa Get Out at 2.01
    on May 02, 2014 18:27

    Very cool sound, getting some up-beat feel-good vibes from it. Like the style of the overall mix as well, pretty sweet. Might grow a bit stale after a while, since there's not that much progression, but that's one of the things with electro-music

  • A Comment on duckhuntr's
    duckhuntr - Regular Song (Original Mix) at 2.05
    on May 02, 2014 18:22

    There's a catchy hook that shows up here and there throughout the song, sounds pretty cool. There's a nice progression as well, which is a good thing considering it lasts for four minutes.

  • A Comment on Closed Eyes Music's
    Closed Eyes - Everlasting ( Original Mix ) [ In... at 0.42
    on May 02, 2014 18:19

    Love the sound. Gives me really float-y vibes, light, easy.. picturing a peaceful cloud-heaven-thing. Very cool stuff. Even after the drop, you stick to the theme and style you started up with, and it works awesomely. Good job sticking to your own identity throughout the whole thing.

  • A Comment on Djani Pehilj's
    Skinny Love - Djani Pehilj at 1.10
    on May 01, 2014 21:00

    @Drgoo: Thanks, man. Yeah, guitar is played by me, finally changed the strings. And yeah, realized the pop-thing a bit too late, heh. I use a sock as a pop-filter, and it has it's limits, haha

  • A Comment on Andy Course's
    Flux Light at 0.42
    on May 01, 2014 19:47

    Love the vibes I'm getting from this. A really chill feel overall, making this a joy to listen to. Could've easily put this on before going to bed - in a totally good way.

  • A Comment on Downlow'd's
    Downlow'd - Pixel (Original Mix) out NOW on Bea... at 0.35
    on May 01, 2014 19:41

    I like this part right here. Away from the monotony that led up to here, this is upbeat, happy and kinda brings up my mood. Not really an original sound or anything, but works, and it has stayed for a reason. Was my hightlight for the song

  • A Comment on Kalakodt's
    The Peculiar Pleasurist at 1.22
    on May 01, 2014 19:34

    Pretty peculiar indeed!
    Love the hook and the tune throughout the whole song. It carries the rest well, since it's so catchy - nice choice to play it in a loop, and then add more elements to it.

  • A Comment on William K.'s
    Complete Dream (fast ambient electronic) at 4.07
    on May 01, 2014 19:31

    Right here is where I manage to identify the dream-part of the title. Sounds dreamy, strange and great. The kicks are good, the mix is well done, but it takes some time to get "into" the song. You might want to put this dreamy "hook" earlier on

  • A Comment on Broz Rodriguez's
    Alerta (Original Mix) OUT NOW! [Castle Records] at 0.50
    on May 01, 2014 19:28

    Kind of the typical kind of sound for this kind of music. Not much I can say, really - the mix is good, the sound itself is good - it just sounds a lot like things I've heard before. Use of the same keys (often in the same order, at least according to my memory), kinda stick with me. But then again, this isn't usually my kind of music, so that might have something to do with it

  • A Comment on clubfungus's
    Captain-Hook-Human-Design-Clubfungus-Remix-2014 at 1.04
    on May 01, 2014 19:22

    Took quite some time to get really started, but when it started, it was ok. Not groundbreaking, but not bad either. Just.. Can't really see the thing that is making this stand out from the rest of this genre, and that might be because I don't usually listen to this kind of music.
    Though, I have to say - it gets more interesting to listen to around the two-minute mark

  • A Comment on yung_toro's
    Still Here Exclusive--Hybrid Decay feat. Yung Toro at 1.46
    on May 01, 2014 19:19

    The thing I enjoyed the most, was the chorus. Catchy, nice flow, smooth beat, and not too many sounds and shit at the same time. Mostly it is about how catchy it is, and you nailed it here. Might get a bit stale over in the verses, but you've got a nice hook going.

  • A Comment on gridkeeper's
    Gridkeeper & Emily Coy - Lead Me at 1.39
    on May 01, 2014 19:16

    Cool! Very cool! Great vocals, and an awesome beat too, combined in a smooth way. Doesn't grow stale, doesn't push itself into the listeners face either - great balance.

  • A Comment on Djani Pehilj's
    Skinny Love - Djani Pehilj at 0.06
    on May 01, 2014 19:15

    @-Aerosol: That's actually what I tried here, at least more than I usually do - thanks for the advice anyway! =) I still have some quirks to figure out when it comes to sing comfortably with the voice you hear here

  • A Comment on Convulsic's
    The Day You Left at 1.21
    on May 01, 2014 19:10

    Plenty of cool drops - but it's the vocal work that makes this song stay out of the typical "dubstep"-waters. Getting sort of a 90's vibe from some of the beats in the background, sort of a Eurodance-style. Liking it, thhat's my point.

  • A Comment on Control Pressure's
    Pegboard Nerds ft. Elizaveta - Hero (Major Txr ... at 1.05
    on May 01, 2014 19:02

    Haven't heard the original, but as a remix, this works really well. Love the odd sound of the voices mixed up with the ridiculously catchy beat in the background. Manages to hold on to the feel of the original song, it seems, in a very good way, yet standing on it's own. Cool as hell!

    Assassins Vol 1 Various Artist (clips) OUT NOW ... at 3.05
    on May 01, 2014 19:00

    A long mixture of different artists that showcases the multiple song's qualities. Nice transitions between the tracks, and nice tracks as well!

  • A Comment on Djani Pehilj's
    Skinny Love - Djani Pehilj at 0.06
    on May 01, 2014 18:58

    @-Aerosol: Apprecaite it, man! Still working hard on managing to stay on key, but it does fall through sometimes, haha..!

  • A Comment on žiⓡk'✝'s
    žiⓡk'✞ - Lu$h at 0.44
    on May 01, 2014 18:56

    Chill trap indeed. Very nice sound to the whole thing, now, I don't really listen to this type of music meaning I don't know a lot of the "jargon" that follows it - but this is cool either way. Soft beat, no overpowering sounds or changes.. Pretty sweet mix, all in all.

  • A Comment on MakeUDance Records's
    Getter-Fallout (Ginji VIP) [Released On MUD] FR... at 0.38
    on May 01, 2014 18:53

    Very smooth transition right here. The drop and change was totally not overpowering - maybe a little too underwhelming? Same happens later too..
    Loving the retro "game"-feel I get from the sounds and effects you've used.

  • A Comment on SenestroBeatz's
    Faded (Beat For $ale) at 0.19
    on March 15, 2014 12:47

    Sonic! YOU KILLED HIM YOU BASTARD. On a serious note, though, the beat is cool, and you've mixed it well. Love the use of Sonic-sampling as well.

  • A Comment on Tom Basger's
    Ennio Morricone - The Braying Mule (Tom Basger ... at 1.44
    on March 15, 2014 12:42

    Never heard of this genre before, but will most certaintly give it a try, as this is catchy as hell. Great mix, some cool hooks here and there. Works good as background-music for doing mundane stuff, adds a bit of excitement!

  • A Comment on JR Teller's
    Dirty Time at 1.02
    on March 15, 2014 12:34

    The combination of rock and hip hop and .. synth-things? Maybe? It kinda crashes into one another, making it really difficult to listen to - you have a good flow, but since it goes so fast, and there so much noise going on at the same time.. Well, I've said it.

  • A Comment on EDDiE.RODRiGUEZ's
    5AM (REMIX) By:EDDiE & A$HTON at 0.21
    on March 15, 2014 12:30

    First thing that hit me here, is that the sound is really, really flat. Kinda like you're on your cellphone? However, the beat and rapping itself work great. You've got a great flow going on, and your voice works well with this style. When you have the opportunity, you should get a better mic, though. The other dude works great as well. Plenty of potential here; if mixed right, and if the quality of the recording moves up a notch, this'll be awesome.

  • A Comment on Playmusic's
    Gavin Mikhail & Milkman - Wrong About You (Thon... at 0.30
    on March 15, 2014 12:27

    I don't usually feel that tracks of this kind are too short - but dammit, this is too short! Really caught my eye, or you know, ear. The beat is great, the vocals are amazing, and the mix is fantastic. There are plenty of hooks all over the place to reel me into the track, and they are all done in a great way.

  • A Comment on duckhuntr's
    Hot Shit! & Savage Pandas - Endless Love (duckh... at 3.11
    on March 15, 2014 12:12

    Nice transition. It works awesomely after that kind of buildup. You have a bunch of different hooks throughout the track, giving me plenty of reason to listen through the whole thing. The mix is great, and keeps my interest as a listener.

  • A Comment on MelosFear's
    I Need Your Love (Melosfear Remix) at 0.54
    on March 15, 2014 12:09

    This remix is insanely mellow and chill - you've done a great job. The mix is sweet, the beat and bass compliment the vocals in a great way. The grungy tune in the background works great as well, giving a bit of texture to things.

  • A Comment on Djani Pehilj's
    The End - Djani Pehilj at 1.29
    on March 15, 2014 12:00

    @Dasttii: Thanks, gahahaha- there weren't any female vocals, though, all from me, male and husky! =D

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