June 2014
EP release 06/06/2014

May 2014
EP release 05/25/2014
AndAWan & RaeRae - The Dark Side of Things

Single release 05/26/2014
AndAWan - From Life With Love

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Remix release 04/28/2014
"EDEN" by Mrs. Body Smasher http://dhaturarecords.bandcamp.com/album/attic-dust
March 2014
Forming the trio C Y B E R J.A.M.
With Jack Morefield https://soundcloud.com/jackwm & Melanie Schiefer https://soundcloud.com/tante-meli
Jan 12 2014
Worldwide release of the Album "Bits & Pieces" ft @Strange Meat

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Dec 22 2013
Sneak release of EP/Single
"AndAWan & Strange Meat - Bits & Pieces" at

Release of "The Heart of Things Holy"

It started with instrumental, synthetic, electronica inspired by nature, life, family and friends and all kind of sounds and music.
Then I met some fellow musicians in the Cloud to do some collab work with, whom I now can call my friends.

Thank you all for the inspiration and joy to create music adventures together!

I recommend using good headphones or speakers when listening. Otherwise you'll probably miss some of the details in the soundscapes you will find here....
All are original tracks if not stated otherwise!

All kind of comments and feedback are welcome and appreciated!

My collaborators on SoundCloud this far:

Please check them out! (cronological order)

* = new track coming up soon


Michael Klatte: music, that touches
Jack: Jack 3.5
Marr-One: Marr-One
Jambow: Jambow
Universal Mind: Universal Mind
Wired Ant: Wired Ant
Windwriter: WindWriter
Vlad Josephson* : Vlad Josephson
Rebekah Vinelli: Bekah B
Locomythic: Locomythic
Carlyn Burnette: Carolyn Burnette
Deep Man: deep man
Ho-Shin (Mark) Cho*: Marc /.
Oddrun Eikli: oddrun eikli
Ghost Dust: http://soundcloud.com/ghost-dust-official
Trubble: Trubble
Dave McEown: Dave McKeown
Deborah Gagnon: https://soundcloud.com/debsmusic
Nazneen Rahman*: NazneenMusic
Eric "Zoo" Walker: Gigglebyte
Tom Moore: Indigolab
Rachel Rae / Rachel Gaskin-Whitrod*: https://soundcloud.com/stellas-moonbeam
Nikos Georgiou: http://soundcloud.com/niklaus-b-1
Preybird: PREYBIRD
Manuela Marchis: Manuela Marchiș
Van Gabriel: http://soundcloud.com/van-gabriel
Marc ELUSSE: Nemorospo
Milana Zilnik: https://soundcloud.com/milanazilnik
Daniel Lockhart: https://soundcloud.com/progrockdan1
Thomas: https://soundcloud.com/kamasama
Roxanne Rodrigues*: https://soundcloud.com/roxanne-rodrigues
Allan Miller: https://soundcloud.com/allanmil2013
Ray McGinnis: https://soundcloud.com/ray-mcginnis
Yura: https://soundcloud.com/new-yurgent-file
John Dixon: https://soundcloud.com/gtentertainment
DibyaJyoti Sonowal: https://soundcloud.com/djdextrose
Steve: https://soundcloud.com/xycon
Carlo Presti: https://soundcloud.com/spiderdrum
Cathie Fredrickson: https://soundcloud.com/cathie-fredrickson
Miles Vaughn: https://soundcloud.com/strange-meat
Michael Foote: https://soundcloud.com/mjfoote
Marianne Holland: https://soundcloud.com/stargrace
Jens Felger: https://soundcloud.com/jens-felger
Jack Morefield*: https://soundcloud.com/jackwm
Melanie Schiefer*: https://soundcloud.com/tante-meli
Marissa: https://soundcloud.com/cartography
Thorsten: https://soundcloud.com/mrs-body-smasher
Joshua Benoit: https://soundcloud.com/joshua-benoit

Thank you!



And please, comment on the tracks! I need some feedback to be inspired to do some more combinations of sounds - of the world as we know it...



From classical guitar to improvising sounds and accords together with my inspiring guitar-teacher Peter in the late 70's and later experimenting with synthetic sounds in the early 1980's when I exchanged my hangover-drummer-friend for a Yamaha X-15 drum-machine in the contemporary punk-band "King Zise".

Bought my first synth 1982, a Korg MS-20. Nice groovy sounds with that one. Turned to polyphonic Vintage with Roland Juno-106 1985 and turned to the electronic music-world for sure.

Made some tracks with my very best friend Stefan Aurell naming us Blue Print and later Lost Disciples. Inspired by the Buggles, Depeche Mode, OMD, Tangerine Dream, JM Jarre, Vangelis, Talking Heads, Ultravox and several other vintage synth groups in the ´70's, 80's and 90s..

There has been some water under the bridge...

If I had all the electronic things then that I have today...

Now playing with my iPhone a got hold of the app NanoStudio and this inspired me to, once again, produce some original music.

When I'm not on the phone I use Cubase....

I hope you will enjoy....


Some tracks on radio/podcasts/YouTube:












Digital Albums:


AndAWan   Anders Birr, Sweden

  • Soundstrokes (JMorefield & AndAWan) 3 tracks, 14.53 AndAWan on July 10, 2014 07:27

    1. 1. Mellow Waters (Jack Morefield/AndAWan) 5.12 350 plays
    2. 2. Mellow Waters (Jack Morefield/AndAWan) 5.12 350 plays
    3. 3. Mara Incubus (Jack Morefield/AndAWan) 4.29 353 plays
  • Kill The Raven ( C Y B E R J.A.M. ) Artwork

    Kill The Raven ( C Y B E R J.A.M. )

    AndAWan on May 01, 2014 18:32
  • Wings ( C Y B E R J.A.M. - EP release June 6 2014 ) 6 tracks, 24.35 AndAWan on February 14, 2014 07:18

    1. 1. Wings ( C Y B E R J.A.M. ) 3.12 896 plays
    2. 2. Out of This World ( C Y B E R J.A.M. ) 5.47 779 plays
    3. 3. Life Intermission (C Y B E R J.A.M.) 3.09 434 plays
    4. 4. Future Plan ( C Y B E R J.A.M. ) 3.30 486 plays
    5. 5. The Zefram Project ( C Y B E R J.A.M. ) 4.14 488 plays
    6. 6. Something Wild, Something Sweet (C Y B E R J.A.M. ) 4.42 394 plays
    1. 1. This Is The Witching Hour (AndAWan ft. RaeRae) 4.12 418 plays
    2. 2. No More Dark Clouds (AndAWan ft. RaeRae) 5.31 586 plays
    3. 3. SoulCatcher (AndAWan ft. RaeRae) 4.28 513 plays
    4. 4. I Can See The Killing (AndAWan ft. RaeRae) 5.06 382 plays
    5. 5. The Old Field (AndAWan ft. RaeRae) 5.28 557 plays
    6. 6. Dizzy Spell (AndAWan ft Rae Rae) 4.07 191 plays
  • Bits & Pieces (World wide release Jan 12 2014) 2 tracks, 18.30 AndAWan on September 14, 2013 06:45

    1. 1. She Doesn't Like Me - (Strange Meat/AndAWan collaboration) 10.40 3937 plays
    2. 2. Dreams Are Made of Bits & Pieces (Strange Meat/AndAWan collaboration) 7.50 1075 plays

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