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Clément Bindzi started his musical career at young age. Indeed, music has been a part of his life since he started playing cello at age of 3, then drums. At 7, Clément started Classical Guitar, which became his main instrument. In 2007, his relationship with music took a turn. Not only did he play guitar for his personal satisfaction, music also became a way for him to express himself, when he wrote his first song : Hope it’s gonna be great, was written following a recent and first sighted heartache.

Clément gets inspired by several Rn’b/Soul styles and artists : From canadian rwandese artist Corneille to american artist Ryan Leslie (which he sampled for one of his songs remixes) and soul legends such as Stevie Wonder. In spite of these diverse influences, Clément songs remain closely related to his own toughts, feelings and experiences. Family and love relationships are recurrent themes he likes to approach. His lyrics’ sincerity is thus upheld by this peculiar sphere. The narrowly intimate aspect of his songs makes it accessible for anyone. Approaching very personal themes enables Clément to open himself to the world and to reach his audience more easily. One can surely relate to each experience narrated to the songs.

Accompanying his lyrics, Clément usually composes smooth melodies that -as he stated- need to affect him before anyone else. So far, each song released came up with an harmonic and soothing guitar part. These refreshing pieces of music would be righteously called soul/rn’b sounding ballades. Along with the melodies, Clément introduces a very soft voice and hits sequences of low and high voices. This musical set is really made for anyone to escape through it.

This november, Clément wrote a song that he released almost two weeks ago. This song was again inspired from a personal experience that he encountered recently. “I Want You” : As indicated by the title, Clément last song deals with gentle declaration and really deserves to be heard.

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Clément Bindzi   Clément Bindzi, Paris, France

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