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A Bleeding Star Is A Dark-Ambient/Gothic/Experimental/Etc. Project Created In MMVIII. Although the Creator Only Usually Works With His Own Mad Gathering of Ghosts, Specters, Spirits & Wraiths...Certain Chosen Chapters Of His Sombre Creations tend to Ask for the Certain Skills of Other Fine Darksoul’d Artists
My Bloody Discography: {MMVIII to MMXIV}
By the Ghostly Sails of Astraloceana... / {MMXIV|2014}

Dark Offering XIII - As the Ancient Ones’ Clock Chimed in Unison…the Norns Entwined Nyx’s Ocean / {{MMXIV|2014}

Dark Offering XII - When the Grim Sage Came Back from the Grave to Lifesave / {MMXIV|2014}

I Curse Thee, Cupid...For All Your Divine Arrows Are Maligned, Poisonous & Crooked {Part III of the Black Onyx Series} | {{MMXIV|2014}

Grim's IX Gothic Tales of Sand, Silver, Fire & Bones, Blood, Knives, Water & Stones {Part II of the Black Onyx Series} | {MMXIV|2014}

The Fatal Fall to All that I thought We Could Become In this Dismal Century of Corpsed Love / {MMXIV|2014}

Atypical Celebration of Any Dark Soul Whom Refuse to Become Part of the Pyramid System / {Snowflakes V} | {Raumklang-Music} | {MMXIV|2014}

Kill the Lightswitch...there's No One Alive Here...Just Rooms Full Of Daemonic Nightspirits / {MMXIV|2014}

Wraithcavefear: No Mortal Should Of Even Came Here In the Irst Given Place...My Dear / {MMXIV|2014}

Ye Always 'Vant Me to Stay In the Most 'Vhen I'm Ready to Fade Out Like A Ghost / {MMXIV|2014}

Let Us Study Dark Japanese Mythology...Come With Me to the Black Sea of Trees / {MMXIV|2014}

'Vhen Psychosomatic Mortals Dare Mess With Living Dead Souls / {MMXIV|2014}

As I 'Vas About to Permanently Fade...Ye Found Me throughout the Astral Plane / {MMXIV|2014}

Cloak'd & Veil'd from the Shadow of Hel's Ocular Well...Alcoved & Nail'd In the Ship of Icefire Scales / {Unknown Yet} / {MMXIV|2014}

The Darkest Nyxcrypt'd Collection Of My Latest Sickvision'd Constellation / {Peacock Window Recordings - CD Release} / {MMXIV|2014}

Hexexes: Go Fuck thyself & thy Self-Righteous Concept...Ye Careless Subject ('Vhen Basorexia Left) / {Peacock Window Recordings - Physical Sampler} / {MMXIV |
2014} < Can Only Be Received

Time Traveling Back Before It All took Place...So I May Finally Bloody End It Face to Face / {Peacock Window Recordings - Digital Release} / {MMXIII|2013}

As Her Lantern Fire Grew Dim of Moonlight...I Felt Like A Spiked Hematite that Night / {Somehow Recordings CD Release} | {MMXIII|2013}

Thy Cover'd Cityscape's Fake White Light Stage Shall Flicker...Fade...&...Break...Encased / {Fogbound} - {Somehow Recordings - Compilation - CD Release} | {MMXIII|2013}

The Last Transmission from the Celestial Star Maiden: Astraea's Call to the End Of All / {Απόγειο Compilation} | {MMXIII|2013}

As the Glowing Embers Burn'd to Rest...She Summon'd Death As Her Final Request /
{Transmissions from the Heart of Darkness, Part I - A Noise At the End of the Tunnel {Des Cendres À La Cave} / {MMXII|2012}

On November's Triptych Nyxfold...My Fought Stoned Sorrow Became A Hot Manic Cold / {Snowflakes III} | {Raumklang} | {MMXII|2012}

As Time Stood Vexingly Still...I Decided to Watch the Flood Rise from My Window Sill / {Headphone Commute Benefit Compilation} | {MMXII|2012}

Lovecraftian Madness Dwell'd Deep Within the Halls of Cumbria's Cavernous Mountains {Soundtrack for Cumbrian Cthulhu Volumes} | {MMXII|2012}

Postpérdida: 'Vhen En Blödande Stjärna's Adventus Umbra'd Hivèrna's Candentis Luna / {EUS - Lost Otros Remixes} |{MMXII|2012}

The Wolfbitten Melodies Of My Snowfallen Memories / {Twisted Tree Line CD Release} | {MMXII|2012}

Upon Arriving At My Final Destination…’Vhat I Saw Next Began My Icefire’s Disintegration / {Krtrima Sprha} | {Kalpamantra} | {MMXII}

As I Swam Deeper Into Dark Ancestral Waters...I Began to Sense My Old Souls Feral Icefire / {No Red Seas ~ A Benefit Compilation for Sea Shepherd} | {MMXI|2011}

Invidia's Blacklaced Demise Was Only Meant to Be Seen By Her Careless Cat Eyes... / The {VII} Deadly Sins Compilation: Invidia / {MMXI}

From the Depths of the Orient's Ashes... {Music for the Rising Sun Part IV} {MMXI|2011}

The Crucifixion of Disbelief (Astral Traveling Back to the Ancients Aesoteric Reef) / {LPF12 ~ Reconstructing A Sense Of Loss} | {MMXI|2011}

The Aesoteric Cartography of My Astral Travel’d Phantasmasy / {MMXI|2011}

Magickally Snowscaped & Passionately Bloodstained on Her Majesty’s Ghost Train / {Sheevra Records: Wastelands} | {MMX|2010}

Outro (A Scrap Of Hope) (A Bleeding Star's Freshly Fleshcarved & Icepick'd Remix) / {Apparent Symmetry - Compilation, Collaboration, Remixes, B​-​Sides} | {MMX|2010}

While Blazed on Her Majesty’s Nyx’d Train…I ‘Vas Awaken’d By Hexes on a Fix’d Grave / {Raumklang Music Snowflakes Compilation} | {MMX|2010}

Of Bloody Absynthe & Opium Wine'd Lenses - A Vampire's Delicacies of Night's Senses / {MMX|2010}

While Investigating the Coffin of My Ghostly Beloved…I Found this Lost Recollection / {MMX|2010}

Tonight...I Want to Carve Stars in this Cityscar'd Sky...With the Blood from My Eyes / {MMX|2010}

Grim's Forgotten Ghost Ridden Transmissions of Past Indecisions & Post Apparitions / {MMIX|2009}

Nocturnalia's Bliss - Dismiss the Crisis of a Hopeless Romantic's Last Midnight Kiss {Part I of the Black Onyx Series} | {MMIX|2009}

Out of My Window Panes...Symbols & Shapes Rose Like Veins - (The Frozen Ice Crystal Trilogy - III) | {MMIX|2009}

A Frozen Heart’s Buried Synoptic Vision of Its Dead Art…- (The Frozen Ice Crystal Trilogy - II )| {MMIX|2009}

Avalanched in a Grim Winter's Frostbitten Romance... - (The Frozen Ice Crystal Trilogy - I) | {MMIX|2009}

The Bloody Hours - My Darling of Disdain's Gone Insane... / {MMIX|2009}

The Bloody Hours - 3:AM - Welcome to the Bloody Hours, Ladies & Gentlemen... / {MMIX|2009}

Dark Offering XI - 353 Parasomatic Daydreams & 329 Sleepsickening Nights / {MMXVIII|2008}

Dark Offering X - Oh Bride of Graves, I Miss You More than Words Can Say... / {MMXVIII|2008}

Dark Offering IX - My Last of Goodbyes... / {MMXVIII|2008}

Dark Offering VIII - As the family tree breaks, I fall... / {MMXVIII|2008}

Dark Offering VII - The Night 13 Daemons Cried... / {MMXVIII|2008}

Dark Offering VI - When Heartstrings Get Ripped Apart... / {MMXVIII|2008}

Dark Offering V - From Midnight's Hill, I Shall Guide Fallen Stars Back to Yggdrasil / {MMXVIII|2008}

Dark Offering IV - With Black Tears & Bloody White Arms...I Am Disarmed / {MMXVIII|2008}

Dark Offering III - My Cold & Paradoxical Suicide of Nine Nights... / {MMXVIII|2008}

Dark Offering II - From the Ashes of My Ghostly Beloved... / {MMXVIII|2008}

Dark Offering I - Specteral Demonstrations of My Deathly Dissolution / {MMXVIII|2008}

Black Room Oddities & Bonfire Chair Solemnities / {MMXVIII|2008}

Her Ancient Melody Echoed through the Aether of Eternity / {MMXVIII|2008}

Among Ghostly Fields & Frozen Forests of Sleep / {MMXVIII|2008}

A Bleeding Star The Aetherian Gothic Crypt of Night, Canada

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