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Member of Corpus Centum. Exclusive stuff will probably on the Corpus Centum Soundcloud, but very top secret stuff only written by Crewdroy will be here!

Corpus Centum Crewdroy, N/A, Britain (UK)

  • A Comment on WIKK's
    Glide [WIKK] at 4.06
    on June 14, 2014 12:17
  • A Comment on CinematicThaNganeer's
    Kindora ft. Cinematic, D-M@K - Relax (Prod By. ... at 0.28
    on September 09, 2013 07:26

    It's very chill very nice, the chords and the vocals. The mastering is also perfect. Great song.

  • A Comment on eLmo's
    No Need They Knowing at 0.50
    on September 09, 2013 07:18

    Pretty good song, it's quite chill. The voice is a little boring after a while though.

  • A Comment on Junkman.'s
    Jordan Crucial (junkman remix) at 1.34
    on September 09, 2013 07:14

    Cool song, very dark. Sounds like It would be played on a game. It's so nice.

  • A Comment on The Maniac Agenda's
    6 Days Left to Get 500 MB Production Pack + Bee... at 2.19
    on September 09, 2013 07:10

    Nice song, awesome groove to it. The vocals are spot on. It's all great!

  • A Comment on HerMix's
    Army Rangers [Original Mix] at 2.41
    on September 07, 2013 14:42

    Alright song it's very calm, not too full on. The sounds are quite nice and the changes in the song are good. Depending on what sort of way you want the song to act the different improvements could be made, for it's current line right now i think it's spot on but for something different than kind of Minimal Dub? If that's how you'd put it, it'd need changes to the sounds, making them more full on and the drums heavier, for example cutoff on the wubs.

  • A Comment on The Maniac Agenda's
    Been Forever (Glitchhop Mix) - The Maniac Agend... at 1.18
    on September 07, 2013 14:14

    Ahh, you guys, Been listen to you for ages! Your work is so perfect. The voices in this track are cool and the drums and the other sounds are just done so well.

  • A Comment on SneakerAndTheDryer's
    FREE TRACK!! - Sneaker & The Dryer - Napoleon W... at 2.42
    on September 07, 2013 14:08

    I liked the sounds you're using and the song structure, the transitions are good, but at some points the sounds overpower the rapping. Maybe turn some of the sounds down a bit and just make the voice stand out a bit more.

  • A Comment on Renan D's
    Symphonysounds - Adaptation (Renan D Remix) Out... at 1.50
    on September 07, 2013 14:04

    It's alright, it's a bit repetitive, but it is easily fixed by using more sounds. The mastering is good it just need a bit of humfph.

  • A Comment on Ricardo Gomez's
    R.Gomez-Deep Sea (Original Mix) at 4.37
    on September 07, 2013 13:56

    Great use of sounds, they all work really well, if you close your eyes and listen to the song it gives great effects. Very minimal very nice.

  • A Comment on DJ HumDog's
    HardWell - Cobra (DJ HumDog Remix) [Unmastered] at 0.00
    on September 07, 2013 13:44

    The song is alright, there are a lot of mainstream overused sounds in the song though, i don't like that it sound be a great song with unique sounds.

  • A Comment on Tom Ash's
    Tom Ash - Lack of name at 2.32
    on September 07, 2013 13:29

    Not enough sounds within the song, and a lot of the times it builds up to goes back to what it was before, the chords and stuff used are good but there isn't enough difference in the song.

  • A Comment on Made of the Moon's
    Made of the Moon at 2.53
    on September 07, 2013 13:23

    Very different, i like it. It's so unique. I can't really say much else the two genres work so well.

  • A Comment on Aerostatik's
    Heights (Out now on Melody Garden Recordings!) at 5.18
    on September 07, 2013 13:18

    Towards the end it gets a bit repetitive. There isn't enough to it, the same sounds are used again at the end without change in any way, maybe the off drum is added but not enough to keep someone interested, don't get me wrong it's a good track it just need some extra work. The Start was good and then ending needs some work you added too many drums at the ends for too long. But still it's pretty good.

  • A Comment on Basswave Recordings.'s
    on September 07, 2013 13:13

    Very nice music, it makes you switch off for a while. Very chilled. It's all perfect, with Mastering and stuff in my opinion. Great job!

  • A Comment on Think Tanx's
    Think Tanx - I Just Wanna Make at 0.00
    on September 07, 2013 13:11

    Decrease the high end a bit, and increase the slow end a bit. That should give it a lot more juice. The builds are cool though. I don't like Rapping stuff but i think it fitted pretty well. Mastering is overall good also. (The Saw Bass just needs that Low/High end) End could also use a bit of work. But for a WIP it's good.

  • A Comment on Ct K-oth's
    No Drinks On Me (Ft Black Pearl) at 1.07
    on September 07, 2013 13:08

    Not really a fan of Rap, but this is pretty good. The sounds at the start were really nice.

  • A Comment on Corpus Centum's
    Obscurum Uocis at 0.00
    on July 24, 2013 11:24

    Kick Bass is fixed! Just not in this version! :D

  • A Comment on Dr.F*u*n*k's
    River of Binary (Unmastered WIP) at 5.05
    on July 23, 2013 12:19

    Ok, so. The song has potential, it is alright right now, but there is room for improvement. Lots of the songs are either too quit or too loud, I know for sure that the LFO bass compared to the Drums is way too quiet. Either that or turn down the Drums. A synth towards the end is very loud compared to everything. You may wanna fix these things, it is also quite repetitive. I'm not sure if it is because of your equipment but that is the way it is.

  • A Comment on The Universal Sickness's
    Buzzing at 1.22
    on July 23, 2013 11:59

    The vocals are nice, the background sounds are pretty good, but the synths sound a bit cheesy, maybe try a different synthesizer or add LFO's on them (just slow ones to add more effect) and maybe process it though a vocoder, I've done it before, it can either be really good or make it worse. Try experiment. It works. :) Good song though.

  • A Comment on George Acosta's
    George Acosta - Lost World 454 at 3.03
    on July 23, 2013 11:56

    Sounds like a professional voice on ok tracks. The song that you played at the start was annoying me. Sorry. I just don't like the mainstream Dance generic sounds with the vocals that sounds suspiciously perfect. If it isn't your track choose a good one, Unless the show is about that kind of music then so ahead. But i know for sure that because of the highly processed sounds i wont be listening to it anytime soon.

  • A Comment on Retes Velo's
    Psychedelic Trip v2 at 0.00
    on July 23, 2013 11:52

    Songs like it could be played on a film with a guy walking away from a explosion. :) It is good but it seems a bit noisy, it is some sort of really loud drone in the background, I know it is Drone rock but maybe decrease the volume on it a bit.

  • A Comment on CROCuk's
    How I Like It (TEASER FOR NEW EP) at 4.55
    on July 23, 2013 11:43

    The chords are a lot like Deadmau5 - I Remember. The vocal doesn't sounds right though, it sounds very distorted (I think it is on purpose) but I think it is a bit too much. It also sounds out of key with the rest of the song. Maybe change or not use the vocals, or if it is the distortion change that. Overall it is ok, but i just wouldn't listen to it frequently if it was me, I hope i don't sounds too harsh.

  • A Comment on Max Christ's
    Progress at 7.17
    on July 23, 2013 11:40

    Sounds like a great song to play at a Set / Club, especially with that intro! Awesome song! Maybe increase the volume of the Snare ever so slightly.

  • A Comment on Spammer Records's
    I Follow Rivers [Prod. Diego Diaz] Instrumental at 1.27
    on July 23, 2013 11:37

    Alright song, Is a bit boring though. It is the same thing pretty much all the way through. Maybe add more stuff into the song, or maybe add more complex drums? Good work tho.

    Daytona - Forever Hours (clip) **Out Today on B... at 1.24
    on July 23, 2013 11:31

    Pretty good, I think people would like to know if it is the full song though, i don't think it is by just listening to the end but if it has a buy link and if people thought it was a full song then i don't think many people would buy it, my opinion. The song itself is good, the mastering is good, the sounds are good. What isn't there to love?

  • A Comment on Elan Myles's
    Elan Myles - Midnight (Soundcloud Edit) NOW ON ... at 2.51
    on July 23, 2013 11:26

    Just like it says Progressive house. Some Progressive House songs aren't very progressive at all, but this is a good demo of a Progressive song. Good work.

  • A Comment on 6ig angu5's
    6ig angu5 - june 21 2013 at 2.54
    on July 23, 2013 11:24

    It is a strange song, just because of the sounds used. They do sound a bit cheesy for my liking. I have a feeling they might be presets?

  • A Comment on MYRM3SS's
    Nicky Romero - Symphonica (MYRMESS Remode) Out ... at 3.40
    on July 23, 2013 11:22

    I'm not sure about this song, I know it is a remix but I just don't seem to be getting a kick from it. It sounds a bit...meh? Not sure if it is the right term. But the mastering and the layout is good though.

  • A Comment on Official_Encounter's
    Space Time at 1.33
    on July 23, 2013 11:19

    I like it, it is danceable it isn't too repetitive but that is because of the length of the thing. 2:05 i think. But yeah good job. Could add some more stuff like Leads though.

  • A Comment on Paul Rudd Official's
    Paul Rudd feat Sam Calver - Wake The World Toni... at 3.37
    on July 23, 2013 11:16

    Sounds too mainstream for my ear, but for anyone who likes this type of music they'd love it i guess.

  • A Comment on BenFrankRecordings's
    Rich Quick - Walk On Bye ft. Jakk Frost & Chuck... at 2.25
    on July 23, 2013 11:11

    Pretty good song, good mastering. Vocal are pretty good. Also sounds quite old school, i like it.

  • A Comment on esk4pe's
    "Fairytale Scream" [Starkillers vs Zoo Brazil] ... at 2.51
    on July 23, 2013 11:08

    Good song, I got into a sort of dream when listening to it. Reminds me of some Deadmau5 songs that he has done. Pretty good tune.

  • A Comment on OBESØN's
    Drowning [Free Download] at 2.40
    on July 23, 2013 11:04

    Nice song, I like it how it is different in the way that the vocals are very slow and melted with each other. Good song.

  • A Comment on Grand Fromage Productions's
    Cafe Hugo - featuring Candice Rae - "When will... at 0.50
    on July 23, 2013 11:01

    I actually haven't heard a song like it very much, so it is very unique. This is a sign of a good song. The Vocals are also awesome and the Mastering is very good. Overall...it is great.

  • A Comment on Chiron2009's
    Glitched Mind at 1.46
    on July 23, 2013 10:59

    Strange song, sounds pretty good though. At the start i was a bit confused, i like that because it is different. But yet again people could argue it is just noise.

  • A Comment on SpankingMachineMusic's
    Summer Workout Session DJ Mix at 4.13
    on July 03, 2013 16:48

    Pretty nice use of sounds and stuff. Really nice. If i had the time I'd listen to it all but i can't. Maybe another time.

  • A Comment on joenicksonmusics's
    Windows XPerience at 2.01
    on July 03, 2013 16:44

    Haha...pretty nice just using as many Windows sounds as possible. Good work putting it all together.

  • A Comment on Deck Disciples's
    Prindle at 0.52
    on July 03, 2013 16:41

    Love this game. Reminds me of Unreal Tournament music.

  • A Comment on WIKK's
    The Winner [Wikk Original] at 1.34
    on July 03, 2013 16:38

    (And Followed!)

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