F O R EVER rhyming
always perfecT TiminG
CALm / presenT / cleaR

LET US creaTe
Loving the map of the LAND
ALIVE in the lines of magic hanD$

and I refuse to stop this grin
because this IS THE BEST time
so LeT's embrace the SUBLiME

QUANTUM LEAPs n swimming pooLs
CATS RULE as dogs drooL

STAGEs + microphones yes please SURE
LET US UNIFY and FEEL the full cure


I've been singing all my life (literally started the day I was born as my parents say) and played piano quite a lot from age 6-11 ish . Then keyboard for a few years after that .... never fully gave up piano and dream to play it more and more forever yet ... I am addicted to travel and pianos are huge so ...... to make a long story short the piano that my grandfather gave me now belongs to my brothers girlfriend . I used to play my own innovative game I called "RADIO" when I was a kid which was my own pretend radio show where I'd set up a table beside the piano with a vinyl record player, a double cassette tape player and a bunch of instruments.... I'd record casette tapes of myself talking inbetween playing my own music as well as the songs of others.... it was mostly hip hop / rock and pop . I have always found my own weird ways of approaching life and I love this . I also feel at home with harps even though I've only played them a couple of times .... I guess that is a past life connection or something . Used to play w/ my brothers drum kit a lot and grew up hanging out with DJs in the GTA ( in the very beautiful and small village of Grand Valley Ontario north west of beautiful multiculturally rich Toronto ) as a kid and have had the finest hip hop influences since way back . Have been singing, writing, drawing and painting for many years while travelling spontaneously and setting up studiospaces deep in the forest up on mountains beside waterfalls and epic clean lakes surrounded by magic ART$y people , beaches and mountains, living my dreams in the grace of the infinite momenT . I'm lucky to often make close friends who are healers of all kinds of awesome stuff like yoga / martial arts / organic gardening , EDM production and it goes on and on thank goodness . I am also an *Iashi *Re *Jutsu *Ho *Master which is a more highly concentrated form or Reiki for very old souls that are rare such as me . I feel I put this level of healing into all I do and it's no big deal .... it's just me being honest to raise the vibe FOR THE GREATER GOOD . Finally I've got Ableton Live 8 and am very very slowly working on figuring out my own methods of how I want to make my apple imac feel like a piano . I'm new to computers because for a long time I was honestly not able to use them because I've got half-blind eyes but it's a miracle that I can finally sit at a computer screen ; ) I am literally written as a MIRACLE CASE in the medical records of the SICK KIDs Hospital in TORONTO due to the FACT that it is a MIRACLE that I am seeing so well in relation with global statistics of all children who have endured CATaracT surgery as young children . ( I am in the top two and the one seeing better than me sees what I see in my right eye with both eyes but my left eye sees so similar that I don't even notice the difference haha and he is a male supposedly and yes it would be rad to meet him . ) I was told as a kid that I would potentially grow into a blind adult.......... and for my SOUL that is a very very very very SYMBOLIC theme because in this life time........ I have often told myself that my SOUL WILL ALWAYS REFUSE to become the kind of adult that has a BLIND SOUL for it has often seemed that people are programmed to ignore the wisdom of the SOUL . I remain optimistic because I am in control of myself and I have always chosen to do what feels HEALING for me and I'm good at this . Intuition is KEY and everyone has it . I refuse not to listen to my intuition each moment as I remain eternally PRESENT . I GIVE myself this level of freedom always everywhere and always will :):) I plan on buying a midi controller this spring and I haven't decided on which one yet but I am really happy to be doing the research . I am a FUn person . I often live in the woods as a hermit but I also really really love electronic music events and festivals and am often involved behind the scenes or as a dancer / singer / rapper / live painter / painter of murals ETc . ( I went to art school in 99/00 in Nelson BC which was a deeply healing and transforming experience .... perhaps you've heard of the beautiful Shambhala Music Festival......... well it's FUn every day in that community in my experience because the community is full of artsy/musical/dance culture support which is really quite futuristic and amazing . Yes I like change and I love the challenge of doing different things . I love the dancefloor and I can dance literally for days without stopping . I take good care of my health and am really into organic smoothies and the YERBa-MATe-ROOIBOs / MATCHa-CHAi-TEA-HIGh . I make them too and yes I also like growing gardens when I'm in one place long enough but I'm addicted to travelling too so yeah . Life is good . At my first EDM festival in Ontario ( OM FESTIVAL 2003 ) I was singing while cutting up cucumbers where I was volunteering in the kind kitchen ( and was high on all the clean local ORGANIC GOODness ) and um so this guy was like ''AMy can u sing for us?'' and I was like sure and by accident sang a little louder than I even realized and then BOOM was surrounded by this huge circle of men with business cards and I didn't even have pockets and my camp was faraway and I was in the middle of being focused on the cucumbers so I was like ''GUYS thanks but I can't hear five thousand sentences at once clearly'' even though it still sounds like a sweet song in my head as it did then..... and then this one guy was not letting me leave until he told me his story and he was really nice with very clear energy so I listened to him and he told me that he was the head of the sound crew for the Apocalypse Now Film yes the very famous one.... and that really hit home with my soul when he told me that and he told me that my voice was the most pure voice he'd ever heard which I hear a lot but I know it's not more pure it's just that I FOCUS and I have personally met a lot of people with very pure voices also yet yes mine does often stand out by accident which for me is overwhelming because I'm not trying to make it that way and I told him that at that time I didn't want to go into the music industry...... as he was trying to convince me to let him usher me into the all his music industry connections in Toronto....... which would have been epic but it was only 2003 and I knew that there was still a lot of oppression in the industry back then which I didn't feel like being in a constant battle with ........ I just wanted to go and do Vipassana Meditation out west which was my only real plan...... (and so I did that which was epic.... received clear downloads of my akashic memory ) then did some super deep voice healing courses with a bunch of world renowned masters such as Chloe Goodchild, founder of the Naked Voice Foundation in the UK, who strongly encourages me to sing to stadiums which is interesting............. I'm becoming open to that idea for real now because I'm beginning to understand that I have an ability to share very high frequency/POSITIVE VIBES easily because my path is indeed a deep healing magical one . For years I wandered around many places especially the mountains of BC (and down to CALI now and then) because I really love the vast spaciousness of the North American westcoasT and have often traveled solo with a tent, backpack and a sketchbook (and sometimes a bicycle and occasionally with crews of friends in car/vans etc.) ..... it's bizarre..... my luck is surreal in a very good way..... when hitch hiking I was OFTEN picked up in luxury cars and limos and even huge buses all to myself...... seriously .... I honestly sometimes wish I could find a camera crew to just follow me around on my real life path and if anyone wants to do that and if you are ready to have real fun all the time , I'm down if we resonate......... my adventures honestly feel perfect for me.....my soul is super calm dark much.. I've set up many amazing art studios in a variety of incredible locations deep in the mountains mostly . My luck for finding studiospace is quite mind blowing, even for me, yet that's the quantum law of attraction . My frequency is very creative and so I find what matches with my actions . I've danced on a bunch of stages at a bunch of EDM festivals including the Shambhala Music Festival (which takes place in one of my hometowns) and have sang/rapped & done live painting on some too . I feel blessed to have been able to meet a lot of my biggest inspirations and it continues to happen, thank goodness . I love performance and I love the magic that grows out of collaboration . The whole world and universe really is in our hands and it's our time to make it all totally new . I feel I am strongest at relating with people in person . . . but I still really value the internet especially because for so many years I couldn't use the internet because my eyes were too bad.... so I really am grateful for this.... I love writing and I love finding new amazing people who love culture . I am ready to meet literally everyone and go literally everywhere and I mean this from the bottom of my heart when I say that I KNOW that I CAME into THIS LIFE TIME to experience the FEELING of the full manifestation of PEACE AND HEAVEN on EARTH . I KNOW THIs . IT IS CLEAR . SOOO LET's BUILD UTOPIA here guys . In my soul I already know everyone because I refuse to be blocked from the REALity of infinite grace of SOUL . * * * * * ANGELs ARE REaL . * * * * * ONE HEART . ONE LIGHT . ONE LOVE . Did I remember to mention that I am quite obsessed with bass music ? Yep but I'm pretty refined in terms of my taste:)

Facebook links are
Profile : https://www.facebook.com/fritham
Visual Art Page : facebook.com/amyelizabethfrith
Music Page : https://www.facebook.com/AmmyyySamurai

FUTURI$TIC ILLION∆IЯ3   ∆my Elizabeth Frith, NOM∆DIC GODD3$$ ( grew up in the Greater Toronto Area in a village called Grand Valley . / on the WE$TCOA$T now . )

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