Government Action-(Forthcoming on Lovedrop Records)
Oriental Dream-(Forthcoming on a MalLabel)
Fried Chicken and Gasoline 12-22-11(DMB002)
America is F*kd-8-22-2011-10 Dollar Records(Dollarstep002)
We Are Waiting-6-30-2011-Vinyl Related Records(VRRSGL201134)
Touchy People-5-3-2011-MalLabel(MAL016)
Nightmare on My Street 4-15-11(DMB001)
--------------------------------------------------------------BOOKINGS...Please Send Booking Requests to Digitalbil@gmail.com
-------------------------------------------------------------Some info...
Finally settling into bass heavy genres. Mainly consisting of Drumstep, Dubstep, and busted ass beats driven by grimey hard to classify bass noises. Spent the last 6 months learning and gathering knowledge on mastering and mixing and producing. Have done so many tutorials that its actually hard to find new ones. Knowledge has become my fix that I cant seem to get enough of. I dont have much to say unless we are on the subject of music or something to do with it. I have gotten a lot of cool lessons from interesting people along the way. There is so much more to music than just simply making songs, there are lots of politics some good and some bad, however as you begin to understand what the politics are, then you can actually begin to use them in your favor. The same goes for production rules, rules are made to be broken but only after you understand what they are and why they were put in place. Only once you begin breaking those rules that you struggled to learn do you actually begin to move up to the next level. If you have been supporting what I do then by all means a big thank you is owed, and if you happen to hate it, then by all means a big thank you is owed. I am finally getting to a point that I do not really care if you like my music, I finally know where I want my music to progress towards. At one time I was a bit lost and didn't know what I wanted to make, things change. People change and not always for the better. Where do you stand on the evolution scale? Do you try to help people along or do you refused to pass on the knowledge that has been given to you? I am part of that class of people that believe in sharing knowledge and because of that, I believe more knowledge will find me to help me evolve. Can I get an Amen?? Or how about a Reese???
--------------------------------------------------------------SOUNDCLOUD GROUPS? I currently run/admin two different groups on soundcloud.
Fire Tracks=Drumstep/Dubstep/Breaks ->Fire Tracks=Drumstep/Dubstep/Breaks Unsigned Tunes-No Mixes Please
is a group that I started for people to be able to send unsigned good sounding tracks to. I will review each and every track that is posted to the group. I will also help try to find a label to pick up and distribute the track. I have been successful with a few and it created a good connection with a couple producers that I would have otherwise not been able to work with. My other Sounndcloud group is Metal House/Metal Breaks/Mungle/Classic Remixes ->Metal House/Metal Breaks/Mungle/Classic Remixes, this group is dedicated to my love for heavy groove oriented music often referred to as Metal/Hardcore. For some reason there seems to be an energy within this type of music and I want to do my part to try and transfer that energy into as many electronic music tracks as I can. Feel free to become a part of either of these groups. I have some future growth ideas for both of them, however for right now I am just trying to find new artists and learn a bit about them.
-------------------------------------------------------------FACEBOOK GROUPS? I currently Admin two groups on facebook that help push new music and other drumstep/dubstep related music information. The drumstep page can be found here
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fire-Tunes-Drumstep-Dubstep-and-BASS-Heavy-Music/301471186539375 and the dubstep group is here
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Audio-Zombie-xx/183653878315642 make sure that you click like on the link to join the groups.
-------------------------------------------------------------SOFTWARE/HARDWARE??? I am currently using Ableton with Massive plugged in. I also use Voxengo Span Ver 2.3(this is a must for anyone who is doing electronic music). I also usea UC 33 and a Mac Book Pro running 4 gigs of ram. I have a set of Dynaudios that I think I just finally figured out how to use(LOL I bet some of you know what I mean). This is this type of shit I would be interested in if I was talking to another producer. I am looking to upgrade to an apc40 in the near future, and possibly a sub to go with the dynaudios. I am also currently seeking a few pairs of generic computer speakers to use a reference monitors so that I may save myself time from exporting while double checking my levels and eq's over a few different speaker sizes. Other than that I am set on gear. I have session/song files that I am looking for other artists to work with in order to complete them. I currently work with Ableton 8.2 and Native Instruments Massive 1.15. If you have session files that you would like to collaborate on then by all means get in touch with me. If you are having trouble completing a track then also hit me up and let me preview it and maybe I will take over and help finish the track.
-------------------------------------------------------------FILE TRANSFERRING- I use Dropbox for transferring files that are less than 2 gigs in size which is most of them. I also like the fact that it allows me to quickly drop files in a folder that is shared from artist to artist. Here is a sign up link in case you have not yet gotten a dropbox account. http://db.tt/ShfH3Ro
However when transferringmasters to a label I have found that www.wetransfer.com is a very secure way of sending your music over to labels with no chance of your music being lost or leaked to the public. A special thanks goes out to 10 Dollar Records for introducing me to them.
-------------------------------------------------------------PLAYING LIVE?? I am currently working on a live pa setup for playing out live. It so far consists of several midi controllers and a mac book pro, along with Ableton and a few other VSTS. My setup will allow me to do remixes on the fly and change songs up to customize the buildups depending on the crowd and the response that I get when I play. I do still plan on using cds but with this idea I will not be relying on them all that much. I am also working towards getting an SL3 box for Serrato. I do miss vinyl but in order to stay way ahead on new tunes from up and coming producers, records are just not all that easy to obtain.
I am currently on the hunt for vocalists and I have even gone ahead and setup some templates in order to make it easier for new vocalists to line their vocals up which in turn makes it easier for producers to use your vocals on songs. You will need a decent microphone and a computer program that is capable of recording your voice while letting you hear the master output. Contact me via soundcloud and let me know that you would like more info and we can go from there.

Digitalbil   Digital Bill, Cleveland Ohio, United States

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  • Oriental Dream by Digital Bill(Free Download) Artwork

    Oriental Dream by Digital Bill(Free Download)

    Digitalbil on March 28, 2012 04:05
  • Fried Chicken and Gasoline(Free Download) Artwork

    Fried Chicken and Gasoline(Free Download)

    Digitalbil on December 14, 2011 01:18
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