INFO ----
Going to be on vacation in japan for a month from the 3rd of July.
Due to technical unavailability I won't have access to the internet or making music.
I thought I'd write this short message in case somebody wonders what's going on while im away.

I'll be back again the 30th July.

Thanks to all my supporters/listeners! It is really inspiring to know that certain people enjoy what I make and I'll definitely be releasing more stuff once I'm back again.

Peace to all souls. May we all continue to progress in this infinite world.

22 yo vibrational transmitter from Denmark.

I make vibexrations.

This is my musical page dedicated to the journey I've been through and to take you for a ride to it, past infinity and beyond.

The collection of beats I have on here, are all within the essence of capturing that energy.

I appreciate every supporter/listener on here!

Peace to all.

~ notes from nature ~

1. Trees
As seasons change, we are guided to learn acceptance and non-resistance. A green leaf doesn’t resist turning red when autumn approaches. Trees don’t resist leaves falling when winter arrives. They stand deeply rooted in the ground, with their vulnerability out in the open and branches spread wide, surrendering to the Universe. Do what you will with me, I trust it is for my highest good.

2. Ocean
The vast ocean can’t exist without each particle of water. Each human being plays its part in humanity. We are all one small part of the greater whole.

3. Birds
Birds soaring through the sky represents the limitless freedom and potential available to us if we release our fears. Taking off to fly for the first time can be scary and bring about feelings of fear. Without taking the risk of the first flight, we won’t find the internal freedom we desire. We must dare to take our feet off the ground, spread our wings and soar.

4. Pets
Pets teach us more about love than any person or thing. We understand the true nature of unconditional love without expectations. The true nature of forgiveness is forgetting and letting go of grudges. We learn uninhibited, unreserved affection by giving our full attention. Understanding love is a feeling and doesn’t require words. Love is felt in the heart by making eye connection, being in someone’s presence and through physical touch.

5. Ants and Bees
The community of bees and ants all participate together to benefit all those in their community. We each have our own calling that is best performed by us. Each part is necessary for a functioning family, community, nation and world. Embrace your special responsibility, share it proudly with the world, and always do your best.

6. Bamboo and the Maple Tree
Who said that the bamboo is more beautiful than the maple tree and maple tree is more valuable than the bamboo because it gives out maple syrup? Does the bamboo feel jealous of the maple tree because it is bigger and its leaves change color? The idea of trees comparing themselves to others is ridiculous as should humans comparing themselves to one another. We must compare our growth to who we were yesterday not to the growth of another. Everyone is incomparably unique.

7. Flocks of Birds
I’ve never seen two birds run into each other when they are flying in a flock. Why is that if they never talk to each other? True communication doesn’t always need words. Body language, sensing other’s energy and tone can say much more than the actual words we speak. At all times we are communicating through our thoughts and the energy we dispel. Be mindful of your thoughts as the energy behind them affect others and the world.

8. Night Sky
Darkness is necessary to appreciate the light. We need to experience the opposite of what we want so we can appreciate and experience the thing we desire.

9. Sky
No matter what storms are passing, know it is always transient because beyond the clouds, the sky is always blue and the sun is always shining.

10. Rain
Water is required to cleanse negativity in the world and allow a space of clarity. It is through showering and soaking in a tub, where we clear our body from the stagnant, negative energy of yesterday and replenish our positive energy. Shower with the intent of cleansing your body, spirit and mind.

11. Clouds
The sky is the backdrop of our mind. The clouds with different formations, speeds and heights represent the frequency, types and speed of our thoughts. As clouds, our thoughts too shall pass. Glide through your thoughts like birds glides through clouds. Don’t resist the clouds, fly through them.

12. Stars
Stars bring beauty and light in the darkness. Instead of succumbing to the darkness of the world, be one of the radiant stars who shines their bright inner light. As we inspire others to be stars, we can light up the night sky with our intentional beams of star light.

13. Wind
Not all things that exist can be seen or heard. Some things need to be felt. Don’t be limited to your 5 senses. Use your intuition and develop the practice of believing in the things you feel.

14. Sunrise and Sunset
The breathtaking colors of a sunrise and sunset show us that colors vibrate energy and have the power to elicit certain emotions and feelings. Be mindful about the colors you surround yourself with.

15. Animals
Zebras do not look at tigers and wish they could hunt like tigers. Accept yourself as you are, know your weaknesses and strengths and embrace your unique beauty and gifts.

16. Preys
Animals who are prey don’t over analyze and plan in advance the ways they are going to outsmart a predator in the future. When the threat approaches their fight or flight kicks in, when the threat is gone, they go back to grazing without a thought in mind about the predator. Don’t dwell in a space of fear of the future and regret of the past when the threat doesn’t exist. That’s the breeding ground of stress, anxiety and regret.

17. Gardens
Have faith in tomorrow. We plant seeds of hope today, nourish them with love and attention with the faith that our labor will result in fruits in the future. We can’t impatiently force a garden to grow on our terms. A seed will sprout into a plant when the time is right. A fruit will fall from the tree when it is ripe and ready. They grow not because they are forced to, because they let go and allow divine energy and timing to run its course. Be persistent, patient and have trust in divine timing.

18. Natural Disasters
Our earth absorbs the negative energy humans expel as do our bodies. There are times when the earth and our bodies need to recalibrate and dispel the negative energy we absorbed. Mental breakdowns and hitting rock bottom will bring chaos, change and discomfort, but it can be the most positive, life changing event. Sometimes, we need to be brought to our knees to remember what we are grateful for and start on a new life path.

19. Mountains
Stand firm, poised and majestic like a mountain. Regardless of the external situations life will bring you, remain strong like the mountains do when faced with avalanches, rain storms, and water erosion. Your emotional guidance system should be tough like a rooted mountain, immune to the actions and reactions of others.

20. Flowers
We all carry a different fragrance, color and beauty for the world to enjoy. Flowers don’t discriminate who they share their beauty and fragrance with. They share with all friends, strangers and enemies. True compassion and love comes from sharing your beauty with all you meet.

21. Snakes
It’s necessary to shed your own skin and personality to allow an improved and better version of ourselves to emerge

22. Gravity
The Universe has its own sets of laws that are not man made and trumps any rule, law or limiting belief set by man. Figure out the Universal laws and make sure you are working with them and not against them.

23. Flow of Water
As we set sail in our life, we take sail through a calm stream. As our dreams get bigger, we are guided to a river with faster currents and more opportunities. Eventually, for our dreams to be realized, we must end up in the vast ocean. We won’t always have the protection of the river banks as our safety net. To achieve our dreams we have to lose sight of the land and sail into open waters, where there are unlimited possibilities for our dreams to manifest. Anything and everything is possible.

24. Butterflies
Butterflies symbolize our entire life cycle metamorphosis. Life is short and from the moment of birth we are constantly changing our form, inside and out. Don’t resist change. Some of the most beautiful wisdom and changes occur as you grow older and transform from a caterpillar to a butterfly. Appreciate each phase of your life before you transform to a new cycle.

25. Streams
There is always a natural undercurrent to water. We have the choice to either flow with the current of life or paddle against the stream. We dispel our energy, creativity and time working against the flow of the Universe. Throw your paddles in the water and let your boat take course in the natural direction of the current. You are being guided to go in the direction you are meant to go.

26. Weather
Just like weather forecasts, nothing is certain in life. We can’t control and prepare for everything. On days when there is suppose to be sunshine, the rain may unexpectedly fall. Don’t let your mood be effected by the weather. Looking to nature and animals, we see beauty and wisdom in the simple and ordinary. We easily take this beautiful world and its many messages and lessons for granted. Don’t wait for extraordinary moments to take your breath away, look to nature and bring that beauty into all that you do and every moment of your life. Tending a garden, folding laundry, consoling your child having a tantrum or cooking a meal- all regular tasks take on a sacred quality when we perform them with the total involvement, acceptance and love.

~ notes of perception ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Your appearance now, is what we call residual self image. A mental projection of yourself. It can be thought of as the matrix of your mind. Similar to the movie "The Matrix" there is simply a world of people who are locked into their constructs. They are born into systems of valuation in which one thing is good and another thing is bad, they must do this, they must do that. I mean; what defines Superman is that he rejects all of those constructs, he doesn't give them force, sees through them, and decides he will use his own will to do what he wants. The herd mentality can be thought of as The Matrix. Everybody is having a collective hallucination, and everybody is thinking the same thing. This is not good because it is essentially limiting their own ability to act on their primal feelings and ideas in life. Escaping the matrix of our own minds is universal battle, but it is also a purifying and cleansing progress of the mind soul and chakra, allowing us to vibrate at the highest frequency of our own existance. The matrix that our mind creates, clogs the mind and becomes the driving force of everything we do. We forget what really matters and that we are all the architects of our own lives. Remember this. It is up to each person to make the best of what's available in the present. Be open minded and don't knock yourself too much in the constant battles of the mind, but be at peace and let things happen naturally. Forcing anything is always bad, because it will most times result in failure and reinforce your locked mindstate of confusion. The past and the future are made up of memories and unknown experiences. Just remember, nothing is set in stone. Some things you though were important in the past, might be rudimentary now. Let go of the fear and confusion and just live free from everything your mind knows about. I'm not talking about being ignorant, but about cleaning up your mind for anything that doesnt matter, once in a while, leaving behind only the bare essence of the present moment you are currently residing in. It does not take much to be free, if you use your own will to determine what you want, without the influence of external pre-defined systems of living. Take a second to just exist on a timeless plane, headed towards the unknown and enjoy the imagination of pure existence manifest into reality. It does not have to be a battle. Just let it flow. Everything in life is a matter of perspective and there are two sides to everything. Embrace bad and good. Find your balance. Learn to choose between constructive and destructive though patterns, because only you have the true ability to perceive. In the end it should all just be about being aware of the thoughts you create and finding out where you want to go with them the best way possible. Peace to all.

Astral Onix(Offline)   vibexrations , Soul, Denmark

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